City of Natchitoches utility workers fixing downed power lines, waiting to get power from CLECO and SWEPCO

City Utility workers are isolating downed power lines and poles so they can be ready to reenergize when it’s electricity provider CLECO comes back online. So far 50% of the City’s main circuits have been prepared and are ready to be energized, but everything is dead in the water until CLECO’s generation plant comes back online.

There are 41 transmission lines down in CLECO’s system, which can each be a hundred miles long. They’re working on the problem but the City has received no estimated time of when power will be restored. City crews have over 50 broken poles. They’re contracting with a crew out of Oklahoma called Mid-Con Energy Partners. Twenty-two men were sent with 9 big trucks. They’re currently working on Hwy. 1 South where 31 poles were snapped, in a row. Electric Department Supervisor Lee McKinney said crews are working 16 hour days to do everything they can to restore power to residents as soon as possible.

SWEPCO is also having issues supplying power, so there’s no supply going to the main sewer plant on Red River. As of 6 am on Aug. 27 there were 10,000 customers out in Natchitoches Parish and counting.

10 thoughts on “City of Natchitoches utility workers fixing downed power lines, waiting to get power from CLECO and SWEPCO

  1. Hey issac if your so good at why in the hell you don’t volunteer to help the city instead talking about the men and Women out trying to restore the power back for all the people. I mean everyone is also saying ( I don’t understand ppl) always but most ppl don’t realize that this is a selfish a_ _ world it’s not about helping neighbors anymore it’s all about how much you can screw them. My My wonder what’s wrong with the world today

  2. I live in natchitoches and I saw the trucks pull up and cut the tree’s down off the powerlines and came back facking like they was about to fix the lines and they are still these people are lazy those lines where suppose to been up yesterday but all I been see these people do is sit around if the mayor’s of these cities where concerned about the people these line’s would be up and running a team to go in and cut the tree’s followed by the city to restore the power this is ridiculous these people are lazy and sorry

  3. I have a lot of descendants in Natchitoches & Natchitoches Parish hope everyone is okay. I can’t get ahold of anyone in Flatwoods but I know it’s probably becuz of the power is out. Have family who live there. Every time they have a bad rain they lose power. It’s ashame that this has to happen. Maybe things will get a little better. Hope everyone is okay.

  4. Our transformer popped when elect went off,I am alone,70yr old an have 4 freezers full of food going to be lost an also my life,cant take much more,also have health problems

    • If u can get to a store & get some ice it might help. At least it might may help some. Sorry wish I was there to help.

  5. When I worked for red simpson during hurricane Andrew and tornados after that we worked straight for weeks sometimes 36 hr days with 2 hrs sleep wake up and get it for another 36 hrs with only a 15 man task force crew. And we didnt wait for the storm to pass or stand around either. My how linemen have changed. It says alot when our city utility dept cant handle 30 poles which with a good crew you can do 22 to 25 poles pot banks d8s and switches in 12 hrs. They gta call a crew all the way from Oklahoma. Should of had Fisk or Chain electric send a hotshot crew up here. And a heat wave is coming this weekend. All I saw yesterday was the crews standing around looking lost. No wonder people are moving away from here. It’s almost laughable

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