Gov. Edwards Supports a Safer Emergency Election Plan for Louisiana

Gov. John Bel Edwards filed a memorandum on Sept. 2 in the lawsuit regarding COVID-19 protections for the November presidential election asking the judge to direct Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin to implement the same election plan that was used for the recent elections in July and August. That plan, which was crafted by the Secretary of State and supported by the Governor and a majority of the Louisiana Legislature, offered expanded absentee voting by mail for more Louisianans affected by COVID for the upcoming elections in November and December.

The Governor refused to accept the Secretary of State’s plan for the November election because it directly contradicts the guidance of the CDC and medical experts and would require people under quarantine or who are symptomatic and those who are at high risk for serious complications and their caregivers to vote in person. It also reduces the number of early voting days from what was offered in July and August. States like Kentucky and Alabama have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by allowing much greater access to absentee balloting, but under the Secretary of State’s plan, Louisiana would have gone in the wrong direction.

“Nothing about the Secretary of State’s emergency election plan takes into account the scope of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Louisianans should not have to risk their lives to vote, which is exactly what will happen if tens of thousands of Louisianans with medical conditions that put them at high risk for COVID complications are forced to vote in person in November and December,” Gov. Edwards said. “We owe it to the people of Louisiana to get this emergency election plan right, and the Secretary of State’s plan is just 100 percent wrong.”

“Simply put, Secretary Ardoin’s plan for the November and December elections does not adequately protect the constitutional right to vote. Further, it is contrary to the recommendations of the CDC and public health experts. We can and must do better. I am hopeful that the Court will find a way to order that we implement a safe election plan for the fall elections. At a minimum, this should be the same election plan that we just used for the July and August elections to protect the health and safety of the people of Louisiana,” said Governor Edwards.

42 thoughts on “Gov. Edwards Supports a Safer Emergency Election Plan for Louisiana

  1. I can expect our young people to believe the garbage the Socialist/ Democratic Party dish out. If anyone wants to do the blame game, blame parents who have been too easy on their children and allowed them to think everyone should get the same thing. Blame our school curriculum that leaves out so much of our civics and American History. And while you are blaming, how about blaming the utter disrespect shown by adults and youngsters alike.

    It starts as something little, like not getting up and letting an adult/elder have a seat, to knocking into an elderly person and laughing about it. Then we could point blame at the system that has taken away people’s desire to get out and find a job and care for their own.

    Through the years, free housing, food, child care, etc. has taken away Self-respect of many folks. I remember my first year of teaching, we were discussing careers. My fourth graders were excitedly sharing their ideas of being a teacher, preacher, air plane mechanic, lawyer and one wanted to be a school superintendent. This one girl piped up and said, “ I want to be like my mama. I’ll have kids and get a check.”

    Now I know there are those who truly need assistance and that is proper and good. But folks, when you take away a person’s self respect, this is what you get. People satisfied with a handout.

    Folks, our country has gotten so liberal and also so righteous that we can’t seem to get along. One side against the other. What happened to “One Country Under God”? Even on here there is strife and ugliness. Let’s pray for each other. There will always be those who have far off ideas, who are easily offended and those whose words might be dangerous.

    The old democrat party was not like they are now. A lot of our older folk still cling to that party affiliation, not realizing how changed toward socialism it has become. And yes, I was brought up in a Democrat home but I chose to be a republican and no I’m not rich. Just the opposite, as retired folks, we live pay check to paycheck.

    You might ask why I felt the need to ramble this morning. I’ll share why. I want our country to be a safe and purposeful place for our children and their children.

    One day we who are saved will hear the trumpet call and leave this world for good. But until then, let’s turn to God and agree to disagree while praying for our country and those who wish to destroy it.

  2. Mike Casey, I notice you have learned a lot from Individual 1. Nothing good to say. You are full of insults but that’s about it. No facts. No substance. Try again.

