Counsel for Hanna Barker files motion to declare her indigent, seeks state funding for her defense

The counsel for Hanna Barker filed a motion with the 10th Judicial District Court in Natchitoches on May 29 seeking to have Barker declared “indigent” for purposes of seeking state funding because she “has no assets or savings to pay for necessary experts or funding attorney’s proposed travel expenses…”

Barker is charged with first-degree murder in the burning death of her toddler son. The privately retained attorney for Barker claims that, “these funds and experts are critically necessary in order for her to gain a fair and just trial…”

If granted, the Louisiana Public Defender Board will have to pay thousands in expenses, excluding attorney’s fees, for experts in crime scene reconstruction, analysis, and “mitigation,” the practice of gathering evidence that the defendant can present in the sentencing phase of a capital murder trial to provide reasons why the defendant should not receive the death sentence.

This evidence can include mental issues, remorse, childhood abuse and neglect, role in the homicide, anything that can potentially move a jury to life in prison rather than execution.

The Washington Post reported on April 8, 2020, that the Louisiana Public Defender Board is broke needing 8.5 million to remain solvent, and that 18 of Louisiana’s 44 district public defender offices, of which Natchitoches is one, are in danger of insolvency. It was also reported that the Louisiana Public Defender Board passed a resolution a week earlier instructing district public defender offices to make drastic cuts to their budgets, along with instruction on how staff can file for unemployment or paycheck protection.

If the Board cannot or will not pay the funds requested by Barker’s attorney, Natchitoches Parish government will be the default guarantor. Defendants are entitled to these funds if the prosecution seeks the death penalty rather than a life sentence. The hearing is set for June 8, 2020, at 11:00.a.m.

23 thoughts on “Counsel for Hanna Barker files motion to declare her indigent, seeks state funding for her defense

  1. As a taxpayer in Natchitoches Parish, I don’t feel I should have to pay for legal expenses to defend Ms. Barker. I’ve lived in Natchitoches my entire life and can’t recall another case where the taxpayers were tapped to defend an alleged murderer. Choices individuals make lead to consequences. I’ve never been accused of murder because I’ve never made the choice to take another’s life—therefore I’ve avoided the consequences of facing a death sentence. I agree that this particular case is a death penalty case if any case ever was. I’m a reasonably intelligent person, yet find it hard to come up with any defense for a mother burning her live child to death. It was my impression that public defenders exist for those unable to afford counsel; therefore, I feel Ms. Barker should be required to avail herself of what’s provided pro bono for those unable to hire an attorney.

  2. She was a con artist from the very beginning, had a baby to secure financial support, and when it became overwhelming to be a mother( and I use the term very lightly) she concocted another plan to get rid of her problem. Now poor little Hannah, wants sympathy????? To hell with that, sentence this bitch and get Little Levi his justice. Felicia been sentenced and she should be too. Stop letting this conning hoe con the system she drain our taxes on her foolishness.

    • very well said…this poor baby had no chance and she shouldn’t either.
      nor should tax payers pay for a child killers court cost.

  3. I agree that this woman needs to be punished, and punished to the max. So should her girlfriend, her drug dealers, and all the others that had any hand in this baby’s death. But death by lethal injection is not her worst punishment, but it could very well be ours. If you do the research, it takes far less money to keep them in prison than give them the death penalty. With the death penalty, there will be years of tax payer money spent to provide her with legal council to keep her from dying at the hands of the state. And she will normally be held in a special area where she is lonely, but fed and is safe. In the prison population, she will not have it so grand. Yes, she gets fed. But she murdered her child, an innocent baby, burned him to death. I guarantee you other inmates, no matter how bad they are, don’t look kindly on anyone who harms a baby. I don’t want to spend my taxes paying an attorney to try to keep her from dying. She will have years of hell in prison, then an eternity in the burning fires of hell. I call that poetic justice.

  4. where is her gf at ? she is just as guilty.This woman doe not deserve a long jail
    sentence on tax payers money,she needs death penalty a.s.a.p.

  5. I want this woman dead so badly. I would buy a ticket to watch her burn and scream in agony. This poor baby. The pain and fear he must have felt. Levi, I will never forget your name or your face or what happened to you. You were born 8 days before my own baby boy. I hope you are at peace little one. I pray for justice for you.

  6. I think she needs to hang on front street the way they would have done back in the 1800 hundreds. Her and her girlfriend together and they can hold hands.
    That’s better than what little man got, you know he was wanting his mommy and she was one of the ones that was burning him up.
    They will burn in hell for what they did.

    Poor baby!

    God has bless him and is holding him now. Amen

  7. The parish government could be on the hook to pick up those attorney fees, if the money cannot be secured elsewhere, and if the death penalty is sought. In this trying time of reduced revenue to the parish, and to other local governing bodies, and when our parish roads are in such deplorable condition, it would hurt to have to dole out money, probably in excess of $1 million, for something like this. I did some quick research and found several sites that indicate the average costs for the defense in death penalty cases is $1.1 million. Little wonder the defense attorneys want some guarantee the taxpayers will pay them.

    Other than what has been publicly reported I do not know anything about this case, and I am not commenting on the merits of the case, one way or the other. I am addressing the potential hit the already-strapped parish government will take.

    And this is why I keep reminding folks that the parish government has other obligations (mandates) besides the roads.

  8. He’s going to take the death penalty off the table. You don’t get re-elected by having your Parish pay for this kind of defense, and the Parish pays if the death penalty is sought as oppose to life in prison. She’s not getting death. I’m 90% sure. Her attorney is that sure too.

  9. her and her girlfriend are guilty !! they both deserve the death penalty for
    what they did to that innocent baby.

  10. She should die a slow and painful death and hopefully the last thing she thinks about before she’s dead is killing that poor little baby.

    • I imagine she thinks about her son and what she did every hour of every day. Other than whether or not she’ll be executed, what else is there for her to think of?

  11. This BITCH keeps making excuses. Lots of ppl have had bad child hoods but u learn from that. Hannah Baker put herself in this place so she needs to pull her big girl panties up and take blame

  12. It is sickening that Ms.Barker has so many excuses as to why she murdered her child. I think lethal injection would be
    more humane than what happened to her innocent child. Eye for an eye sounds good to me!

  13. Skip the trial, she’s guilty. Lock her up and throw away the key. Why should we pay her legal fees? We’re already giving her free housing and meals.

  14. Oh, heck, no. That’s like killing your parents and throwing yourself on the mercy of the court because you’re an orphan. We do not need to be paying her bills as Louisiana taxpayers.

  15. I am so sick of murderes claiming abuse in their trials. She made the decision to kill her baby. Death penalty plain and simple

  16. It doesn’t matter how she was raised nor if she is poor!!! There’s not one reason in this world to kill a innocent baby!!!!

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