Don’t Believe Your Lyin’ Eyes

By Royal Alexander/Opinion

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. (George Orwell, 1984)

I read a comment of Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden, this week in response to President Trump’s decision to send in federal troops to protect federal property in several major American cities that remain engulfed in, and besieged by, threats of harm to individuals and police, looting and destruction of property. Biden stated that “there is no reason for the President to send federal troops into a city where people are demanding change peacefully.” That really caught my attention. “Demanding change peacefully?”

My first thought was that Mr. Biden’s mental faculties are truly failing him. My second thought was that if this is what he thinks “peacefully” demanding change looks like I would be very interested to know what he thought qualified as riots, violence, vandalism and crime. I also found stunning the comment of Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, that the federal presence “is actually leading to more violence and more vandalism.” Mayor Wheeler has since tweeted attacks on Pres. Trump’s decision as an “attack on our democracy” with his “paramilitary squads,” as well as the “violence federal officers brought to our street.” Is he insane? When law and order are gone we, by definition, no longer have “democracy,” and the “violence” he feels federal officers have brought absolutely pales in comparison to the violence that existed in Portland months before federal troops arrived to protect federal property.

I think that to truly understand the crime, destruction and breakdown of law and order we continue to witness in cities like New York City, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco we must understand what kind of elected officials have been making these decisions. For decades, Democrat mayors and city leadership (and often, governors) have been comprised of individuals who are distinctly liberal and Leftist. It is these “leaders” who have decided that the current problem is not the crime, violence and destruction caused by these “peaceful” protestors but rather is law enforcement—including the federal troops President Trump is now sending in to protect federal property. This view of law, government, and social order has been deemed “progressive.” Many of us, no doubt, regard it as highly “regressive.” Prosecutors won’t prosecute and police don’t fully engage for fear of being punished or terminated for merely enforcing the law. Criminals are praised and those who seek law and order are portrayed as guilty, and at fault.

I also cannot neglect to mention the decision of the top prosecutor in St. Louis who has decided to charge with a crime the armed couple who rebuffed the group of “peaceful protestors” who were coming toward them and trespassing onto their property. The prosecutor stated that, by standing there and protecting themselves and defending their property, they “risked creating a violent situation” during an otherwise “peaceful protest.” Again, words have lost their meaning and the truth is perverted. If the couple hadn’t been armed they might be dead or seriously injured and their property destroyed. And now, not to be outdone, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said in an interview published Wednesday that he is prepared to arrest federal law enforcement officers sent by the Trump administration to quell violence in inner cities, and appeared to compare those officers to Nazis.

This is all upside down and backwards. Evil is being called good and good, evil. Right is scorned while wrong is praised. We have tolerated this indefensible lawlessness for months now. Without the safety and security made possible by law and order, the constitutional guarantees of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness are lost. In the meantime, a multitude, with quiet dignity, faith, and love of country in its heart, turns its eyes to November.

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36 thoughts on “Don’t Believe Your Lyin’ Eyes

  1. Here is what Obama’s long term. religious (?) and personal friend has to say.: (The Reverend Jeremiah Wright) Personal friend for about 20 years as he married Michelle and Barack. This is what the Obama’s thought religion ought to be: From” Crimes Against Liberty. An Indictment of President Barack Obama” by David Limbaugh. Wright said in a 2003 sermon “The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three – strike law and then wants us to sing God Bless America. No, no, no God da** America, that’s in the Bible for killing innocent people. God da** America for treating its citizens as less than human. God da** Ameriica for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme.” You can google Rev Wright for more of this hate. Then this is what St. Paul wrote in Timothy1. 6:2-5. These are the things you must teach and preach. Whoever teaches in any other way. not holding to the sound doctrines of our Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching proper to true religion should be recognized as both conceited and ignorant, a sick man in his passion for polemics and controversy. From these come envy, dissension, slander, evil suspicions in a word, the bickering of men with twisted minds who have lost all sense of the truth. Such men value religion only as a means of personal gain” Vicki, Bo this is what is at the root of current killings, arson, beatings, destruction of property. It is all about a hate so vile it seeks to destroy this country and bring in socialism. And you are a part of this divisive nation and when it goes down, you will too. Heaven help us, we all will. Read, Read. Read. Turn off the TV. Read, Read, Read. Please.

