Gov. Edwards Declares Emergency Exists for November Election in Louisiana

Cautions that Current Emergency Elections Plan is Not Sufficient to Protect Public Health

Gov. John Bel Edwards signed an executive order on Aug. 18 declaring that an emergency exists for Louisiana’s November election because of COVID-19, while also acknowledging that the current emergency election plan from the Secretary of State does not go far enough to protect public health.

The emergency declaration, which must be requested by the Secretary of State and granted by the Governor, allows the state to move forward with emergency plans to support the election and take into account health and safety issues that might affect voting.

Without the Governor’s approval, the Secretary of State’s plan cannot be implemented, even with Legislative approval. The Governor does not support the Secretary of State’s plan because it does not follow guidance from public health officials and does not provide for absentee mail-in voting options for people who are at high risk for suffering serious issues relating to COVID-19, those who have been exposed and are in quarantine and those who are caregivers for immunocompromised individuals.

Gov. Edwards said:

“I want to be crystal clear: you should not mistake me declaring an emergency for this election as approving of the Secretary of State’s election plan, because I do not. I believe that we need emergency procedures in place for this election. I do not believe the Secretary of State’s current plan goes far enough, because it does not take into account the seriousness of this global pandemic and the health and safety of the voters. Simply put: voting should not be a super spreader event.

The current plan includes no exemptions for people who are at high risk for getting ill from COVID or those who live with and care for these people. And, most seriously of all, it doesn’t offer an option for someone who has known exposure to COVID-19 and is in quarantine to vote by mail. So, people who have been advised by doctors not to leave their homes to avoid potentially exposing others would instead either have to not vote in the election or would have to go against the advice of public health experts and leave their homes.

This puts all of us at risk. From our poll workers to our voters, people must have the confidence that they can safely vote. We need to find a solution that works for the public health of our people and also for the health of our democracy. We had an election plan for the past two smaller elections that worked by expanding early voting but also allowing for an expansion of absentee mail in voting. That we wouldn’t continue this for November’s election – the highest profile one of the year – makes absolutely zero sense to me.”

23 thoughts on “Gov. Edwards Declares Emergency Exists for November Election in Louisiana

  1. You’re also against voter ID which I don’t understand. If you wanted things honest democrats wouldn’t fight it so hard. But I do understand that mail in and no ID is the only way to count illegal immigrants.

    • What is wrong with how we always used to vote? Some people do not drive. And now a school ID isnt good enough. You’ve closed so many voting places in certain areas, shortened early voting time. It is as clear as black and white (literally) what is being done. I read this a.m. that Alaska has changed vote by mail even more. A postal worker at the post office had always been able to witness a ballot. Now they can’t. If Repubs are so afraid of not getting reelected, change your platform. It is very obvious that way more Americans vote with Dems, fairness (fairness) for everyone… constitutionally. We are all inclusive, race, religion, creed, color, sexual orientation. You act as if voting in person has zero flaws. I went to vote in the 2012 Presidential election. I kept trying to get my vote to register. It would not. The man at the polling station asked if I needed help. I told him what was happening. He said he needed to change something in the back. He made an adjustment on the back of the booth. I was then able to cast my vote. Hmm, sounds mighty fishy to me. How many others thought they were casting a ballot for a certain party other than yours? In a Repub state, in a Repub town (down south) it really stunk. I called officials. Of course some people try to cheat in anything. Even your individual tried to mail in (mail in) vote in New York. Um, his residence is now listed in Florida. I believe that’s called voter fraud (add to his long list of illegal activities). But keeping people from voting by making it so hard on some is just unconstitutional. I miss the old days when we disagreed as parties but could talk things out civilly, work things out. This individual has put a split that will take years I’m afraid to fix. This is not the Republican party. It is why so many high officials are voting for Biden and changing their party affiliation in some cases. You guys will stop at nothing. We are a nation of laws. Y’all need to learn to follow them. Totally new concept.

