Natchitoches Police investigate shooting at local convenience store

The Natchitoches Police Department is investigating a shooting that took place Saturday night in the parking lot of 247 Keyser Avenue (Shop Rite).

On June 7, 2020 around 11:56 p.m., officers with the Natchitoches Police Department responded to Shop Rite after hearing multiple gunshots in the area. Upon officers arrival they made contact with several witnesses who said that a large group of individuals began shooting in the parking lot. The gunshots caused damage to Shop Rite and no injuries were reported.

The investigation is ongoing and the Natchitoches Police Department will release more details as they become available.

If you have additional information in regards to this investigation please contact the Natchitoches Police Department at (318) 352-8101 or Detective Alisha Robertson at (318) 357-3810. Remember all information given shall remain confidential.

5 thoughts on “Natchitoches Police investigate shooting at local convenience store

  1. This is exactly the reason I believe the detention center needs to be rid of non-locals so that we have room to get some of these thugs off the streets. The judges let people walk because they say there is no room. I watched a guy walk out after paying his little pittance of money to stay out, after being charged with 5 counts of attempted murder. Great, walking the streets with those of us who obey the law. Now they are deciding to have gun battles on the parking lots where good honest people are shopping. No wonder Natchitoches is getting a worse reputation than Shreveport, and that is a horrible thing to have to say.

    • OMG, how could a judge let someone charged with 5 counts of attempted murder walk out like that?

    • its the best southern city to retire in.Look away from the crime and drugs,we have fireworks
      and bricks.

  2. I wish they would go back to the curfew none of this was going on the city need to inforce this

    • Agreed, but we can’t keep the curfew forever. I’m sick of not being able to get a gallon of milk at a grocery store after 9:00 at night.

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