    • I do read read read. Plenty. That’s how I find out the truth. Always be curious. Now do you really want to talk about who is friends with this one? Surely not. He admires dictators. Yes, that is plural. Always he is looking to forward the wishes of Putin. Thank you, no. I’ll have no more of this. We have warned voters since he appeared on the political scene in 2015. It is obvious what he is and what he supports. None is anything I believe in or ever have. My whole family save 2 cousins are/were Repubs. Lifelong, devoted Repubs. Extremely religious, all. Never would my sweet mother have ever voted for him. Never. The only Dem she ever voted for in her 77 years was Jimmy Carter. A good, kind, religious man if ever there was one. I will never stop bringing awareness to the real and present danger in what is occupying the WH now. I hope you will school yourself not just on more Biblical passages that speak of kindness, caring, compassion and deceit but also in more current events. Please wear a mask. Stay well.

      • Vicki, I am so diametrically opposed to your views. I am a lifelong Republican. While everyone has the right to one’s beliefs, I personally cannot see how one arrives at your conclusions, especially when one looks at the alternative.

      • Vicky. Read David Limbaugh. I also read many articles posted on face book. And any other book I can find that relates to current events. I do not read the Bible only. I stay away from the news as much as possible. And even if all I read is the Bible, that is where the truth in everything can be found. I hope one day you will have eyes that see, ears that hear and a heart that understands.

      • Vicki, please use some reference material other than what is written by the far left, the socialists living in and trying to remake the USA. Don’t just read the dem propaganda, you only get their version of what is happening in this country. It’s the same if you only follow certain newspapers. The same with the internet. Do you realize what is happening with so much of social media. They delete remarks made by anyone they don’t agree with. I’ve had my posts deleted. I’ve had friends put in FB jail for making the wrong comments, things that FB gods didn’t like, and their accounts were suspended for a week, or a month, depending on how mad the FB gods got. As for those wonderful search engines we use so much. Google will not allow us the freedom to search all sites for information. Breitbart News Network no longer appears in searches for much of anything, unless you type in Breitbart. They simply don’t include the information Breitbart has gathered. And you speak of all you have, how could you possibly be any more wrong. Did you not watch any of the hearings? Did you not see the twisted questions put forth by the dems? Did you not recognize the hate and contempt in the voices? What was your opinion of Nadler not allowing AG Barr a 5 minute bathroom break after he himself was an hour late for the hearing and kept AG Barr and all the other committee members waiting? My take on it was the total selfishness of the man, self-centered and rude, no knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order, which should be observed. His obvious desire to give preferential treatment to the dem. members of the group was outrageous. And he basks in his power, the power of an old man long past retirement age. Why are they so afraid? Why are the dems so set on mail-in ballots? Do you know there is a way to vote by mail, a legal way. You go down and sign for it, and they will send you a ballot if you can’t vote in person. I am disabled, so that is how I vote, and have for several years. But, somehow, that is not what the dems have in mind for voting by mail. Is it so illegals can vote? What gives them the right to vote, they are not citizens of this country? You talk of people trying to get into this country. Does that mean you are for those breaking the law and entering illegally? I have no problem with new citizens, if they do it legally, the right way, the law-abiding way. I have never been in favor of rewarding bad or illegal behavior, yet that seems to be what you are propagating. It is wrong. I surely do differ with you on who is trying to destroy our Constitution. I sat in my den and watched the words come out of the mouths of democrats who are supposedly representing us in DC. They want the Constitution changed, the current one gone, as it is no longer applicable. How can you get things so turned around. I have heard that from their own mouths, so don’t tell me I’m believing some news that you don’t agree with. I watched them as they said it, and I heard it from their mouths.

        I want to tell you now Vicki, I am not a shiny object, nor do I like shiny objects. I lean toward the solid, strong things, not the shiny objects. Shiny reminds me of the bartender that is now a US Representative. Shiny, not much substance, like a pie pan used with the pie crusts you buy in the grocery. Nothing much there, light-weight and flimsy. I would suggest that you put the glass down Vicki, don’t drink any more of the Kool-Aid offered by the far left. You are believing them, then following blindly into a place where we do not need to go. It will destroy us as a nation.