      • FYI Vicki, we are trying to keep voting as it has always been, dems want to change to mass mail in votes which will cause more voter fraud than ever. You really should read up on this as you are speaking on what someone in the DC Swamp said, someone who has no problem lying to people, someone such as Nancy Pelosi, and it is beginning to get old. We have always had absentee voting for people who are not at their residence during an election. We have had for years a mail in ballot for those who are physically unable to go vote due to medical reasons. There is a way to legally vote by by mail, it just not the way the crooks of the dem party in DC want to do it. You are just so blinded by things that you are not even open to what someone tells you. You use figures to prove a point of mail in fraud. The figures that you use are for the years that mail in voting was from absentee votes and people who are not able to go to the polls to vote. True, that figure had a very very low percentage of fraud, because it does not include the mass mail vote that the dems want now. What the dems want to do today would open it up to all the crooks and ballot box stuffers to do their cheating. I mentioned to you on another comment how you and your husband could vote by mail if you are unable to vote in person, yet you keep on with this silly ridiculous argument.

        Also, one of your other complaints is completely wrong. Early voting times have been increased so that more people can vote early. You state that the time has been shortened, and that is wrong. As for people at the post office witnessing your signature, they don’t know you, and they should not witness it. You should have a neighbor or friend do it. It is totally unfair to ask a postal worker to do this. Truthfully I had never heard of postal workers doing this, because I would never ask them to do so.

        You keep on and on about the president being racist. That sounds like something from National Enquirer, you know the rag that prints all the stories that have no basis, no facts to back them up. It has been proven over and over that he is not a racist, and not much could be further from the truth. Your very own Joe Biden seems to be the racist these days as they are bringing up more facts from his past. Things he said, and the the way he compares Black to Hispanics, that was the most ridiculous remark he could have made. You blame everything on the President, yet have you ever thought some of the things you blame him for could be lies made up by people who are against him

        As far as this being a nation of laws, and needing to follow them. What I see happening in the nation today is a bunch of lawbreakers burning, looting, killing people. Breaking so many laws and destroying people’s lives that it is heart wrenching. I know and you know, those are not Republicans, those are operatives and members of the liberal Democratic party, the far left. You need to stop talking about Republicans breaking the law, that is something you offer no proof of. There are some far right law breakers, who don’t even call themselves Republications, that do damage, but not to the extent of the damage going on now. I guess you don’t watch the news, or listen to the amount of damage these people have done in various cities. Shootings are up so high over last year in some of those cities. Cruel hate speech by the left wing radical Dems, with vulgar language directed to homes where there are children in the yard. They, the innocents have to see this and hear these vile words, yet you continue to accuse others. As Mr. Barr told Nadler, “You are a real piece of work” if you can’t open you eyes and see the truth. It’s right there in front of you if you pay attention.

        I don’t think we need to change the platform we have. I am and always have been against abortion, the murder of innocent babies. Now that dems favor late term abortion, it truly is murder, for those babies could live outside the womb. There is no way I could vote for a team like Biden and Harris, because they will open the door even further for the later term abortion. I don’t know if you remember the video that someone make a few years. “Planned Parenthood abortion providers appeared under oath in court today and admitted supplying the body parts of children in the womb to for-profit brokers like StemExpress,” And,”Holly O’Donnell described the harvesting, or “procurement,” of organs from a nearly intact late-term fetus aborted at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte’s Alameda clinic in San Jose, CA. “‘You want to see something kind of cool,’” O’Donnell says her supervisor asked her. “And she just taps the heart, and it starts beating. And I’m sitting here and I’m looking at this fetus, and its heart is beating, and I don’t know what to think.” These are court records found on the internet.

        There was one video that was confiscated, thanks to Harris when she was CA’s Attorney General. Planned Parenthood was a big doner to her campaign and they were caught on video, by undercover reporter David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress, selling body parts of babies who had died by abortion. They called Harris and told her that the video existed, and they wanted it removed, so, to help this group, she sent agents from her office to the apartment to get the video. They ransacked the apartment, overturning furniture and taking computers, video equipment and all the videos, for no legal reason. Harris was simply doing a favor for a big backer to her campaign. This to me this seems far worse that anything you accuse Trump of doing. She had no legal right to do this, to me she is simply a bully, using her office to do things illegally to appease one of her biggest doners. Will she do the the same as VP? If she did it then in office, she will do it now.

