Skinner recognized for retirement, 51 years of service to Natchitoches Parish schools

The Natchitoches Parish School Board would like to congratulate Mr. Dale Skinner on his retirement as NPSB Superintendent. With more than 51 years of service, Mr. Skinner has dedicated his life to aiding students and being an inspirational leader in education. After acting as a longtime basketball coach and serving as Natchitoches Central High School’s principal, Mr. Skinner stepped into the role of Superintendent and has continued to be an integral part of our Parish for more than 6 years.

We can’t thank him enough for the hard work, commitment and dedication he has shown for our school district. His contributions to our community will always be valued and remembered.

Mr. Skinner will also be celebrating a birthday this weekend so if you see him around, be sure to wish him a happy birthday and congratulations.

7 thoughts on “Skinner recognized for retirement, 51 years of service to Natchitoches Parish schools

  1. Dale Skinner is one of a few people that I know who has done more for schools and districts in Louisiana than anyone else. He positively influenced the lives of so many students that he coached as well as teachers that he encouraged to be the best they could be for their students and schools. Mr. Skinner was the “call man” that was asked to go in to schools and districts to “clean up the mess” that was there. He accomplished that goal at the risk of personal attack. I am grateful to have worked for him.

  2. Happy Birthday and thank you for your faithful service to the Natchitoches parish school system.

  3. Shows a lack of respect for a man who was dedicated to his job. A man who left the system a lot better off then when he took it over!

    • You are either an idiot or one of the incompetent people he promoted! I noticed you give your name!

      • None of the above,just speaking the truth. You must be one of those that couldn’t cut it when you were held to a higher standard! I can tell by you attitude you couldn’t!

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