Deadline to sign up for Digital Home Based Learning for 2020-2021 school year is July 17

The Natchitoches Parish School District is offering a Digital Home Based Learning option for anyone who is worried about sending their children to school in the fall. This option will be operational no matter what phase the state is in. Whatever school a student is zoned for is still their school.

The deadline to sign up for NPSB Digital Home Based Learning for the first semester of the 2020/2021 school year is July 17.

The student will just learn remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. If a vaccine is found or numbers significantly drop students will be able to transition back to their school without being affected in any way. If they are in grades 9-12, they would have to wait until January (a new semester) to transition.

The school district would provide a device for every student that registers, and would also provide the curriculum and support in terms of teaching and feedback, but the student would be learning completely from home.

An NPSB teacher will be assigned to each student. The teacher will help monitor progress and be available to assist with anything the student needs. Grades will still be put into JCAMPUS and students will still receive report cards.

If students don’t have internet, the School District will have access points they can work from around the parish. The School District also plans on working with families on an individual basis to find a solution that fits their situation.

Every student enrolled in the program will be given the opportunity to take home an NPSB device, specifically an IPAD in a hard case with an attached keyboard. Students will be utilizing the Edgenuity platform which offers k-12 classes in all content areas. Edgenuity offers its programs in a variety of languages so everyone can participate. It also offers honors classes for the core four at high school and a wide range of electives, some of which are not currently offered in NPSB.

Students will have assignments that they must complete or a minimum pace but will be able to move faster if the parent, teacher, and student so desire. Virtual students will still be following the district’s semester timelines so that may not accelerate too far ahead.

High school students will still be able to earn Carnegie units. They will still be enrolled in the classes they would need for graduation and will not lose any progress towards graduation.

If a student has an IEP, a School District team will assist the student and their teacher to ensure that their IEP is implemented with fidelity through this virtual setting.

Another important part of this is that parents would still have the ability to pick up lunches from their child’s school.

9 thoughts on “Deadline to sign up for Digital Home Based Learning for 2020-2021 school year is July 17

  1. I feel that this wasn’t given enough volume most parents including myself wasn’t aware of this option,and I feel this needs another go around. I personally will not be sending my child back to school there is no way to keep the children safe not matter what is said kids aren’t gonna keep their mask on for 8 hours. The children want to be proactive with their friends. I personally feel allowing them to come back is a set up for another major outbreak of corona. I also feel this will cause more children to struggle with following a rule that the aren’t a custom to, because 83% of parents as myself aren’t allowing our children to go out in public period, so it’s gonna be hard for the children to follow that rule being that they’re so use of being home and not having to wear a mask.we as adults can’t breath freely with them on so how can we expect children to do so? Please respond to my message cause I’m really need this online schooling for my child.

  2. I’m trying to connect NPSB Guest Wifi , but can’t seem to do it. And we don’t have any kind of computer or IPad device

  3. I have looked on NPSB site and cannot find where to enroll for Digital Home Learning option.

  4. We have a deadline so soon without ANY one knowing what next year is going to look like? Make a decision, then give us a deadline after you’ve rolled out the plan.

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