Video of altercation involving Parish President John Richmond surfaces

On June 18, 2020, the Unheard Voices of Natchitoches released a video on a social media site. The Video appears to show Parish President John Richmond and Maglieaux’s Chef Brad Haigler assaulting a Black man on May 15, 2020

This Video, which appears to be a recording from a security camera, is presented here for your review.  

This video contains explicit language and violence which may be offensive to some viewers and/or inappropriate for children. The content within this video is intended for mature audiences only.


The following video is a clip of just the altercation footage.

Remember, This video contains explicit language and violence which may be offensive to some viewers and/or inappropriate for children. The content within this video is intended for mature audiences only.

In the following clip, Parish President John Richmond tried to explain to the victim that no one hit him!

On June 17th and 18th, Parish President John Richmond and Maglieaux’s Chef Bradley Haigler were charged and arrested by summons.

57 thoughts on “Video of altercation involving Parish President John Richmond surfaces

  1. I dont know any of the people involved. All I know is I saw one man walking away. Two men attack that man, one hitting while the one man was in the grasp of another. We dont know what was said. It doesnt matter. Two white men attacked a man and the single man was of course black. Sounds way too familiar. Pathetic. I have never been in that restaurant. Personally, I have never heard any good reviews on it. High prices for food that’s not that great. I’ll never try it for myself now. What is wrong with the people in this country?

  2. Do you all realize this video has been all over the internet? It’s bad enough that it’s from a Natchitoches restaurant (considered one of the best in town, I might add). At a time when this town is struggling to bring tourists in because of the virus, and local businesses were struggling long before the pandemic, this incident certainly isn’t a positive endorsement. Add to that the involvement of the parish president, who clearly got physical with the employee, suggesting that the former has anger issues. Bad publicity for the restaurant and local leadership equals bad publicity for Natchitoches.

    • Natchitoches already has bad “publicity” the roads,drugs,shootings,etc.
      and the food wasn’t that great any way.But the point is,most of these
      people are gossip mongers and can’t mind their own business.

  3. Well now, let’s get Sylvia Morrow on here and get here job as well. She’s the poster child of “bad politics” in Natchitoches. Oh!!! I get it now, let’s go after the white guy. You people are pathetic, Jesus.

  4. It seems to me that a group of men were trying to settle things like hot-headed little boys. It is a real shame that all the vulgar screaming had to go on, and the young woman screaming Hey, hey, hey did nothing to help cool things down any. It was a mess all the way around, but it was the responsibility as the owner of the restaurant, for Richmond to handle the situation in a manner totally different than the way he did. As someone who also holds public office, he should know how to handle an upset employee without putting his hands on him. I have often wondered how Richmond got in with the local political crowd so quickly. He was running with the movers and shakers soon after his arrival. I truly wish I could say I trust him, but I don’t. I don’t think he is around to help the parish get better roads and other services. He is here to better himself. Why won’t he answer questions about the roads, just simple questions. But no, his mouth is shut. I’m proud to say I didn’t vote for him, so I don’t have to take any of the blame for bringing trouble into parish government. I figure he’s trouble, and we will see more of it as weeks and months go by.

  5. Well I do believe nobody should ever lay a hand on another regardless of color or creed and as an ELECTED OFFICIAL THAT YALL PUT IN OFFICE he should step down it’s the right thing to do everyone was told of his temper during the election but nobody believed it He was fired from several BIG TIME JOBS for a reason but hey y’all got what you voted for lies and promises that could never be upheld lol if he was any type of human he would step down from his position but that won’t happen it’s just sad and no I don’t hide behind a name

    • Not EVERYONE was told if his temper. He does have a short fuse. He needs an anger management class.

      Where is the video? Everyone can comment till they are blue in the face.But until you see the video you don’t know. Richmond should have called the police and because of his temper it may cost him.

  6. He should be removed from office today. If he would spend less time fighting and more time on fixing roads Natchitoches Parish roads would be a lot better



  8. This probably wasn’t the best way to handle the situation. How could you not know the little guy wasn’t hitting the guy you were holding. Notice the little guy didn’t start swinging till our prez had him. Bad publicity at this time isn’t really good for business. Shame on the little guy. I won’t be taking anyone there any more.

  9. The headline makes it seem like they randomly jumped the guy When u can clearly see & hear him cussing & causing chaos prior to the altercation. Y’all are reaching.