        So please stop telling me how evil the “Repubs” are. Republicans are a party of life, Dems are a party of, if you want to murder your baby because you don’t want it, go right ahead. I think we are all tired of listening to you writing things that the power mongers in DC say, and you thinking that they are right. They are not, they are useless and should be gone so the country can get on with doing what needs to be done. Like bringing more jobs back to America. and a number of other good things that President Trump is trying to do and could do if it were not for the conjoined airheads leading the dems in DC

        • Not a swamp. I live in the Atchafalaya Basin. Full of beneficial life. HIMSELF has turned his badministration into a cesspool. Have you heard of covid? It is killing a lot of people because someone thought it was a hoax. Guess Hannity fed him that. Vote by mail is how we can stay safe. Grocery stores are open cos we have to eat. Duh.. Some other things? Got me why certain things are open. You forget which party wanted a mass lockdown when all if this was just starting. The main problem is there is a sociopath in our White House. Part of the illness is not being able to admit they are wrong. We wouldve had deaths, sure but not like this if anyone else had been in charge. Anyone. So Repubs shutting down the post office, polling places in certain areas is not helping anyone vote easier.
          I have evac plans to make. I have a house in Natchitoches to make sure is ready. I’ll vote however I have to. I’ll die getting that individual out of power. It is that important for my kids, grands. Stay well.

          • As Jesus said to the disciples, “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that house….” and that is the way I feel right now Vicki. I have tried to tell you the truth and even tried to help you, but you will not open your ears or your eyes. So I’m finished. Just believe what you want, it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. I. Am. Finished.

        • MEWHP, don’t waste your time here. She has already proven that she is ashamed of her white privilege, although her post about it was more ‘humble bragging’ than truly being sorry for her station at birth (a problem over which she had no control or option.) It’s easy, and lazy, to sit on your couch, drinking your koolaid, and posture about how something should have been handled. However, in the President’s case nothing would have been the right thing in her mind. To be so obsessed with him, hate him, and spew such vehemence is truly telling.
          She’s scared, so we have to give her that. She is obviously protecting herself by staying at home 24/7 and not interacting with anyone, so she should be fine.

        • You have the longest post on everything and most don’t make sense if you are not a trump supporter. Just because you support him, that’s your right because if you can’t see where this man has destroyed the democracy of this country then you are blind.

          • Ms. Armstrong, if you are talking to me, I don’t believe I’m blind. People who don’t support the President keep saying he is destroying the country, but never give any examples. Not one. I think perhaps you and others are the blind ones, blindly following some drivel spouted by those in Congress who want to turn this country into a Socialist Utopia. That is something that does not exist in real life. The President is working to bring US companies back to the US from China, Mexico and other countries so that people in the USA will have jobs. How can you fault that? How can you fault him when the unemployment rate is lower than it has been in years, at least it was before COVID? Yet, some people blame him for that, no matter what he does it is wrong in your eyes. You fail to see that he stopped flights coming in from China and the dems said he was wrong to do that. The states have control over what is done in each state as far as restrictions on COVID.

            Maybe you don’t want a fence along the Southern border, and want thousands and thousands coming into our country. Do you not realize that they can come in legally? In the masses coming in there are people we don’t want in this country. Do you understand that there are Mexican cartel members in those masses coming here in order to provide drugs to all the young people to get them hooked so their ‘boss’ can get rich? There are people through no fault of their own that have diseases that the USA has all but eradicated, and they are coming in with those diseases. Do you want the children of the USA at risk for these diseases. I am not blind, but you might consider that if you can’t see any of the good the President has done. you might be. So sit back and drink your tainted poisoned Kool-Aid and believe that the new Democratic party is going to fix all your problems. They won’t, and this country will be destroyed just like Portland, Chicago, Milwaukee and possibly a few other cities. The people doing this destruction are not the people who support the President, they are the far left members of the Democratic party, the Socialists who promise you the Utopia that they cannot deliver. We will end up like every other country that has a Socialist government. It is a shame that people do not realize, that the free money they get, IS NEVER FREE!

