Public Notice: Cane River Waterway Commission’s Tax Increase Hearing


Notice is hereby given that the public hearing of Cane River Waterway Commission in Natchitoches Parish that was to be held at its regular meeting place located at 244 Cedar Bend, Natchez Louisiana 71456 on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 6:00 pm and a public meeting that was to be held at 6:15 pm or immediately following the public hearing to consider and adopt levying additional or increased millage rates has been postpone due to lack of quorum.

A public hearing of Cane River Waterway Commission in Natchitoches Parish has been rescheduled to be held at its regular meeting place located at 244 Cedar Bend, Natchez Louisiana 71456 on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 6:00 pm and a public meeting has been rescheduled to be held at 6:15 pm or immediately following the public hearing to consider and adopt levying additional or increased millage rates without further voter approval or adopting the adjusted millage rates after reassessment and rolling forward to rates not to exceed the prior year’s maximum. The estimated amount of tax revenues to be collected in the next year from the increased millage is $ 2,195,477.42, and the amount of increase in taxes attributable to the millage increase is $40,250.42.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic social distancing (6ft. apart) will be strictly enforced. Masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer will be available for safety. To view the 2019-2020 General/Capital amended budget(s) and the 2020-2021 General /Capital budget(s) visit click on the Commissions tab in the drop-down box click budget. Questions contact Commission Administrator Betty Fuller 318-617-3235.

27 thoughts on “Public Notice: Cane River Waterway Commission’s Tax Increase Hearing

  1. What is the status on the pump filtration system thAt was to drWaw water from Red River to keep irrigation from dropping Cane River too low?
    That was an expensive mess and last I daw wasn’t functioning as promised. Was there ever any resolution to thr problem?

    • And the public doesn’t even get to vote on this. How was a commission like this ever allowed to be formed.

  2. Y’all haven’t seen nothing yet let the Rhodes keep getting theirhands on things and putting their names on every building in town and then see what happens you would be paying them to use your on bathroom

    • If the CRWWC can give money to fix roads the why doesn’t the library step up and give a few of their millions to help with the parish roads. It is all coming from us.

  3. It sounds like some of you think something shady is going on. If you think a public official has acted in an unethical manner, you can call the Louisiana Ethics Administration: 1-800-842-6630 or 225-219-5600.

    • Isn’t this board appointed? Sure needs some new blood on it seems to me. Of course that will never happen. Friends and relatives only need apply.

    • Lady Jade, don’t you find the fact that the CRWWC giving money to build the River Bank in town, and then giving what will be millions to the parish to build roads a little bit shady? Why aren’t you concerned? Just wondering.

      • I don’t know all the facts about either of those, but if a public official is getting any kind of benefit, monetary or otherwise, from such projects, then of course I’m p***** off.

        I don’t really know what the CRWWC is. Is it made up of people who own property along the Cane River? Or is it made up of citizens of the city or parish that don’t own property along the river? Is it a governmental agency? What is its purpose?

        And, yes, I am concerned. Why do you think I posted those phone numbers? Those of you who know more about the CRWWC and/or shady deals going on should call them.

  4. Before they raise the taxes shouldn’t they be responsible about he monies they have already spent without getting the results that they promised. I’m referring to the pumping station that +7 million dollars was spent and he doesn’t work. How come we don’t every here about what is going on concerning this issue. I agree we should start a petition and get some changes around here.

  5. Something is not right. They need to raise taxes? Hell no! Don’t give your money to the parish and then want more for yourself. Or, is the reason you need an Increase is do you can give even more to the parish?
    This goes for the city too. Stop buying property and then spend hundreds of thousands renovating. Times are tough for people. Seems some would have gotten that message last election.

