Gov. Edwards Calls on Congressional Delegation to Support COVID-19 Relief Aid to Save the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund

Gov. John Bel Edwards has sent a letter to Louisiana’s Congressional Delegation asking them to consider funding the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund in the current proposal for COVID-19 relief legislation as the last unemployment payment becomes a reality for workers impacted by the pandemic.

“I have very serious concerns about the solvency of the Trust Fund and the need for federal assistance to make sure Louisiana can continue to pay out unemployment benefits without undue burdens on Louisiana businesses. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Louisiana’s Unemployment Trust Fund was the 17th strongest in the nation. At our current trajectory, we will have to borrow from the federal government as early as September to replenish the fund to continue paying state unemployment benefits to Louisiana workers. Just as importantly, if the trust fund falls below a balance of $100 million, Louisiana law mandates that the Louisiana Workforce Commission to impose a surtax on businesses of up to 30% on taxable payroll. This would be a last resort but without congressional intervention, it will almost certainly be necessary to ensure the trust fund stays solvent. This assistance will give our workers the bridge they need to return to work, while ensuring that Louisiana businesses are able to focus their efforts on recovering safely from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

12 thoughts on “Gov. Edwards Calls on Congressional Delegation to Support COVID-19 Relief Aid to Save the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund

  1. Nope he didn’t impose that travel ban until the middle of March. It excluded the UK and Ireland (hmm, wonder why) among some others.

      • Here ya go again…
        The ones you speak of were only African American countries and Muslim countries. He did not start to ban European countries until mid March, excluding UK and Ireland among some others. He has golf courses of course in the UK and Ireland. Couldn’t ban travel there. I’m tiring of this…think I’ll go play golf. Wear a mask. Stay well.

      • God I know better then to argue with a liberal! Don’t want to get banned so I won’t say what I really want too!

  2. I assume you are still working. Good. I mean that sincerely. I know plenty of others that are no longer working. They can’t. Businesses are closed (thankfully). What are they supposed to do? Bills to pay, we all need to eat… I ask again.. what are they supposed to do? These are folks that have always worked. Have you looked at the unemployment rate lately? I guess that’s a hoax too? Sorry you seem to be so cold. Thankfully a majority of Americans is not. I hope you at least are wearing a mask. Stay well.

  3. what about the people who are still working ? will we be getting and bonus money
    or just the un employed ? This lousy governor is making people lazier…..
    why would they want to got to work when they make $800 a week ?

      • call me and I will tell you .THe governor has and is breaking this state.
        bars closing,mom and pop stores.I agree people need to eat and there are
        good people who bust their buts to work and pay into unemployment.I pay into
        it every week,I see it taken out of my check.But there are also crooked people
        who take advantage of the system and have a bunch of kids,that has to stop.

        • You are blaming the wrong person. One administration is to blame for letting this get so far out of hand. It is the one in Washington. Early intervention would’ve prevented a lot of this, not all. They have known about this virus since the first part of Jan. Tried to deny it. Was saying it’ll just disappear. Stopping travel from China might have been a bit of a start but the cases in Europe were much higher than in China. You still really think it will miraculously disappear one day? It won’t. When cooler weather comes, when the flu season starts.. ? Who knows what will happen. But it will not just disappear. Wear a mask. Stay well.

          • How quickly you liberals forget!!!! Trump tried to close the borders and limit travel from Europe!! All in January and you libs fault him on it!! The libs said he was jumping the gun it wasn’t that serious! They fought him on the first stimulus check for two weeks until they loaded the bill full of crap that had NOTHING to do with covid-19!! Trump gave in because THE PEOPLE NEEDED IT
            ALL FACTS LOOK IT UP!!

          • just watch and see Vicki come November 5th will be a miracle
            day and you liberals will try to impeach again or some other thing.
            Do you Remember the Sars outbreak with Obama ? and yest hardly any media covered that.

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