Chamber Seeks to Create Comprehensive List of Diverse Businesses

The Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce seeks assistance to compile a comprehensive list of minority owned businesses. There have been an overwhelming number of requests for this list both directly to the Chamber and on social media, as the community rallies to support people of color. The Chamber has created a landing page at, where minority business owners can submit their business’ information and those seeking to support minority owned businesses can view the list as it is updated. There is no requirement to be a Chamber member to participate.

41% of the population in the city of Natchitoches is African American. Making an effort to support black owned businesses strengthens our community, creates jobs, and grows our local economy.

“Any time our community rallies to support our local economy, we are going to do everything we can to make that process easier,” states Chamber President, Laura Lyles.

The Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to making the Natchitoches area a thriving business community by promoting commerce, strengthening people, and improving lives.

6 thoughts on “Chamber Seeks to Create Comprehensive List of Diverse Businesses

  1. There is a comprehensive list of Chamber member businesses here! This is something the Chamber has always done for our members.

    • Please explain what you mean about “This reasonates as furthering division”. In what way?

    • I have to agree. We are putting labels on business owners and profiling them based on their skin color/sexual preference. Shouldn’t we base our businesses on products offered, customer service, price, etc? Looking at the chamber website there are options for “Black, LGBT, Asian, Creole, Hispanic, Woman, and Native American” where does a white male or someone who classifies as multiple options go?

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