  2. I found this information online, and thought it might be helpful to some people.

    Make Sure You’re Registered to Vote:
    Register to vote, or check to be sure your registration is correct and still active. Check with the Registrar of Voters

    Voting by Mail:
    You can REQUEST an ABSENTEE BALLOT in Louisiana if you’re registered and meet the requirements.
    Source: State of Louisiana via Ballotpedia

    Check If You Need ID:
    Voters in Louisiana need to confirm their identity when they vote. If you don’t have a photo ID, there may be other ways you can confirm your identity.
    Source: State of Louisiana

    In the military or overseas:
    Members of the military, their families, and US citizens living overseas can request a ballot to vote from anywhere in the world.
    Source: State of Louisiana

    Serve as a Poll Worker:
    You may be able to help solve a poll worker shortage in your community.

    Facts About Voting: Avoid confusion about the election.
    Your vote is private. No one else can see how you voted.
    Voting by mail (absentee) can be safe and easy.
    Voting works the same way for all political parties.


  3. Why do you have a problem with mail in ballots? Your guy has done it a long time. In fact may have attempted voter fraud this year try to not to vote in New York. Wait he changed his address to Florida. Mcenany has voted by mail for 10 years. Other states have routinely done it for years. The voter fraud rate by mail in is .00006%. What is the problem with mail in now? Oh wait, maybe cos too many people will vote easily, safely? Again, what is the problem?

    • Vicki, Vicki, Vicki! What are you thinking? Do you not read about all the problems already associated with the mail in ballots. One state mailed ballots to all the household addresses listed on their rolls. The problem, a lot of the people had moved, so who knows if the current was registered or even eligible to vote. One state sent ballots to the wrong state, which would be amusing if it weren’t so sad. I believe voting by mail is fine, if it is done the right way. We went to the courthouse and signed up for it because of health issues. We have had this done for several years, so it is not because of COVID. The problem is when the ballots are just mailed to voters on the rolls. I know of someone who moved to another city. Though I notified the Registrar of Voters (in another city) that the person was no longer at the address, I could not do it because it was not a relative and not my home. 10 years later, he was still getting a ballot, and then even got a jury summons. So there is a very very good reason for this mail in fiasco wanted by the Dems. First, people can do mail in, but there is a way to do it, and it should be done the right way. My mother received a ballot after she passed away, so the registrar has no way of knowing that a person is deceased unless a family notifies them. Would an unscrupulous person use that ballot and vote? Possibly. How about ballots mailed to addresses on the rolls? If that person had moved, would the new occupants use the ballots to vote? Possibly. Is a state going to send ballots to every address just in case there are qualified voters living there? I don’t know, do you? Is it possible? Yes? Will there be illegal votes cast? You betcha! Then what about the mail service. We have mail go to the wrong address on a regular basis, especially when there is a substitute. Will a person use my ballot to vote illegally? Could be, not all people are honest. Do you not see all the problems associated with mail in ballots in mass? I see it, and I wear glasses, but I see it. I know people who are so full of hate for the current President of the USA, that they would cheat to get him out of office! Their theory is, whatever it takes.

      You speak of voter fraud. Research shows that it is not the conservative voters that try to commit fraud. So watch where you put your foot, for you might find yourself in deep water there, and it might be a little hard to get out of. Just sayin’. Have a good day, and see you at the polls in November. I’ll be there, just to say “Hi”

      • As I stated earlier in another op ed.. my hubby cannot wear a mask. It isnt even doc recommended. I have chronic bronchitis. We are both over 60. Again, the voter fraud for mail in over the last 20 years is .00006%. It has never been a problem anywhere before. Why this year are Repubs so up in arms over our right to vote? Mail in has been done for generations. Repubs want to get rid of (and have been trying to for years) the post office (guaranteed by the Constitution) and they have been steadily trying to take away our right to vote (also guaranteed by the Constitution). Why are they in the last years become so afraid of something we’ve all been doing for decades and decades? Stay well.

