Back to School Blessing at FUMC Natchitoches!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to upend day to day life in a myriad of ways, institutions as varied as schools and churches have found ways to carry on in the “new normal.” Natchitoches’ First United Methodist Church has a long tradition of starting the school year with the blessing of the backpacks in which students of every age brought their backpacks up to the altar to be blessed. This school year featured a drive through blessing of the backpacks (as well as any other devices students will be using). Children and their parents could drive through the church parking lot and receive a FUMC tag from Reverend Gary Willis for their backpack as well as a message of encouragement. As the families left, sthey were treated to delicious snow cones courtesy of Mrs. Judy Ashcraft.

From kindergarten to college, The First United Methodist Church of Natchitoches wishes all of our parish’s students a wonderful and productive school year!