Strong Start 2020-2021 for NPTCC students

Dear NPTCC Parents/Guardians,

We only have a couple of weeks left before the beginning of a very unpredictable school year starts. With that being said, we are both eager and excited to begin this journey with you and your student. We know that many of you have questions about what a normal day will look like for students who attend school online and in person. This letter will address some of those questions. The one thing you can be assured of is that the safety of every student, teacher, and staff member is our top priority. The following are some topics that will address some of the questions you may have:

1. Covid 19 Protocols: We take the safety of all students, faculty, and staff at NPTCC very seriously. We have several protocols in place to help ensure that our campus will remain a safe place for our students. MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED AND MUST BE WORN CORRECTLY AT ALL TIMES! Temperatures will be taken every morning before students enter the building. There will be hand sanitizing stations on campus that will be strategically placed for student use. Students are encouraged to sanitize their hands going in and out of buildings and classrooms. Every classroom will be supplied with hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. Desks and high contact surfaces will be disinfected before and after every class. Students will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently. Students will be physically separated to the greatest extent possible. Desks will be at a minimum of six feet apart to ensure social distancing guidelines are being met. In classrooms students will face the same direction to the maximum extent possible. Students will also be required to practice social distancing in the hallways. Custodians are instructed to disinfect highly used surfaces and areas such as bathrooms, door knobs, water stations, etc. before and after school and between classes.

2. Morning Procedures: No students will be allowed into the school building before 7:00 AM. Once students arrive at school they must go through the thermal scanner for their specific building. Once the student’s temperature is taken they will report to their homeroom class. Breakfast will be delivered to the classrooms at 7:30 AM. Students will have 10 minutes to eat breakfast in the classroom before instruction starts. Instruction will begin at 7:45 AM. In order to limit the number of students on campus prior to 7:30 AM, if your student is not a bus rider and does not intend to eat school breakfast, please have him/her arrive no earlier than 7:30 AM, if possible. The first bell will ring at 7:45 AM and the tardy bell will ring at 7:50 AM.

3. Attendance Requirements: Attendance will be taken daily. Students must be present in class or logged on virtually during their scheduled class period in order to be counted present. If a student does not come on their scheduled day, they do have the opportunity to log on to their class during the scheduled class time and still be counted present for that day and receive instruction.

4. Class Transitions: We will have staggered transitions for class change. Students will follow the floor signs in each building. There will be one way in and one way out on the main hallway (J Hall) and floor signs directing traffic on I Hall in the other building. Duty personnel will be visible during class change to guide students. Social distancing will be maintained. Teachers will spray down desks in between classes. There will be a seating chart for classes as well with alternating seats per class.

5. Lunch Procedures: Lunch will be delivered to classrooms at 11:30 AM. Students will eat lunch in their classrooms. They will have 15 minutes to eat their lunch. Students are allowed to have water bottles and water bottle fillers will be available in the hallways of each building. Parents are not allowed to bring lunch to students nor have lunch delivered. Virtual students who want to pick up lunch can do so at 10:00 AM from the Magnet School parking lot. Free and reduced lunch forms must be filled out and can be picked up at the school.

6. Bathroom Procedure: Students will sign out with their teacher to go to the bathroom. They will be given a bathroom slip with the date and time filled in by the teacher. Teachers will only allow one student at a time to go to the bathroom. No students will be allowed to go to the bathroom during transitions. They must report to their classroom first. Bathrooms will be locked during transitions giving janitors the opportunity to sanitize and disinfect them.

7. End of Day Procedures: We will have staggered dismissal times. Walkers and car riders will be dismissed at 3:10 PM. So, if your child is a car rider please arrive by 3:10 PM. Bus riders will be released as their bus arrives. If there is a change as to how your child will get home, please call the office and notify us by 2:30 PM.

8. Visitors on Campus: In an effort to limit the number of people on our campus, no one other than students, faculty, and staff will be allowed to enter any offices, classrooms or closed areas at NPTCC. Conferences will be done over the phone or through Zoom until COVID restrictions ease. During this time, our check-out procedures will be handled differently. If you are checking your child(ren) out, you may call ahead and inform the office staff. When you arrive, you may enter the main office building and go through the thermal scanner before entering the office. Only one authorized person can enter. No one will be allowed to check a student out without proper identification or authorization. Other authorized persons must be listed on the student’s demographics page.

9. Hybrid Schedule: High school students will return to school on an A/B or alternating schedule. Students with the last names that start with A-L will attend on “A” days (Tuesday and Thursday). Students with last names that start with M-Z will attend on “B” days (Wednesday and Friday). Mondays, all high school students will stay home and assessments will be given online. The first day of school for students is Monday, August 31st. This week will be a soft start and students will attend based on the following schedule:

Last names A-E: Monday, Aug. 31, 2020
Last names F-I: Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2020
Last names J-N: Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020
Last names O-T: Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020
Last names U-Z: Friday, Sept. 4, 2020

Then, on Sept. 8, 2020 all classes will resume. High school students will attend based on the Hybrid schedule and Jr. High students will attend every day Monday-Friday. Students will utilize Odysseyware and Google classroom for all school assignments. Attendance will be counted daily in hybrid classes.

10. Virtual Learning: Students are required to “login” daily to each course they have at the scheduled times. Virtual instruction will be delivered through both synchronous and asynchronous methods including videos, live lectures, recordings of live lectures, class projects, etc. Students will be allowed to participate in classroom discussions, projects, and activities. Attendance will be counted daily in virtual classes. The following is the schedule for each block of classes:

Class Schedule

7:42-9:33 1st Block
9:34-11:25 2nd Block
11:26-1:17 3rd Block
1:18-3:15 4th Block

11. Technology: NPTCC will provide IPAD’s to students who are registered for virtual learning. Hybrid students will use classroom set IPAD’s. Devices will be sanitized before use in each class.

12. COVID-19 Exposure and Positive Test Procedure: If a student arrives at school with a temperature greater than 100.4 degrees the students will be escorted to a wellness room. The parents will be contacted immediately. The student will be separated from the rest of the student population until the parent arrives. The student will not be allowed to return to school until they receive a negative Covid 19 test. During the quarantine period the student will still be allowed to login to classes virtually and complete assignments. For further information please see the Exposure Guidance from Natchitoches Parish School Board at

NPTCC and Natchitoches Parish School Board are working every day to ensure that we are meeting all of the requirements from the CDC (Center for Disease Control), LDOE (Louisiana Department of Education), and LDH (Louisiana Department of Health) to effectively begin school. We realize this is not a comprehensive list of information and families may still have questions. Please continue to be patient with us, as information and guidelines change often. Thank you for your support of NPTCC. We look forward to a great school year. GO WARHAWKS!!!

Bobby Benjamin
Natchitoches Parish Technical and Career Center