City of Natchitoches regarding SWEPCO

From the Desk of Mayor Ronnie Williams, City of Natchitoches

SWEPCO Update: Some people in the rural areas of Natchitoches have been restored but it seems most still don’t have power. The representative said that they have about 3,000 additional workers working to restore electricity. They’ve had poles and transmission lines down similar to the city of Natchitoches. One issue that SWEPCO encountered is related to lodging for their employees and contractors. Seemingly, a local business has opened its doors for their employees. This will allow their linemen more time to work on restoring power. If you receive energy from SWEPCO, as I do, you may have a couple more days before power is restored.

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  1. You said that you will finish Natchitoches by tomorrow at 10 pm. We haven’t received power on Posey Rd. Please don’t forget us, we are waiting patiently on you.

  2. Hey, instead of complaining…How about buying a generator and trying to prepare for hard times? Maybe , there are people who are worse off…losing homes to damage and falling trees. But by all means complain about everything and continue to be grateful for nothing!!

    • Buy a generator? We are on #4.(not counting the broken one we had to return) They don’t give reliable service. I heard some people went to Lowes and bought one only to find them broken when they tried to set it up. Then Lowes would not accept a return because the box had been opened. ( Maybe they later accepted the returns I don’t know)/ But hey. I am blessed because I can get another if I need one and if I could find one. My son lost his refrigerator with the power surge. Some people got CO poisioning and got very sick. My neighbor tripped on an extension cord and fell. They can be great for a short while. Oh and how can I forget about trying to find gas. That has taken many hours and we prepared by filling our gas cans and filling the generators before. Please try to understand how awful this could be for the poor. The poor and elderly and sick. Please try to understand this has been very difficult for many. Hope this passes soon, but I will issue my complaints to the admin of Swepco. There are some issues that need to be addressed.But for now thanks to all the workers that have come here to help us.

      • Being concerned about others and their plight is an admirable trait. I’m not sure that constantly writing about it in the journal comments is doing much good. Maybe you should start writing checks to charities instead.

  3. My wife and I live on old river road and she recently had surgery. No power still. That’s the road across from the detention center.

  4. One thing about Valley Electric – they maintained their system. Trimming trees yearly, inspections, locally owned, miss them.
    We have their line on our property, and a tree limb caught on fire many times touching the wire. We had to call the Fire Dept twice, and they reported it to Swepco. Swepco finally came out and trimmed a few weeks later…

    • When Rita arrived fifteen years ago we were on Valley Electric. My family and I were without power for over a week. I really do not think one company is better than another.

  5. You people are just ungrateful pricks that think that the world revolves around you. Let me tell you something IT DOESN’T. SWEPCO is doing the best they can and I hate to say you’re very wrong about Entergy and Cleco. Plus the reason they call in about issues is to make sure some else doesn’t get hurt or killed that maybe working on the line they spotted the issue on just in a different area. I know this because I had a great friend get killed that work for Cleco and another employee didn’t bother to call in an jumped a line and killed him. I also have a friend who lost a arm and leg working for Entergy because they don’t take proper safety measures and precautions at times. Not always. Electricity is extremely dangerous. Plus. one other thing me and my husband live in Florien and have been without power since the storm hit and it’s probably going to be a couple more days before our power is restored. We are both disabled with COPD and Asthma and he has seizures which can be triggered from heat. I can’t be in the heat because of a few other medical conditions I have but we haven’t once made a complaint to Swepco in fact we called to let them know that they are doing everything they possibly can and to say thanks to the linemen out there risking their lives. Here’s the deal there are companies from other states here helping as well. This storm hit on the 15th anniversary of Katrina and was almost just as bad. If you want to complain don’t complain to Swepco. In fact I tell you what here’s a Quarter $.25 call someone who cares. But honestly no one cares about your trifling behavior

  6. Thank you Mayor Williams for the update, it is very much appreciated. Than you to all the persons away from their homes here to help us in our time of need. Thank God for sparing all the lives you have. Haven’t some of you realized with all that has gone on in the last 6 months that bashing businesses is no way to get things done? Shame on you. If you have a problem take it up with the proper authorities and please stop spewing vial negativity that doesn’t help the situation at all. I apologize if anyone was offended because that was not my intent. I pray God’s grace, peace, blessings and mercy be on us all.

