A Storm Is Coming

By Royal Alexander/Opinion

While this is a difficult and chaotic time in our nation’s history, we should not lose hope because a storm is coming, and it will be brought about by millions of humble, faithful Americans.

We are not allowed to feel sickened and repulsed at the death of George Floyd—if we don’t also declare that America is hopelessly racist and broken with no redeeming value. While we are expected to, and do, acknowledge America’s racial flaws and racial history—we’re not allowed to also acknowledge that America has made enormous gains in racial equality over the last decades. While we are strongly opposed to excessive use of force by police—we are not allowed to also point out that the large majority of law enforcement officers are good, hard-working people who simply want to live through the end of their shift; The same officers without whom we would truly live in lawlessness—with minority and less affluent neighborhoods suffering most from this lawlessness. We are not allowed to say on the one hand that we fully grasp that police use of force needs to be addressed—but that we find it deeply offensive and disrespectful that the manner of expressing that belief occurs during our National Anthem: an act that dishonors the sacred flag under which over one million brave American men and women of all races, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds have fought and died for our country.

We are shouted down as racist simply for pointing out that the appropriate, legal manner by which to make lasting social change in this country is by voting, organizing, marching, striking and boycotting, and not by a brick through the car window or a torch through the front door of a small business. We aren’t allowed to point out that while most of the protestors are, as am I, sincerely aggrieved by the death of George Floyd—many are not and simply hate America and are using his death as a pretext to justify the violence, harm and damage they seek to do regardless. We are expected to swallow that we are “white supremacists” in a nation of “systemic racism” but we are never allowed to point out our great personal and national virtues—and the fact that America twice gave overwhelming electoral college victories to President Obama.

According to unelected federal judges, we are no longer allowed to believe that God created only two human genders, male and female. However, we don’t believe that transgenderism and “gender fluidity” should be deemed a special legal status. We are not allowed to suggest there is something transparently inconsistent about shutting down churches and small businesses during the virus—while liquor stores, abortion clinics and big box stores continue commerce uninterrupted. We are expected to believe that the virus doesn’t spread as easily during massive protests, rioting and looting—all of which violate CDC’s 6 feet social-distancing requirements—but most certainly will at a Trump rally. We are expected to overlook that while liberal elites (including athletes and celebrities) despise gun ownership and secure borders, they themselves live under armed protection and in exclusive, gated communities. Or, that we are expected to follow our laws while across the country law enforcement is broadly condemned, pulled back and defunded while criminals run free. That while Pres. Trump was harshly criticized for standing in front of the historic Church of the Presidents in Lafayette Square holding a Bible, no real attention was given to the fact that “peaceful” protestors had set it on fire the night before, destroying a nursery that had recently been renovated in its basement. That the phony Russia “collusion” story and impeachment achieved nothing but wasting huge amounts of time and money; That our own federal government—DOJ and the FBI—grossly abused its own regulations and core due process guarantees in an attempt to overturn the election of a duly-elected president. (Not to mention the injustice inflicted on Gen. Michael Flynn); or, criticizing the President for designating a violent, far-left domestic terror organization a “domestic terror organization.”

There is a storm coming but it’s not the one the often-dishonest national media and radical Left envision. It’s the silent majority of millions of Americans who quietly but proudly hold on to their love of country, constitutional freedoms and faith in God— for which we are mocked when we kneel in prayer—while kneeling during the National Anthem is celebrated. As Americans, the large majority of us are kind, generous and peace-loving. However, we are not going to be silenced; neither are our values and freedoms going to be sacrificed on the altar of Political Correctness. Through the strength of our prayers and our vote we will be heard from soon.

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26 thoughts on “A Storm Is Coming

  1. Mr. Alexander, when you say, repeatedly, “we are not allowed to say….” — who is keeping you from expressing your opinions? You “say” all sorts of things in your editorial, so apparently you ARE allowed to give your opinions. Maybe what you mean is, the things you wish to express aren’t popular, or people will shout at you if you express your opinions. So what? People these days do a lot of shouting. Welcome to the real world. You’re the one who was elected. Obviously there were plenty of people who shared your opinions, and from what I hear around town, on the news, and from the mouths of my family members, they still do.

