Rhodes Properties & Rhodes Realty sponsors NCHS Quarterback Club

Coach Wilkerson and the Natchitoches Central Quarterback Club would like to thank Rhodes Properties and Rhodes Realty for their Maroon level sponsorship. Practice is set to begin June 8 and many items are still needed to help with a successful season.

Pictured above are Rhodes Properties and Rhodes Realty owner James Rhodes and some of his staff members, Natchitoches Central Head Football Coach James Wilkerson, Offensive Coordinator Justin Aldredge, tight end Jalen Wilson, and left guard Demarius Besant.

Jalen, the son of Dion Wilson and Stephanie Burel, is a 6’2” 195lb senior that was voted most outstanding receiver last year. Coach Wilkerson is proud to have Jalen represent the program describing him as a true leader doing the right things from the classroom to the community.

Demarius, the son of Gerald and Debra Besant, is a 5’9” 290lb senior that was recently moved to the left guard position. His coaches attest to him leading through his work ethic and having a drive to do well in all that he does.

If you would like to support the Chiefs through a Quarterback Club membership, please contact:

http://www.facebook.com/NatchitochesCentralFootball or email one of the following members: