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  1. Congratulations Our New Mayor Of Natchitoches Ronnie William he will make a good Mayor he’s only about fair don’t matter if you Black or white stay Humble

  2. Nobody cares to vote because it doesn’t make a difference. Every politician is for themselves and Ronnie Williams won’t be any different. He will put all his friends and buddy’s in important roles and screw the rest. Different mayor same shit. That’s why most people don’t vote. Both candidates are shit no good choice.

    • Jasper wallace, if that is your take on things today, why do you think good people who are willing to work for the good of the city won’t run? I know there is a good old boy network, and a good old girl network, and they have trained their children along the same lines, so the “in” network will stay strong. That holds true for Natchitoches and most all of Louisiana. Their theory is, “Be sure they are one of us and don’t go against us on anything we want in OUR town. If they are not right for us, don’t let them in any business or anything, ya hear?” It is a bit depressing for sure, and a little of touch. But surely you think there are good people who would make a difference. Why don’t they run?

  3. I am so very disappointed the recent elections? It is absolutely like people just don’t care any longer what happens to our city, yet they will sit and complain and fuss about what is happening in our cities, states and country. I would like to say a word to those people. If you want to see why we have one BIG problem in all government, go look in the mirror. It’s YOU. Why could you not take the time to go vote in this race, after all, it was for mayor, council positions and even a tax was on the ballot. I hope you realize that if you didn’t get your lazy unconcerned butt out of the chair to go to the polls, you really don’t have the right to complain.

    Results show that the mayor’s race had a total of 5,247 total votes, and the unofficial turnout was 49.4%. What? Did a lot of people not vote for mayor, as the percentage seems high for just a little over 5,000 total votes cast. I surely thought that our city was a little larger that that, so it seems that some people don’t even care enough to register to vote.

    So if Natchitoches is having major problems with streets, police, water, everything that goes on in the city, sorry, you don’t have the right to criticize. You lost that right when you didn’t exercise your right to vote.

    NOTE: This does NOT have anything to do with any of the people elected into office, I wish them well, and I pray that they work for the city in the way our lovely town deserves. I am only referring to the turnout which I feel was lower that the 49.4% that is shown. Unless there were a lot of people who didn’t vote for mayor. We should have more than approximately 10,000 people eligible to vote in this town, unless crime is so high that the remainder are locked up.

  4. I don’t know if my experience is typical but except for a visit to my door by Mr. Williams early in the first primary, I do not recall receiving any mailers, any phone calls, any cards hung on my door knob, nothing in fact to make me feel either candidate cared much about my vote. I have never seen a more low-key campaign in all my life. Perhaps if they had tried harder more people would have voted.

  5. Congrats! Go Democrats! Hey, could you look into a taxi or uber-type service for Natchitoches? It is desperately needed!

      • True, Mike! And as far as “Beth’s” other statements, every taxi service that has ever come here has gone belly-up, and “Uber-type services” are independent and the same thing would happen to them. This type thing usually happens in off-cycle type elections. Like the school tax. This should have been on the ballot with state and federal elections.

    • Congratulations Mayor Ron Williams Jr. Be Blessed and always be guided by the all mighty .
      Praying for the best for you and the City of Natchitoches.
      Pat Calhoun-Joiner

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