The Cancel Culture

Royal Alexander/Opinion

Though I disagree with what you say, I will defend with my life your right to say it (attribution: Voltaire)

“Cancel Culture.” A cancerous outgrowth of Political Correctness that demands that anyone with the courage to share a thought that doesn’t conform to Leftist Group Think be shouted down, silenced; cancelled. It is occurring daily at every level in our society.

Think of Robert Unanue, CEO of Goya Foods, who praised and thanked President Trump at the White House for the economic policies that have allowed his company to thrive and prosper. Heavily criticized for the remarks, he’s courageously said he’s not apologizing for them.

Think of the cowardly New York Times and its decision regarding U.S. Senator Tom Cotton’s article, “Send In the Troops.” Sen. Cotton merely argued that, during the protesting, rioting, and looting after the death of George Floyd, the Insurrection Act could be invoked to deploy the military across the country to assist local law enforcement. The article ran in the NYT online version but caused such controversy among Times staffers that it was not run in the print version as had been planned. Cotton’s article was not printed because he had an idea, shared by millions of Americans, that offended the Leftist sensitivities of younger NYT staff.

Think of Gary Garrels, who until recently was a curator at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He resigned his position after museum employees accused him of racism and demanded he be fired. His grave offense? He ended a presentation about diversifying the museum’s finances by saying, “don’t worry, we will definitely still continue to collect white artists.”
Think of Grant Napear, the longtime TV and radio talk show host of the Sacramento Kings. He was swiftly fired by the Kings. His offense? When asked by a former Kings player for his opinion of Black Lives Matter, he replied “All Lives Matter…Every Single One!!!”
Think of Emmanuel Cafferty, a Mexican American, fired from his position at San Diego Gas and Electric after a fellow driver took a picture of his arm hanging out of one of the company’s trucks. He was accused of making a gesture with his fingers. The gesture — made by forming a circle with the thumb and index finger — has supposedly been used in recent years by white supremacists to form the letters W and P. However, it’s also been used for decades to convey that all is “Ok.” Cafferty claims he was just cracking his knuckles. “When my supervisor said that I was being accused of doing a white supremacist gesture, that was baffling,” Cafferty said. “I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to get over this, but to lose your dream job for playing with your fingers, that’s a hard pill to swallow,” Cafferty said. “It’s scary that you can be charged, tried and convicted on social media, without your permission, with no corroborating evidence, of any type.”

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11 thoughts on “The Cancel Culture

  1. A delusional and divisive take. Cherry picking stories to push fear and outrage while simultaneously claiming to be against fear and outrage. This same author was railing against black lives matter a few weeks ago. Which makes one wonder…if folks, should spend more time reading and diversifying their thoughts, instead of preaching ignorance.

  2. Tighty righties unite. The first sentence in your opinion piece sums up the fantasy world of Trumplandia. Here in the US people are still allowed the right to peacefully protest, left and right. Growing up in a large city, I was taught to never let them take you to the second location. So unnamed thugs trying to shove peaceful protestors into unmarked cars is ok now? They’re not throwing me in without a fight. May get pepper sprayed themselves. Who are they? I do not know. Our USA is under attack by people too afraid to let us voice our opinions. Woe that we should say anything that might hurt the tiny leader’s big ego. Truth hurts sometimes. Obviously, cos people sure do yell and scream on here. I don’t get it. If you have something to say, say it. It is ok to disagree but good grief, don’t get so bent out of shape. Say the truth and let others do their part by fact checking on reputable sites. That’s really easy. Please wear a mask. Stay well.

    • Omg. How far left can you go? Your kind voice your opinion by burning and attacking people. You work to take the rights away from others. Lol clown

      • Yes I’m angry damn right I am! It’s time for all of us to get angry! The left has fault our president every step of the way,and he has accomplish more then they have in 20 years. I’m angry and tired!

  3. It reminds me of Stalinist Russia when they would delete all traces of someone once Stalin turned against them. They even altered photos to remove people from a picture. I’ve seen a photo of Stalin with three of his cronies — and a later version in which there were only two!

  4. Very good article. This is an extremist behavior. From the Far Left. And this is justice? And this is love? Is this judging falsely? Is this freedom? Is this only a small sample is what will happen if these extremists take over the White House? Please Jesus, help this country.

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