        • Due to President Trump’s pro-growth policies, real gross domestic product (GDP) growth exceeded 3 percent over the last four quarters.
          Real GDP grew at annual rates of 3.4 percent in the third quarter of 2018 and 4.2 percent in the second quarter.
          More than 5 million jobs have been created since President Trump’s election and the unemployment rate remains below 4 percent.
          This is the eighth time this year that the unemployment rate has been below 4 percent.
          Prior to this year, the unemployment rate had fallen below 4 percent only five times since 1970.
          The unemployment rate for African Americans in May fell to 5.9 percent, which is the lowest rate on record.
          Asian and Hispanic-American unemployment rates have reached record lows this year.
          Initial weekly jobless claims have hit a nearly 50-year low under President Trump.
          Under President Trump, job openings outnumber the unemployed for the first time on record.
          Recently, more than two-thirds of Americans rated “now” as a good time to find a quality job, tying a record high in a poll by Gallup.
          Americans are seeing more money in their pockets thanks to the booming economy.
          In recent months, workers have seen their largest nominal year over year wage growth in nearly a decade.
          In 2017, real median household income rose to a post-recession high.
          President Trump’s policies are helping to lift Americans out of poverty.
          African-American and Hispanic-American poverty rates reached record lows of 21.2 percent and 18.3 percent, respectively, in 2017.
          Since the election, 4.6 million Americans have been lifted off of food stamps.
          Consumer confidence has soared under President Trump, recently reaching an 18-year high.
          President Trump is delivering on his promise to bring back American manufacturing.
          The National Association of Manufacturers’ Outlook Index had the highest annual average in its history over the past year.
          Manufacturing added 284,000 jobs in 2018, the most added in a year since 1997
          Small Business optimism jumped to a record high under President Trump, according to a survey by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).
          The NFIB’s Small Business Optimism Index broke a 35-year record in August.
          President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law, ushering in the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in American history.
          These tax cuts are delivering real results for American families and workers.
          More than 6 million workers received tax cut bonuses and benefits.
          More than 100 utility companies have announced lower rates.
          President Trump is ensuring American workers receive the training and education they need to compete in today’s economy.
          President Trump signed an executive order establishing the National Council for the American worker.
          More than 185 companies and associations have signed our “Pledge to America’s Workers,” promising more than 6.4 million new training and career opportunities.
          The President signed legislation that reauthorized the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, making more than $1 billion available for career education programs.
          President Trump has prioritized the economic empowerment of women.
          The women’s unemployment rate recently reached its lowest rate in 65 years.
          The Small Business Administration lent approximately $500 million more in capital to women-owned businesses in 2017 compared to 2016.
          The Administration helped launch the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, which could leverage more than $1 billion to support women entrepreneurs.
          ROLLING BACK RED TAPE: President Trump is rolling back costly regulations that have burdened hardworking Americans and stifled innovation.

          President Trump has followed through on and exceeded his promise to roll back two regulations for every new one created.
          President Trump’s Administration surpassed the 2:1 ratio in 2018, eliminating 12 regulations for every new one in 2018.
          In 2017, the Trump Administration eliminated 22 regulations for every new one.
          Since taking office, President Trump’s deregulation efforts have achieved $33 billion in regulatory savings.
          In 2018, these efforts alone delivered $23 billion in benefits to American families and business owners.
          President Trump has signed 16 Congressional Review Act resolutions into law, eliminating burdensome Obama-era rules and regulations.
          President Trump announced U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, which would have harmed America’s economy and cost American workers millions of jobs.
          President Trump signed an executive order to streamline the permitting process for infrastructure projects with a goal of cutting approval time from up to 10 years to an average of 2 years.
          President Trump signed legislation to roll back burdensome Dodd-Frank regulations that harmed community banks.

          When you’re ready I have plenty more

          • You are correct in the growth in 2018. It is the continued growth from the Obama/Biden administration. As of July 30,2020. “The GDP shrunk at an annual rate of 32.9% in the 2nd quarter. The economic shock in Ap, May, June was more than 3 times as sharp as the previous record– 10% in 1958 and nearly 4 times the worst quarter during The Great Recession.” Another 1.43 filed for state unemployment. Economic activity began to rebound in May, June but recovery could be jeopardized by new surge of covid. Business at restaurants has dropped again in Florida. “The unemployment rate in Ap 2020 grew to 14.7%. As of Sept 4, it has fallen to 8.4%. The African American jobless rate fell to 13%, Latinos 10.5%, whites 7.3%, Asians 10.7%. In May 2020, private sector cut 20.2M jobs. Manufacturing jobs fell by 4.3M. That tax cut and jobs act was supposed to help working class people. Looks more like “60% of the tax savings went to people in the top 20% of the income ladder.” It “also slashed the corporate tax rate by 40%.” “Corporate tax revenues fell 31% in the first year…” “Overall tax revenues have declined…in each of the 2 yrs since the tax took effect.” “Only 14% of those surveyed by Gallup believe their taxes went down.” That includes 22% of Repubs, 12% of Dems, 10% of Ind. And on and on… I have company coming. Have a nice weekend. Wear a mask. Stay well.

          • Bravo Mike Casey. Way to go. I knew a lot of this but not the exact numbers.And I am sure you do have plenty more because there is plenty more to be said on the president’s behalf. But I am afraid you never even hit one conscious brain cell in her head with this awesome account.

