Nursing students coordinating food drive

Students from Northwestern State University’s College of Nursing Science & Allied Health have partnered with The Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana to raise funds to help lessen the food shortages experienced by members of their direct community.

“During this economic hardship caused by Covid-19, so many families, children, adults and the elderly, are going hungry. From job loss to self-quarantine, food insecurities have risen dramatically,” said Ashley Moos. “You can help, and together we can make a difference.”

The group, also includes Francene Ferguson, Victoria Gernon, Breonnica Collins and Rebecca Glorioso, who are in the fifth level of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program on NSU’s Shreveport campus.

“Part of 5th level is a course in community health,” Moos said. “In this course, students do a service learning project. Usually the projects are very hands-on, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic we had to be a bit creative. Our area already struggles with a high poverty rate, and the economic downfall due to COVID-19 only increased these hardships. Our group partnered with The Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana to raise funds to support their cause. Purchasing food and supplies is great, but for every dollar we would spend they could have more if done through their organization. Because of this partnership every dollar we raise turns into $10. If a family a four spends approximately $500 a month on food, that means with $100 donation we can feed two families for an entire month. Truly, every penny counts.”

Moos said their CONSAH group’s drive will continue through June 7, but even after the deadline, the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana will accept donations.

To make a donation, visit and scroll to the bottom until you see the Virtual Shopper.

“She’s the cute little lady with the grocery cart. You can click on the CONSAH logo, directly underneath her and shop from there,” Moos said. “You must have Adobe Flash to run the program. It will allow you to make a direct donation, or even shop for items. Don’t want to donate $25? No problem. Could you spare $1.50 for an entire case of fresh potatoes? This program lets you shop for exactly what you would like to buy or how much you would like to spend.”