The Cenla Ruckers visit Natchitoches

You may have noticed a group of men and women walking around Natchitoches carrying an American flag and wearing rucksacks this Sunday, July 26. The visitors were the Cenla Ruckers, an organization of around 130 people who get together to participate in the sport of “rucking” or walking/marching with a rucksack. Several of the group’s members came to Natchitoches for a “Scavenger Ruck” in which teams searched for patriotic items to take back. (The Natchitoches Parish Journal was pictured as an example of a 1st Amendment freedom.) The group started at the downtown riverbank and made a circuit of our city, including a stop at a memorial at our National Guard armory, where some of the ruckers had served.

While ruck marching had its origin in the military, where it is still a prominent aspect of training, the sport-and the Cenla Ruckers- are open to anyone with an interest in fitness and community service. The organization has men and women of every age and background,

The Cenla Ruckers events have raised public awareness of Veteran suicide, traumatic brain injury and military sexual trauma. In addition, they have raised funds for their local food pantry and animal rescue organizations.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal would like to take this opportunity to welcome the Cenla Ruckers to our community and invite them to return for more events! Anyone wishing to learn about them may visit their social media page “Cenla Ruckers”.

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