Message from Natchitoches Parish Leaders

The following message has been approved by Natchitoches Parish elected officials:

“In Natchitoches Parish, citizens, church and community leaders, and law enforcement officers have a shared and mutual respect for one another. It’s what makes us the close community that we are so proud of. In times like this, and in the previous weeks, the respect for our fellow citizens is demonstrated everyday in our parish – on our streets, in our neighborhoods, and at our businesses. We are indeed a community who cares, supports, and listens to each other. We are there for one another to lift our hearts with empathy and compassion during these difficult times.

As parish leaders, we support everyone expressing their 1st Amendment right to peacefully assemble and to exercise free speech. As a community, we should be able to express ourselves and to voice our concerns, even disagreements, in a respectful way that is helpful and productive to all.

Thank you for joining us in our continued team effort in protecting all citizens and businesses in Natchitoches Parish and keeping us all safe and thriving.

Please pray for our nation and our parish as we show everyone that Natchitoches Parish is a community that cares and values our people.”

Victor Jones, Sheriff
Billy Joe Harrington, District Attorney
John Richmond, Parish President
Lee Posey, Mayor, Natchitoches
Mickey Dove, Chief, NPD
Stuart Wright, Sheriff-Elect

3 thoughts on “Message from Natchitoches Parish Leaders

  1. Even though I am not publishing a newspaper I still have people who gives me information on what’s happening in our community! Why is John Richmond’s name included if it’s true what he did at his restaurant? There is a rumor that there is a video of an incident that mr Richmond is involved and it’s not nice. If it exist release it! The people of Natchitoches Parish need to know what kind of people that is leading us! If what I heard is true Mr Richmond’s name should not be included with those other men that I admire!

    • And what does the video show? Is there sound AND does it SHOW EVERYTHING from the beginning of the reported situation

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