Goodness Gracious

By Pastor Tommy Rush, First Baptist Church

Two of my grandchildren are preparing for their first year of public school this year. After being homeschooled by their mom and dad since birth, I’m not sure who has more back-to-school butterflies – the kids, their mom and dad or their grandparents. I’m really excited for them, but I think we all know there’s a few more reasons for back-to-school jitters this year than in previous years.

Last Saturday, my eight year-old granddaughter was excited to show me her new backpack and school uniforms. As I watched her organize her pencils and notebooks in the backpack, I was encouraged by her excitement and enthusiasm for going to school. It was good to see how excited an eight year-old little girl can get over organizing a backpack and showing off her new school shoes.

I pray that every parent and grandparent sees that our children are a gift from God. It is an awesome privilege to be given the blessing of helping them grow up and become all that God has created them to be. The challenge of rearing children in this generation is no easy thing, no walk in the park, but it’s without a doubt the highest calling any parent has ever been given.

Lately I’ve thought a lot about our children. They’re no doubt seeing and hearing things that most of us adults have never seen or experienced. I was blessed last Saturday by my granddaughters excitement and enthusiasm. I really pray for my grandchildren to see goodness and grace on a regular basis in me! The truth is that we are always influencing them either for good or bad. May the Lord help each of us to be a good influence!