    • He’s cussing while walking away from a man that is readying himself to fight! Doesn’t give justice to their treatment. John should fire his son if he wants that restaurant to stand a chance… but he won’t, and I will enjoy watching them sink! Food and service always stank anyway! No wonder.

  10. If you can’t practice self restraint, and do not want the police called…what else is he hiding? Why did it take the police so long to handle this situation? Anyone else wondering?

  11. It’s all about who you know in this trashy little town (he said she said) There is people that gotten away with murder in the this town. So this is going to be about much of nothing but that’s not the rite way but it’s Natchitoches

  12. It’s all bull crap Richmond and his son is Guilty guilty Guilty.. the video clearly shows that.. Becky needs to be charge for falsifying information she didn’t see

  13. y’all are so nosey in this town.The man is human and made a mistake
    like the rest of you are perfect.

    • He did not make a mistake he out right lied on a police report for his own good, he is an elected official that is supposed to be for the people and he has proven that in the simplest of mistakes as you call it he will lie to protect his family over giving justice to the community, He needs to resign now!

      • Filing a false report is a crime also….will we see charges for John Richmond’s TRANSGRESSIONS?

    • Matt, you don’t believe people should pay for their “mistakes?” Nobody claims to be “perfect.” He filed a police report that was not accurate. That is not a mistake. That is filing a false allegation against another person. What would have happened to Mr. Shields had this video not been seen?

  14. I think everyone should notice how filthy that kitchen looks. Clearly his son hit the employee.

    • Ebony and Ivory at that DA office, delayed bring charges and still haven’t removed them self’s from the case. And y’all taking food from the devils hand.

    • Because they did not have the video. All they had to go on was the police report from Mr. Richmond. I’d be interested to hear what the extraordinary calm person in the red shirt has to say. He calmly tried to escalate the whole thing. At the end of the video, he retrieved whatever Mr. Shields was initially going to retrieve and left the camera view, I assume to give him his things. Have we heard from the guy in the red shirt? I hope he doesn’t say anything until all this goes to court and he testifies. I can’t believe how calm he was. He had a good view of the whole thing.

  15. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, especially considering that, as an elected official, one never gets to remove that title during the duration of their term. Personally, my confidence has been lost in his ability to lead based on the lack of integrity and ability to effectively manage (de-escalate) the situation which was completely within his scope of responsibility to do.

  16. We don’t need that type of activity going on here in Natchitoches. It is to much going on in other places. Everything is peaceful and it need to stay like that. Mr. Richmond know he over stepped his boundaries and now it might cause a problem. That woman didnt see what happened Assumption is the worse thing if someone dont know what really happened.

  17. Why wasn’t the guy charged who hit John? I never saw John hit anyone on this video. Don’t get it. Two guys were arguing & were told to get out of his place of business, which he has every right to do.

    • You must not have watched the video. You’re insane or covering for John cause u have to kiss his ass.

    • He was trying to get his things from the cubby hose where John choked him. How can he leave if he doesn’t have his things????

        • That’s a lie. Mr shield exclaimed he needed his keys in order to leave in the video. He was trying to get his things that’s five steps ahead of when he got bumrushed by our parish president! Why would he go through the front door and bother customers? Or is that a story that u are trying to give off to make the victim look bad!

    • Johns son in-law was following and berating an employee that was walking away perhaps he stood his ground for a second, Johns son took his apron off his hat off! All gestures that you ready to fight.

  18. It’s amazing how the woman automatically accused the black man for putting his hands on Richmond first.

    • Seems as if u didn’t watch the video or your racism is showing. The victim was trying to get his things out of the cubby hose when John grabbed him by the neck and him and his son both attacked mr shields. Everyone saw it.

        • I worked here for 3 years how are u going to tell me dude! Lol I know that place like the back of my hand, running up and down that restaurant, there’s a place in the walkway that workers place their bags/stuff before a shift. Right next to all of the alcohol and the employee bathroom. Mr shields was headed that way and got bumrushed by John Richmond

    • Ur wrong; Video clearly shows the guy was trying to get his things from his cubby hose and leave, John grabbed him and mr shields was doing nothing but defending himself and trying to get out of the situation. The way John and brad haigler assaulted him, they are lucky that mr shields used so much restraint towards them

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