Natchitoches Police Department release correction regarding Media Outlet statement

Release Date: June 20, 2020

Natchitoches Police arrest two individuals for Simple Battery that occurred at Maglieaux’s on the Cane

The Natchitoches Police Department has arrested John Richmond (W/M, 54 y.o.a. of Natchitoches) and Bradley Haigler (W/M, 35 y.o.a. of Natchitoches) for simple battery.

On May 15, 2020 around 9:19 p.m., officers with the Natchitoches Police Department were dispatched to 805 Washington Street (Maglieaux’s on the Cane) in reference to a disturbance. As officers arrived to Maglieaux’s on the Cane they made contact with, John Richmond, who told them that two of his employees got into a physical altercation. John Richmond also said to officers that while trying to break up the disturbance he sustained several minor injuries.

After an extensive investigation Detectives with the Natchitoches Police Department were able to obtain video surveillance of this incident.

John Richmond and Bradley Haigler were arrested for Simple Battery and were given a Natchitoches City Court date of September 22, 2020 to return.

On June 20, 2020 it was reported erroneously by a news outlet in the Shreveport area that the victim in this case was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. This is an inaccurate report and this media outlet has been contacted about their error.

If you would like to report suspicious activity or an emergency please contact the Natchitoches Police Department at (318) 352-8101 or if you have additional information in regards to this investigation please contact Detective Terry Johnson at (318) 357-3858. Remember all information given shall remain confidential.

Officer John Greely
Natchitoches Police Department

25 thoughts on “Natchitoches Police Department release correction regarding Media Outlet statement

  1. I see something in the posts here that amazes me. First people fuss, gripe, and complain about the police department not doing their job and there is too much crime in our little town. Now look at some of these comments. Seems like a few on here have a burr under their saddle about the police doing their job, investigating, looking at evidence, and I’m sure talking to everyone who witnessed an altercation that took place between one of our local politicians and someone who was in the kitchen of his restaurant. They made arrests and people are hot under the collar about it. Come on folks, let the police do their job, and stand behind them, even if your friend or relative was arrested. You know, we have to trust that they are doing their job, and that they have looked at all there is to see. They don’t just make an arrest and do all that paperwork if they don’t think that a person broke the law. I guess time will tell.

  2. Having watched the judges in town, I have yet to see them hand down much of anything other than a slap on the wrist, even to the guy brought before the court on five attempted murder charges. He’s walking the street today, unless he finally killed someone. If the judge happens to know a defendant socially, I’m afraid I don’t trust them to hand down anything at all on a case such as this. It will all be swept under the rug, or a magician is in the room snaps his fingers, it goes ‘poof’ and just goes away. I wish I had faith that the right thing would be done in court, but when so many seem to be good buddies, and favors get done too often, I don’t have any confidence at all that anything at all will be done. Just my thoughts on another mess in Natchitoches politics.

  3. Nothing like a meal and Friday night at the fights. And Richmond wants to be a roll model. What a joke. He should resign from office

      • It is my business. It is everyone’s business. Once elected to public office, there is no longer any claim to privacy. That is the price you pay and agree to when choosing to be a public official. You are on-duty 24/7/365. Public officials are to be held to a higher standard of behavior than you or I. Am i already saying he is guilty? No. That is not my place. But in the event the courts do return a guilty finding, then we as the electorate have the right to ask—is this the person we want in office?

  4. Surveillance cameras can make the truth known. The police report filed by Mr. Richmond was not even close to what was on the video. Yes, the video was posted on Facebook, but I’m sure the investigators obtained their own copy to review. Watch frame by frame if you have any doubt what happened.


      • Apparently the police found enough proof to make an arrest. When you’re accused of committing a crime it is the public’s business.
        BTW Two different M3s responded to this story. Which one are you yelling at.😊

      • I have the facts from the video, isn’t that enough? Watched it a number of times and Richmond and his step son or what ever he is were the aggressors in my opinion. The guy was just defending himself.

      • I’ve worked in this restaurant for 3 years, and I will tell u brad is one of the biggest verbal abusers I have ever seen and he has disrespected workers everyday I clocked into that restaurant. EVERYONE HATED HIM but they only respected him because he’s the bosses’ son! And he could get away with everything! He verbally and emotionally abuses workers and calls customers retards and idiots. Brad Haigler is a PARASITE. And John and Kathy Richmond did nothing about his sons actions and now the entire public has video of his abuse. And John Richmond is guilty as well and should resign as president. How can the community trust him if he Choked out one of his own workers then lied about it on the police report! I, myself also have evidence that after all of that tough talk brad haigler used to exclaim in the restaurant, the entire time he punches like a 7 year old boy.

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