Football Season Pushed to October

Shared from Red River Parish Journal

Football fans are just getting the news that the fall sports season will not begin before Oct. 8. Red River Coach John Bachman confirmed that he has been notified of the change in date to start play. He said a memo on the change will come in a few days.

Other media are reporting that the Louisiana High School Athletic Association was notifying high schools today (Wednesday) that the start of fall sports would be delayed. The new start date is October 8th. reports the memo from Executive Director Eddie Bonine updates the start date for other fall sports also.

Meanwhile Red River is practicing football on a limited bases as allowed by LHSAA’s chart for reopening sports.

2 thoughts on “Football Season Pushed to October

  1. Horray!!!! Playing football in late August and early September was a tremendous hazard to the team and cheerleaders, band and dance lines. The best news of all to come from the coronovirus.

    • Amen, sister. I don’t know how we did it when we were it high school, marching in the summer heat wearing polyester uniforms. T-shirt and shorts under a tuxedo dickie collar and long-sleeved coat with
      pants, cummerbund and sash. White gloves, long white gym socks, shiny white shoes topped with a Shako helmet and bright orange plume. But wearing it made you feel like a million bucks.

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