  7. I’m with Entergy and out of these ,5 days out of power I seen my first truck today, and there are 8 different companies I seen working to help get power back up and you send out texts saying the assessment will be done by the end of the weekend. Not restored power is crazy so outside help is not working safe for there to be so many working wonders is what you telling us SMH

  8. Thank you Mayor for the update! I live in ReadHimer and I see them working, I’m thankful! Although it’s tuff on my dogs, I can handle it. It’s hot the heat index says it feels like a hundred and ten degrees. So those men working I know it’s feels hotter!

  9. I got a text yesterday stating that my power had been restored. It. Had. Not. I called them quick, thinking that they were in the area and didn’t want them to leave since we still had no power. I get a text a few minutes later saying restoration time could be September 3rd. Wtf?

  10. Payne subdivision is not a rural area it’s just right outside of the city limits where the graveyard is where they have power and we still don’t.. we’re 1/2 mile down the street
    .. what kind of senses is this…

  11. I live in Payne Subdivision and I think that to have to wait an entire week in this heat is ridiculous. They’re several elderly people that really need power so that can be cool and not to mention they’re medical conditions.

  12. I understand this stuff takes time and believe they are working as hard as they can to restore power it’s hot but we have to have patience this will teach us a great lesson and be more prepared next time.

  13. Reading the above article tells me we are the last in line. Makes me wish for the good old days of Valley Electric.


    • We people in Oak Grove community, right outside the city, have been without power since Thursday. Everyone that still has no electricity has been without electricity since Thursday.
      Why do you feel your situation is worse than everyone else’s? Get over yourself, and ride it out like the rest of us.

    • Dear Campti resident, We have all been without power since Thursday. Those of us south of town are still without power too. None of this is fun, but we have to be patient. And Valley Electric wouldn’t be moving any faster. Thanks, Mr Mayor, for keeping us informed.

  15. Because they might have a crew working on the same line miles away and he connects something other might charge the line and kill someone on the other end.

  16. Yesterday I heard some interesting information about Swepco. It seen they run a very tight organization. If a repairman is out on a run and sees something that needs to be done, either as a safety issue or that will hasten service being restored, he is not allowed to stop and take care of the problem. Oh he can stop, but it’s to call in to SWEPCO and tell them the problem then sit and wait for an ok from some hotshot in order to do his job. I can understand waiting if it is a major undertaking, but if it’s something relatively easy, why do they have to waste the time waiting for an ok. Maybe this is why the parish residents don’t have power. I hope I was given incorrect information. If this is wrong, please someone give us the correct. Info.

  17. We’re on SWEPCO and we’re not rural. I understand rural areas being more difficult, but what about areas like Martin Drive, which is inside the city limits, and Blanchard Road, that is technically “outside” the city limits, but closer than Martin Drive?

    • Why would you understand that rural areas are more difficult? One person is not more important just because they live in town. 175 linemen staying in Caddo hall aren’t there for no reason, everyone is doing everything they can.

      • Exactly, these ppl are just ungrateful, put windows up, and keep yourselves hydrated it’s not the end of the world. The linesman are doing a phenomenal job. I was surprised our lights was restored in less than 24hrs in my area. I was prepared to wait it out because I witnessed the damage in several areas knowing darn well it would be days possibly before power restoration.

    • Swepco is an absolutely pathetic compared to cleco and Entergy. Cleco is running circles around swepco, and Entergy is an making the previous two a laughing stock. I cannot say enough bad things, about my current, and Lord knows, past experiences with swepco. This is a joke of a company, and they have destroyed the legacy of valley electric. Terrible company. I have had to deal with them for years and years, on many ,different situations, not related to this hurricane. it is sad, that there’s a company that treats its customers so poorly, and really does not even try to hide the fact, that they are proud of the way they treat the people. And even brag about it, And yet there’s nothing anyone can do to stop the Monopoly. Shame on you swepco. that’s customers that have you, we know who you are, and we know what you stand for. And you should be ashamed of yourself

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