    I laugh when people tell me, “You can’t believe that” or “you can’t say that.” Man, if I want to believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Earth is flat, I can. If I want to say the dinosaurs were on the Ark, along with unicorns and Hobbits, I can. In fact, I think I’ll enliven the conversation around the table at Thanksgiving with those very words. It’ll be a hoot.

  2. I’m not on fb or twitter. I make my own voting decisions. Adults are coversing so stop yelling so someone can hear you. Not sure what you even said. I made my statement reasonably and calmly. I hope you all stay well.

    • You know damn well what I said! It’s just the facts and you can’t dispute bother. The proof is everywhere you look. Typical liberal response!! Nothing new normal people see it every day!

  3. Trying to write a response to this version of reality is difficult without offending those of ignorance and great indifference. There are a few places I actually agree. Barack Obama was a huge breath of fresh air. Our ability to actually vote was clear for all to see. Every vote counts and it matters. After the hanging chads earlier to the recent voter purges, closing of many voting sites, clear and obvious interference of Russian bots (Russia, if you’re listening), misinformation (I call it lies) and ongoing gerrymandering, the election and reelection of Obama was a real and fair statement from Americans. Overwhelmingly he was elected twice. It doesn’t erase the 400+ years of racism. It continues loud and clear. Again some are waving shiny objects trying to divert attention from the peaceful protestors’ message. Again some want us to focus on the few acts of vandalism. How much was by protesors is yet to be seen. How much damage was by gun toting racists (and no one is taking my guns away), Boogaloo Bois, and Proud Boys? You can call it what you want, try to hide it, ignore it but we will never get rid of racism, sexism and the like as long as people can’t even face reality. The Bible is full of history, wonderful millennia old tales, some of which far predate the Bible. My grandfather was a very religious man. He and Mr.Sudbury brought the Grand Ecore Church of Christ to Natchitoches. He once said to me “even if everything in the Bible was proven false, isn’t that how you would want to live your life?”. To be kind to others, caring, compassionate and above all to love one another as Jesus said. I try to live up to these values. Facts are facts. Science is factual. If this is a country of certain freedoms, then who is to judge how a person is or describes themselves who they love. There are many religions in our great country. We have freedom of religion, however, that does not mean one has the right to impose their own religious beliefs on another. I could go on but this response has become far longer than I ever wished. Stay well.

    • I’m just going to touch on a couple of you points!
      1. Russian bots and false information. With all of the town halls and live debates if you decided your vote on a Russian bots or a Facebook ad. YOUR NOT INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO VOTE!
      2. Your right spin on the riots and protest is about one sided as it could possibly be. You say people want to focus on a few cases of vandalism,but how much was done by gun toting racist. That wasn’t gun toting racist burning buildings,police cars,fire trucks and a historic church in Washington D.C. and it wasn’t gun toting racist that STOMPED a business owner to death in Dallas just trying to protect his business! Not one single gun toting racist seen looting k-marts!
      And I will add this! HELL NO YOU’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE MY GUN AWAY!

      this is a country of certain freedoms, then who is to judge how a person is or describes themselves who they love. THOSE ARE YOU WORDS NOT MINE!


    • Vicky- oh boy, you actually used the Bible to express your leftist following. Yes, The View is filled with christian values. Read the book I mentioned. And think about compassion from a person’s own pocketbook, rather than pushing for taxes to promote their compassion. Especially from the pocketbooks of billionaire and millionaire dems. I never hear about the homeless being included in their compassion. And California has a large population scattered all over the streets. I am more in favor in the creation of jobs as compassion. Jobs give self esteem and a purpose in life as compared to a monthly check which creates dependence, depression, idleness, drug use, etc. Socialism has not proven to work in the past. I don’t want this country to head in that direction.

  4. This is one of the best and most sane opinion articles I have read. I wish this would go viral.
    Thank you for stating this so eloquently and with such thoughtful insight. I appreciate this so much and I’m sure many others do too.