  2. Why weren’t federal troops called in when protesters with guns stormed the capital in Michigan and openly threatened to lynch their governor. Admit you’re racist and move on.

    • It would have been the governor’s job to do this, as the capital in Michigan is a STATE BUILDING not a FEDERAL BUILDING. Taz, think smarter, know your government and what is local, state and federal. And the main thing, quit playing the race card, it’s old and ragged, and so used up. Get a new mantra!

      How did the protesters carry their guns. When I looked at this, most of the protests were on Facebook, the threats were on social media in non-public accounts. The ones with guns were there to provide security as they feared antifa was going to be there. Only one person was arrested with threatening to kill the governor. There was a protest, but it was not as you describe. My information came from online research. Where did yours come from, Facebook? Please get your facts straight before stirring up a stink around you. It is much appreciated by the rest of us.

      • So you will defend the white protestors with guns and not the black ones I‘m not playing any race card seems pretty blatantly racist to me. In the Images I saw the only people being threatened with guns were police officers ANTIFA ISN’T REAL ISN’T AN ORGANIZATION IT’S A BELIEF. Yes the president tried to declare a belief a terrorist group unlike actual terrorist groups like the KKK, this seems pretty racist to me too. Also, please get your information right. The governor did not call I FEDERAL troops in Portland. The president did. Their governor wants the troops gone. No one there is attacking any building period. In all the videos I’ve seen they’ve simply been arresting peaceful protestors for no reason.

  3. Again shiny objects. Sending paramilitary into Portland is to take our eyes away from the BLM message and his disastrous response to this pandemic. Yesterday Louisiana hit a new case coronavorus high since May. And we are supposed to look the other way as he withdraws nearly 12,000 troops from Germany. Vladdie must be thrilled with his useful idiot’s works..and with Barr’s usefulness too. We are supposed to ignore all the money thrown to multikazillionaires from tax breaks and the relief bill. And now they want to offer out of work folks $200/week. Guess them losing their homes, going hungry is okay with the rich. Theyll have plenty to eat and I’m sure they might be able to scarf up on foreclosed properties soon. The United States used to be a great and prosperous nation. I guess for some in power it still is. Only he alone can fix it. Sure looks like the fix is in alright. Your comment that former VP Biden’s mental faculties are truly failing him was laughable. That is said as the individual in the WH thinks a test for Alzheimer’s and the like is an IQ test. He and other Repubs are trampling on our rights, have torn up our Constitution and is using it to…well, you know.. It seems criminal to me that others can hold this up as high moral value. They all turn their heads as people are dying by his and others negligence to this pandemic and other atrocities perpetrated on the American people and on people trying to gain entry into this country. Your last paragraph really does sum up my response. This administration has turned America upside down and backwards. Evil truly is being called good and good, evil. Right (our Constitution) is scorned while everything wrong with this administration is praised. Americans really have tolerated the totally indefensible lawlessness of this administration for years now. And yes, without the safety and security made possible by law and order, the constitution guarantees of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is lost. Some Repubs have turned their backs on America, Americans and our Constitution. And yes in the meantime, a multitude of Democrats and some Repubs with quiet dignity, faith and great love of this country in its heart turn their eyes to Nov. We will turn out to vote in masse. It is time to restore respect, compassion, honesty, fairness and logic to our government. Trying to take away our voting rights will not fly. Even the Federalist Society wrote in an OP-ed yesterday that his tweet about postponing the Nov. 3 election was “fascistic” and “grounds for the president’s immediate impeachment again by the House of Representatives and his removal from office by the Senate.” Again we will stand in long lines. We will vote by mail. Vote we will. Voting is power. “A change is gonna come…”

  4. MEWHP…Trump retweeted a video of a Houston doctor who said you could treat disease with alien DNA as well as other outrageous claims

