NPSB Prepares for Distance Learning; Partners with IP and SFC to Recycle

As Natchitoches Parish Schools prepare for the upcoming school year, their “new normal” holds the potential for distance learning. In preparation for that, thanks to funding from the Federal Government’s CARES Act, the NPSB was able to purchase more than 2,000 iPads for student use, and nearly 400 MacBooks for teacher use. The technology will be used in all 14 schools in the district.

The school board recognized the amount of recyclable material that the technology order would create. Each iPad and MacBook came in a box with paper packaging inside. The International Paper Red River Containerboard Mill, located in Campti, La., uses OCC (old corrugated containers) in its paper-making process. This created an environmentally-friendly partnership opportunity to avoid sending the massive amount of cardboard to the landfill, and to instead let it be used to create new products.

“We are happy to partner with the schools in communities where we live and work on sustainable solutions,” said Mike Carroll, mill manager, International Paper Red River Mill. “Our company has a set of sustainability goals, called our Vision 2030, which encompasses our stewardship goals around people and the environment. This was a great opportunity to align with these goals for a partnership to keep recyclable material out of the landfill.”

“IP is such a valued member of our community. Their employees come from our schools and send their children into our schools,” said Grant Eloi, superintendent, NPSB. “We are so pleased to be teaming with IP to make Natchitoches Parish a better place to live for all.”

International Paper and NPSB worked with SFC Contract Services, Inc., to secure dumpsters to hold the material and transport it to the mill site. “SFC Contract Services, Inc., is pleased to be involved in a local partnership that is an environmental win for us all,” said Terry Sklar, president, SFC Contract Services, Inc.

The school board expects to fill two 30 cubic foot dumpsters, totaling approximately two tons of cardboard, which will be transported by SFC to International Paper to be turned into a new recyclable product.

Pictured above: Terry Wilson, controller, IP; Grant Eloi, superintendent, NPSB; Billy Benefield president, NPSB and HR manager, SFC; Terry Sklar, president and owner, SFC; Mike Carroll, mill manager, IP; stand with the first of two dumpsters full of recyclable material from the purchase of technology for students and teachers.]

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  1. I agree, awesome! Now if only Natchitoches & its residents could recycle. I know we have tried it before but we waste so much just throwing recyclables away.

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