District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington announced that a grand jury has returned true bill indictments for three Natchitoches Parish people for murder and attempted murder.

The grand jury indicted Jessie Petite, Jr., 21, and Daerieon Latchie, 17, both of Natchitoches, each with 2 counts of 1st degree murder and 1 count of attempted 1st degree murder.

The grand jury also indicted Jaleel Tousant, 22, of Natchitoches, 2 counts of principal to 1st degree murder and 1 count of principal to attempted 1st degree murder.

The indictments stem from the January 27 homicides of Larry Batiste and Hiram Phillips, Jr. and attempted homicide of Briana Roberson on Short 7th Street in Natchitoches.

The defendants will be arraigned on the charges at an upcoming court date.

“We are pleased with the grand jury’s indictments and are prepared to move forward with the prosecution of these cases,” said District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington.


  1. I know nothing about the home life of these young men, but i just wonder if they had a full time dad living in the home. So many young men, especially young Black men, grew up without a dad in the home to provide supervision and modeling of appropriate behavior. So sad to see these lives wasted when they could have been saved by having a mentor who taught good citizenship behavior.

    • Dads aren’t the only male mentors in children’s lives. Stepfathers, older siblings and cousins, uncles, and grandfathers can model good citizenship and interpersonal relationships. Teachers, principals, pastors, church members, organizational leaders (Scouts, Boys Clubs, for example) can be great mentors. They should be. All of us can exemplify kindness, honesty, tolerance, respect, empathy, loyalty, and a host of other positive character traits. Little eyes and ears pick up on everything. You may never know the value of even the tiniest unselfish act you do, but being a voice of love and encouragement in a world full of negativity makes a world of difference to everybody.

  2. 21, 17 and 22 years of age. Three young men whose lives could have amounted to something, now facing years of prison where they’ll be victims of mental, sexual, and physical abuse. Why? Was it over gang turf? Drug deal gone wrong? Jealous boyfriend or girlfriend? Was it worth it?

    Is this the best our young men can aspire to?

  3. So y’all let Jonathan Rogers who shot and killed Michael Burks and injured another man, Marquise Holmes, off? No one is gonna pay for the murder of these two men?

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