Joyce Hargrave, RN, BSN, CEO of God Sent Health Care Services in Natchez, MS was traveling on I-49 near Chopin in Natchitoches Parish on July 9 at 1:40 pm when she experienced a tire blowout on her vehicle.

She pulled into Gregory’s Express Mart and contacted the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office for assistance in changing the tire.

Deputy Brian Turner was dispatched to the scene to assist.

In the 90 degree heat, Deputy Turner encountered some issues removing the tire from the hub, which required two jacks but stayed with it for approximately one hour and successfully removed the tire.

Deputy Turner placed the spare tire on the vehicle which allowed Mrs. Hargrave to continue her journey.

Thank You Deputy Turner….Job Well Done!!! Helping Others in Need.

Mrs. Hargrave requested a photograph, thanked Deputy Turner and requested this story be posted on the NPSO social media page to show her appreciation.


  1. I love the story, the photo and the fact that she wanted the photo posted on the social media page of NPSO. I get so tired of news reports that are used to stir up anger, when the reporting is that a certain white person is racist and so and so happened. Then we learn that it is all false reporting. The fact that this lady wanted a photo, and she wanted it posted, put a news article on white cop/black individual in a whole new light. This sweet lady and this Southern gentleman will help show people that not all news reports are true and sometimes what we get so upset about is all based on a lie. Yes, racism does exist, but not in the numbers reported. There are a lot of people who are not racist, yet it’s reported that it is rampant in our country. Now I have to ask, does this look like racism to you? Yes, I do know it exists in our little town as it does in every little town and big city in America. There are a lot of people who are not racist, but those are never mentioned in reports, I guess that doesn’t sell newspapers. We should have more honest reporting done in this country so that we can understand what is true and start having a decent dialog with one another, and maybe this country can start to heal. I pray that happens in the near future. I’m tired of the anger, riots, burning, pulling down of historical statues, and I am ready for the peace that comes with understanding and acceptance. There is a lot more to it, but this at least, is a start.

  2. I have seen sheriff deputies doing this too. It is a true act of kindness. May they be blessed for acting so unselfishly.

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