  6. If I’m remembering correctly and I think I am, years ago the state stepped up and imposed rules/regulations/laws to prevent any other entity from being able to run rough shod as the CRWWC was doing but they grandfathered the CRWWC. I was told by a friend who fished competitively that the Commission acted as if they owned the river and even required shore line ownership to be on the Commission, and you had to not only own shore line it had to be a certain minimum sie. We

  7. What happened to these people working for us? I don’t see that happening in any way. It’s more like for each other, kind of like “I’ll scratch your back if you will scratch mine.” I’m so tired of politics as usual in Louisiana and I have to say I don’t blame people for leaving Natchitoches, as much as I love it. It is hard to fight the good old boys, the old money that controls things, or the new, pushy money that comes to town and wants to make a name for themselves. No wonder we vote down every tax that comes to us for road improvement. We can’t trust people who do deals under the table. We can’t trust people who spend money in the wrong places just so things don’t go on a ballot for the voters to vote on. I love Natchitoches, and I think it needs to be preserved, but crooked politics is crooked and it’s wrong.

  8. It never stops with these people!! The do very little for the river very little!
    They give tons away that has nothing to do for the river! And now raise to get more! We need to contact the governor and have this kinda crap stopped. If you not going to spend a tax for it’s intended YOU DONT NEED IT!!
    ALL OF YOU NEED TO RESIGN PERIOD BOTTOM LINE. this is wrong in everyway. Damn I wish more of you would get as pissed as I am and help fo something!!

    • Got to agree with you there, Mike. They have gobs of money doing nothing but earning more money. Any board member voting to ask for an increase should be both ashamed and publicly ridiculed. Whomever proposed and seconded that the request for the increase be brought up for a vote should suffer the same with the added condition that they be tossed off the Shell Beach bridge on January 1, 2021 if they are still on the board. The’ll be alright in the end. I was tossed off the old iron bridge twice in high school.

  9. Didn’t they just offer to fund the rebuilding of two roads in the parish? Didn’t Richmond and Rhodes stand on the side of the Cane and announce this big deal, which in my mind was a really questionable move. What do all these people want from the city and parish residents? BLOOD is about the only thing we have left. I guess that is the reason they have always called politicians and the ones that head committees in local government, blood-suckers. I’m ready to call the state to audit the waterway commission because I believe the Good Old Boys network is contriving to do things without voter’s approval in this town and parish. Why do they give millions to the Parish Council to build two roads, one of which a member of the commission lives on? Is that a conflict? The other, was their contribution to the development of the River Bank. I have asked the head of the waterway commission to tell us yes or no; does Rhodes Development plan to build new homes down that road, on the river? I don’t know that we have received any answer. So I don’t trust the millage increase, and I no longer trust any of the people on the committee. There are people who haven’t worked because of this pandemic, and you want to take the little money left to buy food and pay for the absolute necessities of life so you people can play the big shot with that money, while we are left to try to stretch our dollars even further. Talk about poor planning! You people take the cake, and leave leave us nothing. It is time we clean house. It’s time we stand up. I feel like I’m being attacked from all sides, and frankly I’m tired of it. I would love to have the youth and stamina of the young, because I would be in Baton Rouge in front of the Attorney General and State Auditors. Folks, it’s time we stopped letting them just do what they want while we just sit back and let them. It is time to say NO, we have been taxed to the limit. I’m tired of shady deals, and no one thinking they have to answer to us for the money they spend. Enough already!

    • I second your comments. This is totally WRONG. We need roads not more money in commissioners budget. They have a surplus as it is.

  10. I’d like to see the books and the justification for this. I mean, there was $182,560 budgeted for Bermuda road. If you live on Bermuda did/have you reap(ed) any benefits from the commission?

  11. Our local politicians only thinks Tax and more Tax. How about cleaning up the Parish and start bring in new business with tax break. Fast food and mom and pap is not going to cut. Work smart not hard!

  12. What do they need more money for. Didn’t they give millions for the river front remodel? Look at the condition of the river. Sure not spending much on grass and lilly pad control. Is now a good time for every entity in Natchitoches Parish to raise taxes? The city has already started the ball rolling. The library will be next. Can none of these taxing entities see the shape our economy? Or maybe they just don’t care.

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