I want to wholeheartedly commend the hundreds of people who peacefully protested in Natchitoches yesterday evening. Individuals from virtually all races in our community came together peacefully, respectfully, and prayerfully to not only speak out about the horrible atrocity which befell George Floyd, but to speak out against all violence again people based on race. I am proud of the citizens of the City of Natchitoches for showing the nation what a safe, effective, and meaningful assembly means.

As the leaders of the City of Natchitoches, it is our responsibility to make sure our community is safe, inclusive, and caring of everyone, especially in these trying times. Racism has no place in our community or in our country at any time. The City of Natchitoches will continue to strive to make sure ALL citizens in our community feel safe and protected. I am humbled to serve a diverse community and am truly thankful for the opportunity to have participated in these events.


  1. I am disappointed in that I was not able to attend. And it is nice to know Mayor Posey appreciates that we have a diverse population over which he serves. I would love to see our gerrymandered districts for the city to be analyzed and move to accord a better representation of our people of color. When the statistics are calculated, we have fewer people from the black community than what their population numbers require. If Mayor Posey wishes to show some leadership on racial equality, perhaps he would lead a charge up this small obvious hill.

    And my thanks to some of my close friends and neighbors who attended and represented me. You were noticed. Let’s see if you were heard.

    • You have spoken a truth that we as a people has known all our lives. Instead of the changes you talk about seems to be going backwards because we haven’t demaned our place in this society, we accept the crumbs from the table and go bout business. Every major organization in this town is disproportionately represented. Thank you for giving this to chew on.

    • Yo Scott! hope all is well with you.

      I just want to point out that about 5 years ago the DOJ was doing “surveys,” I guess you could call them, and determined there was no evidence of unfair gerrymandering or such in Natchitoches Parish. They cited that both the sheriff and the tax assessor were African American and not only had they been elected, but reelected in a parish wide election. It clearly showed that African Americans can win parish wide races. Also, both the city council and parish council are at least 40% African American. The city council has an at-large position and of course there’s the mayor’s office as well. There are African Americans seeking both positions. I think the best way to get more African Americans in positions of leadership in local government is to vote for them. More than that, campaign for them.

      I hope you take my comments in the spirit in which they are conveyed. I meant for them to be positive.

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