City of Natchitoches Updates Citizens on power restoration


Today was another long and hot day for our city residents and utility crews as everyone worked to clear debris from their property and continue working to restore power to our customers.

CLECO has found the problem and is working to make the necessary repairs to restore the feed to the city. We are still uncertain just how long this will take and are asking you to remain patient.

We have been told Sunday at midday we will have two distribution centers: Natchitoches Central and Lakeview High School that will provide water, MREs, and ice for anyone in need.

Information is constantly changing so please monitor for updated information.

Many phone lines are still down for city government and local law enforcement making it hard to update our citizens.

If you know a friend, relative or neighbor who does not have access to the internet, please help us keep them informed.

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  1. God Bless each of you. We were there in February and loved the town. We were making plans to come back which we will.

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