NSU President Dr. Chris Maggio addresses hostility, violence occurring in the nation

Northwestern State University denounces all acts of racism, discrimination and hatred.

As a university, we must intensify our long-standing commitment to ensuring that every individual served and touched by the institution is treated equally, fairly and with genuine dignity.

At a time when the nation is being torn by hostility, violence and racial confrontations, I am encouraged by the message that reverberates among Northwestern faculty, staff, students and alumni that this university will not accept or tolerate discrimination against any individual for any reason.

Northwestern is embracing more vigorously than ever diversity and inclusion in all of its endeavors and initiatives. As those principles are expanded—and that is imperative—the university will grow stronger and more relevant.

Despite the progress of our efforts to erase any fragment of racism on our campuses and in all of our undertakings, we have not yet reached that goal as a university, state or nation. We must keep moving unfalteringly in that direction.

Discrimination and intolerance are at the root of the unrest that has shaken America in recent months. Universities should not only participate in the war against injustice and bigotry, but we have to be at the forefront of that fight.

I call upon administrators, professors, students and others at Northwestern to join me in pledging to work vigorously to establish an atmosphere at our university where every person is honored, respected and treated equally and with the utmost decency.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said, ‘The ultimate measure of a person is not where one stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where one stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Our nation has perhaps never faced greater challenges and more controversy, and our measure as individuals and institutions will be determined by how effectively and compassionately we address this crisis that is dividing America.

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  1. The president of Northwestern State University have a better understanding of what’s happening than the president of the United States of America!

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