NCHS announces plans for seniors to pick up diplomas

Natchitoches Central High School’s graduating seniors can pick up their diplomas on Thursday, June 4. Cars are asked to enter the school campus at the North end gate, only gate unlocked, by the end of the softball field/track. Once you enter the campus you will proceed to the square and turn left and you will be routed around the football field house and back up the side of the gym. At this point you will drive across the front of the parking lot and head toward the main office. Prior to turning toward the office, you will be asked if you have a photo ID. If you DO, you will proceed up to the office area and go to the table with your corresponding last name letter. You will be asked to show your ID and upon showing it, you will receive your senior packet with your diploma inside. You will then drive toward the end gate by the Central Louisiana Technical Community College and exit the NCHS campus. If you DO NOT have your ID, you will be redirected to the CLTCC gate and exit the campus. THE STUDENT IS THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN PICK UP THE SENIOR PACKET ALONG WITH THE DIPLOMA.