LDH Weekly Update as of 07/16/20; Natchitoches: 454 Cases/14 Deaths

Defend Against COVID-19

Defend Against COVID-19. Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough and shortness of breath. Recognize the symptoms. Cover your cough. Wash your hands. Stay home especially if you are sick.

Maintain a Social Distance of 6ft. Social distancing means keeping 6ft. of physical space between yourself and others. This helps to prevent the spread of illness.

7 thoughts on “LDH Weekly Update as of 07/16/20; Natchitoches: 454 Cases/14 Deaths

  1. Oh dear people. Thinking of human deaths as a number? Thinking of each unique individual life as nothing more than a statistic? That is so dehumanizing. Each life is a precious value in and of itself. The only way people will understand this is when it happens to you and I hope that is not the way you learn how important these prevention methods are.

  2. Thanks for posting these numbers again. We need transparency and information to make our personal plans in this parish.

  3. If my calculations are correct, the state has a positive infection rate (reported) of 8 percent. The death rate is 4 percent.

    • Gee Gee you can go to : Louisiana Coronavirus Covid – 19 Department of Health State of Louisiana to look up this information online. Usually it is updated daily at noon. You don’t have to wait for the NPJ to post it. Hope this helps. Have a blessed day.

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