Will Creston Water System Crash? Meeting TONIGHT

The Creston Water System MEMBERSHIP will hold a meeting on Tuesday, July 21 at 6 p.m TONIGHT. There are many unanswered question that must be answered:

1. Is the Creston Water System destined to receivership?
2. Should the Members and Parish Government just let it crash?
3. Should Parish Government create a New Water District in the Parish and then allow Creston Water to enter receivership and then be the first water system in the newly created District?
4. Has the Department of Health & Hospitals contacted the Creston Water System and the Parish Government?

The location for this meeting will be:

The Westwind Boat Launch
321 Westwind Church Road
Campti, LA 71411

The purpose of the meeting:

The election of a new board of directors for the Creston Water System. There MUST be 51% of the MEMBERS in attendance to vote.

For more information contact Patrice Harper at 318-471-4714.

Photo: This Photo was posted by Fire District 7 who was providing water for Powhatan area. This begs the question “How many other Parish Water Systems are endanger of receivership?”