Governor Edwards says Louisiana is backtracking with Covid-19

Governor John Bel Edwards spoke on how Louisiana has had three weeks now of going in the wrong direction with respect to the numbers that we’re seeing on cases and hospitalizations during a press conference on July 8.

He said it’s clear that Memorial Day was a point in time that the numbers stopped getting better and started getting worse so as of the July 8 press conference the numbers mentioned don’t reflect what might have happened this past weekend for the Fourth of July.

“We have lost all the gains in June and are now seeing some numbers that rival our peak back in April,” he said.

Edwards reported 1,891 new cases on 18,139 tests. The positivity is just slightly over 10 percent. Ninety-five percent of the cases are community spread. Only 5 percent represent spread from cases that have come from a congregate setting. Edwards also reported 20 additional deaths for a total of 3,231.

“We are very concerned about the numbers and conversations we’re having with hospital CEOs and medical directors,” said Edwards. “The total number of people hospitalized today across the state with Covid-19 is 1,022. The last time we were over 1,000 was on May 19. Hospitalizations have almost doubled since June 13.”

Recent case growth continues to reflect a majority of cases are now young people with 35-40 percent over the last several days being individuals under the age of 39. The difference today is that numbers from 2-3 months ago were driven by hot spots like those in and around New Orleans. The rest of the state wasn’t experiencing Covid to such a high extent. Now the state is seeing growth and high numbers across all parishes, so things are looking like what other states are currently experiencing.

“It’s no longer a few regions driving our numbers,” said Edwards. “We now have a state wide epidemic.”

5 thoughts on “Governor Edwards says Louisiana is backtracking with Covid-19

  1. Worst governor compared to who. Have you ever governed anything or any1 but yourself?

  2. Okay. I understand that the we can play the blame game but in Morgan city where the lake was supposed to be closed, a high number of people were there and refuse to leave. No mask on and not social distancing. My family and I are going crazy at home but I rather be safe than sorry. Oh about the protesters, yes they were gathered but the had mask on. We complain if the government do nothing and we complain if they try and do something. Instead of complaining why don’t we try and pray everyone survive and that our elected officials come together. I know that everyone do not believe in God but I do and me and my family our covered by the blood of Jesus and he will never fail.

  3. Hmmm. Cases up a bunch among young people. Could it possibly be, maybe just maybe, all of the protests??? Nah! Blame it on the Memorial Day BBQs and beaches. Media and Politicians are all cowards. We go into lockdown again, and our state is finished and will never bounce back.

    • If you can do a better job, why don’t you try walking a mile in his shoes..why don’t you try being a part of the cure instead of part of the problem ?

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