I’m finally getting accustomed to wearing a mask in public. I keep several of them in the console of my truck and put one on whenever I enter a business or visit in a home. I believe it’s the right thing to do. It’s actually a very small thing to do, if it helps to keep people from getting sick. Honestly, I’ll do whatever I need to do if it will bring a quicker end to the virus. I’ll gladly
wear the mask, wash my hands and keep my distance from others. At this point, I’m willing to preach on Sunday’s wearing a Hazmat suit.

I must admit that it was hard to wear the mask at first. I’m not sure why it made me so self-conscious, but it did. For a while I used the excuse that the mask fogged up my glasses.  Then I began saying to myself that no one else was wearing one. Now I’m only concerned with keeping family and friends healthy and seeing this pandemic come to an end! It has been a long
three months and I think we all are praying for the crisis to end.

I’m praying that soon we will hear the announcement, “You can stop wearing your mask.” I’m looking forward to the day I can make that announcement to those coming to worship. Few things have been tougher, than seeing people enter our building for worship with
masks covering their smiles. It’s tough watching people who are accustomed to greeting each other with handshakes and hugs, maintaining a six foot distance from each other. Of course, we will continue to do what we need to do to maintain a safe environment. But I’m still praying for the day when I can say, “You can take off your masks!”

You know, God has been telling us to take off the mask for a long time. Of course, I’m referring to a mask that’s far worse than the face mask we are being asked to wear for health concerns. The spiritual and emotional masks people wear to hide their pain and struggles is far, far worse when it comes to worship and prayer. It’s amazing how often we say, “I’m fine,” when
we really are not doing too well. Many of us have become pros at using a smiling face to conceal a shattered heart. We’ve become experts at hiding our struggles because we think we will be rejected,”if they only knew.” But the pain we hide doesn’t go away. It just grows and metastasizes. Until one day it can’t be pushed down any longer. And it erupts in a torrent of
desperation, destruction or despair.

Few things release goodness and grace more than getting real! I know from experience that a real God can only help the real you. There’s wonderful peace when we drop the mask. God also gives us a wonderful promise…”Let us approach the throne of grace with confidence (no mask) so that we may receive and find grace to help us in our time of need.” Hebrew 4:16

Tommy Rush

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  1. Actually wearing a mask now that it’s mandated, will be for many unmasking pride!!! Lord, keep us humble! Help us live as YOU would live, love as YOU would LOVE- sacrificially🙏 Thanks, Bro Tommy for keeping it REAL!!

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