By Royal Alexander/Opinion

“If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.” Hawk Newsome, Black Lives Matter.

It is important that we distinguish between those in our country who genuinely seek social change within our democratic process and those who simply hate America and seek to destroy it.

There is a major difference between sincere activists who honestly seek racial equality and the people behind militant, Leftist organizations like Black Lives Matter. We are witnessing a mob cultural war being waged on America to erase our history, ridicule our patriotism, and fundamentally change our constitutional form of government.

We have now moved past sincere calls for police reform in response to the brutal and tragic death of George Floyd. The best way to insure those reforms is peaceably but diligently marching, advocating and bringing political pressure to bear on elected officials. That’s not what we’re seeing now. That original effort has now been co-opted. We now see random destruction across the country that bears no rational connection to Floyd’s death. What we are now seeing is “Cultural Marxism.”

Cultural Marxism seeks to, slowly and inconspicuously, undermine and weaken every aspect of Western Civilization. This weakening includes attacking our schools, our Judeo-Christian tradition—including marriage, family, faith in God, and sexual behavior. Black Lives Matter, for example, has proudly admitted that “we are trained Marxists.” BLM also specifically states that it seeks to disrupt the nuclear, i.e. traditional family as well as rejecting the notion there are two genders; it seeks to erode the principle of national sovereignty and supports open borders. BLM also believes in guaranteed minimum income, seizure of our private property for redistribution, “free” healthcare, schooling, food, and property; it demands reparations and an overthrow of our system of capitalism. It also seeks to abolish the police and eliminate jails.

Cultural Marxism demands “political correctness” and falsely characterizes every human relationship as between the “oppressor” and the “oppressed.”; “victim” and “victimizer.” It requires that our traditions, symbols, culture, freedoms, religion, art, literature, and history be erased so they will be devalued and forgotten. Marxists dream of a sterile, atheistic world of human drones over which to rule, where government replaces God.

This dogma is a stinging rebuke to virtually every aspect of what we feel makes us freedom-and-equality seeking Americans who live under a Constitution and rule of law.

This is no longer just about the removal of Confederate monuments. They are now coming after the foundation of our nation’s history. They’ve torn down, defaced or removed Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Gen. Grant (who commanded Union forces), a Catholic Saint, Christopher Columbus and Teddy Roosevelt to name a very few. No more “white” Jesus? I assure you they ultimately seek no Jesus at all. Can removal of the Bible be far behind? Anti-Semitic, they’ve begun to march against Israel. What about when they come for the Holocaust Memorial? They will never be satisfied because what they ultimately seek is an ideological “purity” that simply doesn’t exist. We are all flawed. Is there any doubt the historical figures who preceded us—and who made profound contributions to our country—were also flawed? This deceptively simplistic Marxist view grossly distorts history. (Be ready for the next “demand” at LSU to be removal of “Fighting” Tigers because the name derives from the fighting spirit of the Louisiana troops of Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern VA. during the Civil War).

They are trying to erase our country’s history because without our history, symbols or traditions to remind us of its greatness—including our rights and rare freedoms—maybe we were never a great country after all? Maybe we don’t really possess intrinsic, God-given rights after all? Maybe we are oppressors? This kind of thinking is moral poison.

Law and order could be restored but there are people in power, aided by an often-dishonest national media, with an interest in not having order restored. Until then, we hold firmly to our love of this country and faith in God and pledge never to allow our history to be erased from our national memory or the chords of our kinship to be severed.

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  1. Let me get this straight. You are more upset by some bldgs and cars being burned (bothers me too) but not by an administration that ignores a pandemic? And still they try to take away healthcare. And its OK for the Pr*sident to push the CIA to give intelligence to the Kremlin? And its OK to take no action against Russia for arming the Taliban and paying them to kill American troops? I see its OK for cops to continue to kill African American men and women. Where is your outrage for that? Repubs nowadays have turned into something unrecognizable as anything American. They seem to stand for very few American values anymore. You would rather rail against Marxism (no the country isnt headed there) while completely ignoring the obvious autocrat turning our small d democratic country into a dictatorship. Always you look for boogers in the bushes while overlooking the real, continuing autocratic threat of your own making, standing in the middle of your own front yard.

    • Then you aren’t watching anything but the lefts propaganda snow storm! I could pick apart each of your gripes but who’s kidding who it would just be a waste of time! People with your thinking are too far gone anyway.

  2. Seeng Marxists and Communists behind every social justice movement goes back a long time. Sixty years ago segregationists claimed that the civil rights movement was led by Commnists. History has proved them wrong.

  3. This is appalling, as well as the comments above. It’s evident that these opinions are being shared by those who refuse to be properly educated and informed about what the purpose of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the justices people of color seek. To say that this request is absurd and is the erasure of America and it’s values, is to openly agree to the continuous upholding racist ideologies.

    This is a bold way to say to the world, everyone else is less important than us, and we’re fine with that. It’s incredibly selfish. I encourage those who boldly agree to think, act, and embody racism to read more literature and practice in active listening. The rhetoric above is similar to those who silence the abused and raise the voice of the abuser. This is shameful, and very ignorant.

    • Why do you hide your identity? It’s pure ignorance on your part to believe that one can erase history
      All lives matter, the black lives matter movement was only a way to legalize vandalism and give good people that are black a bad name. Desegregation was a movement that people Tried to get away from now, we are going backwards and after all of these years of progress. I’ll never agree that defacing monuments or destroying monuments are going forward in any way at all. We all know it’s a way to create chaos.
      Educate yourself an anonymous are at least use your name.

  4. BLM says it is run by “Trained Marxists.” Don’t they realize that Karl Marx was a devout racist?

  5. Does anyone remember the Great Cultural Revolution..a.k.a the great leap forward. Thousands starved to death…everyone had to have a little red book of quotations from the “great leader”. Does the anti democracy/capitalism craziness that is going or starting to smell like the Chinese Revolution…

    • Yes, it does remind me of “The Great Leap Forward” which set China back many years. Black Lives Matter is a Communist led and financed organization which has the goal of overthrowing our system of government and replacing it with a communist dictatorship.

  6. If the newly elected president tears down our defense at the border and allows anyone to enter, and ICE and the police are defunded, then we are in serious, serious trouble. Some of those who support these actions live in mansions with walls and armed guards and they feel this will not harm them and they don’t care if more violence and warring tear this country to rubble with their Marxism. And they pry on misled minds to think that innocent people are all that is trying to enter. They pretend compassion for the poor while they never mention our most poor and neglected citizens, the homeless. “Beware of wolves in sheep clothing” says The Bible.

  7. May God grant His Remnant the wisdom to rise up and fight against the tyranny that wants to overtake us! Writing about this and making it known is a good first step. People who belong to the Lord must fall on their face and humble themselves and cry out to God! He will hear from Heaven and heal our land. Our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against Powers and principalities and rulers of darkness! Fight Christian Soldiers!! Fight for our lives!

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