Lakeview 2020 Graduation

Attention Lakeview Junior-Senior High School Graduates and families and friends of Graduates! It gives me great pleasure to be able to announce the official graduation information for the commencement exercise of graduating seniors of the Class of 2020 of Lakeview Junior-Senior High School. This is a very exciting event that we have been waiting for quite a while. Though we understand the terms of graduation cannot be as traditional this year, we still uphold the importance, respect and honor of each graduating senior work and family member’s support which helped each senior to get to this important landmark. Graduation day is a day which earns a place in our permanent memory for accomplishment, success and provides a sense of completion. I am more than certain that all related family members, faculty and staff and the supporting community are proud of our graduating seniors at of Lakeview Junior-Senior High School. Below is information in which each senior shall need to successfully mark this dignified, memorable occasion.

William Hymes
Lakeview Junior-Senior High School

Graduation Practice:

JULY 10th is Graduation Practice at 9 AM at Turpin Stadium on NSU. Due to COVID 19 best practices and protocol, graduation practice in Northwestern State University’s Turpin Stadium is for graduates only, no parents or other family members will be allowed to enter the stadium. All students participating in the official commencement exercise must be at graduation practice in order to be included.
Due to COVID 19 best practices and protocol, students must wear a mask to practice and must enter on the EAST side (VISITORS) side of Turpin Stadium.


JULY 10th is Lakeview Junior-Senior High School’s graduation. The graduation ceremony will begin at 7 PM at Turpin Stadium at Northwestern State University. Gates will open at 6 PM, all graduating seniors should arrive at this time (6:00 PM) for ceremony preparation and alignment.
Graduates only will report to the EAST/VISITOR’s side of the stadium and all guest will proceed to the WEST/HOME side of Turpin.
Due to the state of Louisiana COVID 19 best practices and protocol each individual is required to wear a mask in order to entering Turpin Stadium and are required to sit in family units. Families shall be seated in odd numbered rows. Ushers and law enforcement will be available to provide on-site directions.
Due to COVID 19 best practices, once seated, families shall not be permitted to move throughout Turpin Stadium.


Parking for both students and parents will be at Prather Coliseum and Kyser Hall.

Guests who have handicapped parking tags will be allowed to park in the lot directly across from the front of the stadium.

Per guidelines from Northwestern State University and the State Fire Marshal, parking shall be in every other parking space.
Family units are encouraged to travel together for the evening of graduation.

Family units shall maintain a 6 feet of distance from other arriving family units. This social distance protocol is included while walking to and from the stadium.
Guest Seating:

Due to COVID 19 best practices guests shall sit in family groups only in odd numbered rows at Turpin Stadium. Family units shall maintain 6 feet of space between other attending family units.
Seating will be assisted and monitored by Lakeview faculty and staff and the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Department.

Handicapped seating is designated and reserved to the first row in Turpin Stadium.

Once the ceremony has begun, entry into the stadium will be prohibited
Graduate Seating:

All graduating seniors of Lakeview Junior-Senior High School shall sit on the visitors’ (east) side of Turpin Stadium.
Graduating seniors shall enter from the from the east side of the stadium and be seated using rows 1 and 4. Each student shall maintain a 6 foot social distance from the adjoining student.


Guests for the evening of graduation shall will be dismissed in, 2 section intervals at a time.
Due to COVID 19 best practices, the efforts of Northwestern State University and the efforts of the Natchitoches Parish school Board to provide a safe environment at this event; after graduation loitering, taking pictures in the stadium concourse, or parking areas shall be prohibited.
Parents, family members and students are asked and encouraged to convene to the appropriate vehicle and promptly dismiss from the University parking lot after the ceremony.

Thank you so much for your patience with our efforts to provide safety and observe COVID 19 protocol for each family at this event.

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