NRMC recognizes associates with Excellence Everyday Awards

The Natchitoches Regional Medical Center recent Quarterly Associate Recognition Program saw 13 associates recognized with our Excellence Everyday award. The award highlights and celebrates the employee’s commitment to the hospital’s core values.

Employees recognized included: Alexis Solomon, Craig Chenevert, Keymon Houston, Pam Atteridge, Angelia Thomas, Kelsey Beaudion, Kim Wilkerson, Stephanie Walker, Sue Ann Taylor Bobbie Brown, Chris Johnson, Cyrenthia Gay, and Lashonda Allen.

Some quotes from submissions received include:

“…this associate helped comfort a visitor [name redacted] who was anxious and scared while they waited alone (due to our current COVID-19 visitor policy) for their family member to get out of surgery. …”She is such a wonderful, kind, sweet, caring woman for helping me out in my time of need”

“…this associate worked tirelessly to understand nursing practices and integrating those into a process to ensure patient safety..(his/her) communication skills during this group effort were second to none!”

“Our patients and their well-being are (his/her) top concern”

“…I could not ask for a more loyal and dedicated associate. In the last year (he/she) has become a role model for our department…”

“…this associate always gets to work early and never complains, always asking what more (he/she) can do to help the patients…”

“…is honest and displays strong moral values. This associate knows I need help before I even recognize it!”

“…this associate treats their patients as if they were (his/her) own family!”

“…this associate spoils their patients and always builds strong rapport with their families…”

“…will review things multiple times without hesitating or complaining to make sure that everyone has the appropriate understanding and knowledge of what is going on and why it is happening…”

“…volunteers to work the floor when a shift cannot be filled without hesitation”

“…has been instrumental in our community outreach efforts, and always remains calm under pressure”

“…this associate is very consistent every single day. (he/she) is very passionate about (his/her) job and works great under pressure. Every time (his/her) name is called over the radio, there’s always a prompt smile and answer in return…”

“…this associate knows every patient by name, and always takes the time to get to know their families as well…”