Mystery Sound Cash Contest – What it is NOT!

Join Trini & Ashley LIVE this morning for the return of the Mystery Sound Cash Contest.  Your chance to win begins at 7 am on 94.9 The River.

LARGE JACKPOT – $700.00 plus

In order to play and win you’ll need the River Lines phone number: 318-581-4025. Save it to your speed dial for your chance to guess.

Potato Chip Bag
Salt Grinder
Pepper Grinder
Crushing a Water Bottle
Sharpening a Pencil
Shuffling Cards
Rubik’s Cube
Nut Cracker
Porch Swing
Wadding Aluminum Foil
Cutting Lettuce
Socket Wrench
Retractable Cord
Filling a Paper Clip Holder
Brushing Hair
Open a Lock
Opening Mini Blinds
Camera Shutter
Pouring M&M’s into a bowl
Gears Grinding
Static Electricity
Shaking Rocks in a bottle
Opening a child proof bottle of pills
Tearing a perforated piece of paper out
Shaking Mementos in a tin
Slicing an Apple

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  1. I wish I could get through Trini Triggs I have a great guess even if its wrong….. been a minute since we talked message me

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