  5. Royal, fantastic article. I watched the questioning of AG Barr a couple of days ago, by one of the one sided committees in DC. The rudeness of the democrats to AG Barr was embarrassing. If you couldn’t tell by the questioning that there is entirely too much hate for the dems to work across the aisle, all you had to hear was the refusal to allow AG Barr a 5 minute bathroom break. This was what happened even though the chairman was an hour late for the hearing, and kept AG Barr away from his work, waiting for him to appear. It is so one sided. Not one Democrat would even utter the word “RIOT” – it was always peaceful protests. So not only are the rude in not allowing him to answer, but they lectured him on his rudeness. WHAT? I was angry at these proceedings and the failure of the Democrats to admit the truth. These are riots, not peaceful protests! They are causing the division of the country. They are not working for peace! It is their agenda to do this until the election and oust President Trump and elect Joe Biden and his Socialist VP pick into office. Where is our country headed? The same type government as the poorest countries. People are departing some of those countries and headed to the USA, crossing the border illegally. Doesn’t this tell people anything. Socialist government does not work for the people who live under it. Be careful how you vote this election.

    • Amen WEMHP!! They are rude, mean, angry and delusional. I would be happy to see Trump pull the federal troops and let the “peaceful protesters” continue to show their real purpose.

    • MEWHP The Democrats are all about hate.I so agree with you on all your posts that are politically motivated. I bet Biden will pick Michele. That will woman will crush our democracy into ruin. Have a blessed day.

  6. Evil is being called good and good is being called evil. Direct Bible scripture. It is no wonder they are trying to take our religion away. But, God will prevail. A good insight here Sir. Thank you.

  7. The Democrat Party and its elected leadership is more than an America hating Radical Marxist death cult….they are insane.

  8. Mr Alexander, again you are speaking to many who already on board with this war. This is a war to punish and slander white privileged citizens. But hold on: How many black lives don’t matter to these protesters? Count them. Even little children caught by stray bullets. How many black people injured? The raging violence continues without discrimination. Why, because we are dealing with terrorists. Go ahead and tear the country apart but remember you leftists, you are expendable as well. Vote dem and you won’t matter either. Please wake up and realize that if people are not living by the Sermon on the Mount, they are living by power of the devil- the king of lies and deceit. Again I say, please people, pray for wisdom so that you may be be deceived.

  9. Mr. Alexander has a first amendment right to express his OPINION. My father fought the Nazis to protect that right. Do not be deceived. The TRUTH of what Mr. Alexander says is right there with using alien DNA to treat disease.

    • Pardon me, LBD, but what exactly are you talking about? Who are these alien’s that we are getting DNA from, and how do you know that alien’s have DNA. After all, they are aliens.

      The only treatment I have heard they are using now is plasma from people who have had COVID and survived. I certainly hope you are not calling them aliens. So please explain to us what you mean by “using alien DNA to treat disease.”

    • Bo, there are protests in some city. Protests are peaceful and do not burn, kill, throw bricks, and cause people to lose their life’s work, savings, family members. Protests do not bring in trouble makers to incite riots. Do you not understand the riots you call protests are causing DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. Peaceful protests don’t do this. Again, you are using a word that does not describe what is going on, the mayhem that is happening in those cities where they are trying to burn federal buildings. If you are blind to this, you just may be part of the problem in America. To Bo or anyone who wants to reply to this, please don’t use the old reply so often used. Do NOT call me a racist. I am for peace in this country, not war in the streets.


  10. Great article. I agree there is nothing peaceful about these riots (they are not protest). I think the federal government has an obligation to protect citizens. If local democratic leaders won’t then send in federal agents. This is all about the presidential election. All lives matter not just certain ones. Enough is enough.

    • True – the only thing I disagree with is Trumo not having these mayors/governors arrested for inciting violence and not protecting their citizens.

      • President Trump does not have the authority to arrest anyone. The Department of Homeland Security, which was put in place long before President Trump, has the responsibility to protect federal property. The president does not have to send them to do their job, nor does he tell them how to do their job. The peaceful protests going on in so many of our cities, are destroying the cities, property of others, costing too many lives, etc. are the responsibility of the mayors running those cities. If the governors in those states are unhappy with the way the mayors run the cities, it’s up to them to step in and take control. The only time the federal government can send in help is if help is requested. If you’re in favor of Marxism and Anarchy vote for the Democrat canditate. If you’re in favor of law and order vote for the Republican candidate.

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