        • Vicki, do you not read what I write. Voter fraud is easier if a certain party just mails out ballots to all the addresses in town. I don’t think anyone is against doing it the way it has been done in the past, but the way certain liberals, and I’m guessing you are in that number, want it done is just wide open for fraud, both doors and all the windows wide open for cheating. I don’t understand why or how you can’t see that. As for you and your husband, all you have to do is contact the Registrar of Voters for Natchitoches Parish and tell them that you are not able to vote in person because of illness and physical limitation. They will allow you to vote by mail, but this is entirely different from what the dems are wanting to do. The post office is not equipped, even in normal times without a raging pandemic going on, to handle the entire nation voting by mail. There is no reason to vote by mail for everyone, even now. It’s only with something like this that they believe going out in public is bad for them. Think about it. I have been in my home for months because of an illness and the only place I am allow to go because of that illness, is to the doctor’s office. But I planned in advance, I knew my health was not what it should be, so I contacted the Registrar’s office. I vote by mail, but there are precautions in place. Many precautions! This new voting by mail scheme is just a new way that dems of stuffing the ballot box, as they say. The percentage has been low in the past because there was not ‘open to all – vote by mail – use the ballot mailed to your street address’. It is controlled voting by mail, supervised closely by officials and the Registrar. You may be older and ill, but you do need to learn this bit of information. It is very beneficial to you. You can thank me later for giving you information on how you and your husband can still vote, and it is by mail, but done the legal way. Not this mess the dems are proposing. Good Golly, Miss Molly, some people still think all Southerners are dumb, just because some raised in the swamps are more trusting of the liars in DC than others. PS. I meant no offense to the good friends and people raised in the swamps of Louisiana. They are very good, friendly, kind people and I think the world of a lot of them. However, there are some who think the people in DC are like them, truthful and to be trusted. That is not the case and I hope they are all learning.

          As for the Republicans trying to stop something that has been done for years and years. You are again basing something on half-truths. Mass mail in ballots, done on ballots mailed to all street addresses without verifying who currently lives at the address or if the occupant is living or deceased has not been done for years and years. There are certain circumstances that mail votes are legal and they are done now and have been done for years. Those ballots are addressed to the person who is registered to vote. Anyone else opening that ballot is tampering with mail, and is breaking the law. But heck, I guess if you are going to do anything to get someone out of office, breaking the law is nothing. Please pay attention to what is legal in the vote by mail regulations, and what is not allowed. It is very plain if you will open your mind to understand it, and why it must be done a certain way. Republicans are not trying to cheat on this. As a general rule, conservatives don’t cheat. Remember that. I hope your bronchitis is not giving you problems now. My allergies have been bad all summer and bronchitis soon follows that. So, see, you are not the only one with chronic bronchitis. I do hope your husband does well and doesn’t have problems staying in all the time. Wishing you both health and happiness.

          • .00006% voter fraud in the last 20 yrs, mail in ballots. 143 in the last 20 years. That’s rough. I did read of a woman (in one of the Carolinas I believe) that tried to vote twice in 2016. A Republican woman at the polls. Going to ride my bike. Stay well.

  4. For those of you who thought this democrat was like the old democrats like our parents, here is the proof that he’s just like Pelosi and Chuckie Boy. I call BS too. Why not let people vote at Walmart? Everyone is there anyway.

  5. This totally BS. We need to stand up to these people who are trying to change the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I FOR ONE IS VERY TIRED OF THIS STUFF. I CAN NOT SAY WHAT I REALLY WANT TO SAY.

  6. But go to Walmart and stand in line. Go to the liquor store and stand in line. Go to Chili’s and stand in line. Go to a bar and…wait…that’s entirely too dangerous. Go to Home Depot and stand in line. But DO NOT under any circumstance stand in line to vote. Covid will get you and kill you…and your grandma!

  7. you need to open the state and let people support their families people out here are suffering because yall want to play politics its wrong you know it we all know it so stop it and open the state already

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