  5. People are too afraid of being attacked as racists for speaking their truth about this. Thank you for doing so.

  6. NPJ I am aware that this is your paper but to delete my response and not delete those that continue to spew hate make you no better then the author of the article. Please let the readers know why you deleted my original post. Was it because I said after reading the article I was encouraged to early vote today as a BLACK DEMOCRAT?

  7. Royal,
    Thank you for accurately, concisely and clearly stating what so many of us are feeling. Let’s hope that sanity resurfaces before the balance is tipped too far to recover. I tend to see things, “as glass half full”, but it gets more difficult as the days pass. Once again, thanks for your voice of reason.

  8. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I guess that is why “The Journal” allowed you to post your negative views. After reading it, i decided to use my lunch hour to run to the courthouse and make sure my voice as a Black Democrat showed in tomorrow’s early voting numbers. I encourage everyone to read this article with all the intent that was meant and then go to the courthouse and vote on the Democratic ticket. Thank you, Royal.

  9. I hope and pray that differences can be/will be settled by the use of the ballot box…not the ammo box. Nothing good will come out of the use of violence, not for anyone. Sometimes emotions run high and in the heat of the moment, you might do something you will regret for the rest of your life. Stop…take a deep breath and think it through. At the end of the day as Americans we have more in common and share most of the same dreams…even with someone who appears to be a political polar opposite.

    I am deeply troubled by what is going on in Washington D.C. among our so-called “leaders.” Last week Senator Tim Scott proposed a bill that had in it, by their own admission, 80% of what the Democrats say they want to see in a police reform law. Why not pass it and then, from their point of view, work on getting the remaining 20%? This is just the latest example of the “all or nothing, win at all costs” mentality that has gripped BOTH major political parties. Meanwhile the American people wait for something to be accomplished.

    As for all of us, our political leaders need to seek that common ground. I bet if both sides made a list of what they’d like to see happen in America, the lists would share most of the same things.

    With all her faults the United States of America is the greatest nation on Earth and I think the greatest in history. Let us vow to remember that. And hopefully as Abe Lincoln once said…

    “that government of the people, by the people, for the people will not perish from the Earth.”

    God bless America!

  10. Thanks Royal for expressing your opinion so well. Royal has Natchitoches roots..his grandfather taught at Northwestern but it was probably Normal then.

  11. Your oped brings up some valid points that people are trying to do the right thing, but you completely destroy your point by promoting your clearly Pro-Trump views. You made this about politics and the white nationalist viewpoints of Trump.

  12. I am reading a book titled “Guilty by Reason of Insanity: Why the Democrats Should Not Win”, by David Limbaugh. You have echoed a lot of what this book has described. It is truly eye opening to the fact that the major issues the democrats are pushing for are completely insane. The hatred in the hearts of most Democrats is violent and vindictive. Especially towards “privileged white males”. I think the end is near- either the end where our Savior returns, or the end of America because the deep divisions between the political parties will continue to our destruction in wars against one another. Indeed, as a nation we need more than ever to turn back to God. Pray, pray, pray.

    • David Limbaugh was a good friend of mine at the University of Missouri in the 70’s. Great and very smart guy and glad you are reading his book.

    • Do you really believe most Democrats have hatred in their hearts? That we’re violent and vindictive? Especially towards privileged white males? I don’t know who you’ve met or talked to, but I’d love to have a cup of coffee with you and show you what kind of Democrat I am. I don’t hate anybody; I hate what people do. I’m not violent or vindictive, unless I’m smashing a cockroach or mosquito. I know I’ve been a privileged white person, even though I’m not male. My education, job history, even the way I’m treated at restaurants are proof of that. I can’t change the past. But what I can do is support the efforts of people who’ve been denied quality education, good jobs, housing, and respect because of their color.

      I believe 99% of cops are good and fair people, but the ones who target African Americans, press a knee to a man’s neck for 8 minutes, use a choke hold, and/or inject people with Ketamine should be held accountable. No one is above the law.

      And I hope you’re right about the Rapture coming soon.

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