  3. Well if we can stand in lines at the stores no reason we can’t vote in person . Plus the postal workers are involved in geting rid of ballots, so we can’t even trust the post office employees . Then the people who are democrats aren’t even abiding by their own mandatory rules of wearing masks. Plus I haven’t heard anyone speak about how the CDC admitted the numbers of people who actually died of covid virus were wrong and wayy lower, but until it came out they weren’t going to acknowledge it.. the numbers are wrong in the United States . Then you have all these doctors n nurses that try and speak out what’s going on in the places they work about putting on peoples death certificstes they actually died of the virus but did not, how the masks donot work or meds that work , not cure but work , their hushed up not shown on the news or taken down on any social media sites ..then what about the sports team that were all tested , they were sent to a place that showed all of them were positive. Then they sent them to another testing site that showed they weren’t positive, so the these testing sites are not even right . I know people that have got the virus n died. I know some that were told they had it n then they didn’t n they did all one person with 3 different results . Then there’s people , they do speak out that their loved one that had the virus but the virus itself did not cause their death, the other health problems was cause of death. There’s people that have got the virus n died from the virus but there’s also many more that the virus wasn’t the cause . Anything that these people would have got ,flu or pneomia ect would have died anyways , except the ones that have been treated with certain medicines in the beginning that did make it. The main stream media does not report it, you have to do your own research and not just someone saying it happened but actual interviews and the proof. But now the media is just lies or only shows one side of the news , not report the news fair and let people see n deside for themselves. Plus you hear them saying how that the President didn’t do something but not show where he signs things , supported things ect..actions speak louder than words. Christians that support abortions, is supporting murder, same sex marriage is also wrong in the eyes of the Lord. Also at one of the U.N. meeting if you watched he did support all religions , freedom of religion for all. I could go on but there’s more than one side.

  4. MEWHP Then go for it. Maybe one day some one will be able to get her to think. I have tried to challenge her thinking and her responses have been off the charts. So keep trying my friend and hopefully no one will be persuaded by her posts.

    • I think very clearly. I listen to facts. Facts are elusive to certain Repubs. It is very sad what this party has become. That is why so many former members of this badministration, military leaders, and repub Governors are voting for Biden.

      • Oh, when you said “what this party has become” I thought for sure you meant the “Sociocrats”. Bernie, kaMala and a few others have led you there and you have followed like a bunch of sheep.. Some dems, as in the groups rioting, want a socialist nation, and I along with millions of others will fight that until my dying day. I do hope you understand that. I’m sure most of the others on here understand it, and will be right there with me. This is a free nation, one nation under God, though we do give other the free choice of religion as they should give us the free choice to worship the One and Only True God, the Father of the Universe, the Father who sent His Son to die for our Sins. He gave me this beautiful world, and I will not stand idly by and let it be destroyed because some can’t grow up enough to accept that one man was voted on as the President of the United States, they have to pout and fuss and complain and try to destroy everything people have worked their entire lives to build. This nation is beautiful except for the red blood that runs the streets that the far leftists have caused by the killing, and the far right has caused by their hate. It needs to stop, but it won’t as long as there are cities under siege, businesses burned, lives taken for no just cause, all because people hate and are unhappy over who the president is. Well, let me clue you in, I didn’t think Obama did such a great job, but I was mature enough to handle that he won by vote of the people. Now will you find the maturity to stop fabricating or believing stories made up by Soros and his bunch. He is ruining this country, just like he wanted. ENOUGH ALREADY! We all have the right to our beliefs and to have a peaceful life without worry of all that is going on now. STOP THE HATE!

        • Indeed stop the hate. Individual 1 was the one flapping his yap and told folks to just punch em in the mouth. That sets a real good example. And he’s supposed to be your leader?! Ha. Talk about sheeple. Oh. My. Gosh. What you folks have been sold. And you never even opened the bag to see what you bought. If you actually looked and read news, you know the factual stuff, youd see that it is mainly the far right groups starting the rioting, the fires, etc. It is your white nationalists, Boogaloo Boys that are causing the majority of the problems. Check it out. Facts are facts Schlumberger.

          • There is that Schlumberger again, and I know you mean it as an insult, but refuse to explain it. Another thing pulled out thin air. To paraphrase AG Barr’s words to Nadler “YOU ARE A REAL PIECE OF WORK.” If you are not sure of what that means, most of us do, but what you call me makes no sense. But then why should I expect it too, as not much you say makes much sense. Now as Old RN suggested, I’m done with you. I think you convinced a number of people on your own that voting for Biden is not the thing to do. Intelligence and leadership ability are not to be found in the Sociocrat Party. Thank you for proving that.

  5. President Donald Trump said on Thursday that voters should return mail-in ballots as early as possible, and then go to early voting sites or the polls on Election Day to check that their vote has been counted. If it hasn’t, voters should vote again, the president said on Twitter.3 On Wednesday, Trump said North Carolina voters who cast absentee ballots should go to the polls and attempt to vote again to ensure their mailed in ballot is counted. “Let them send it in and let them go vote, and if their system’s as good as they say it is then obviously they won’t be able to vote,” Trump said in an interview with a local television station. Get you story straight Vicki as you are making yourself look delusional and obsessed with spreading falsehoods.

    • Voting twice is illegal.
      And I will say this, if a bone is sticking out go to a doc. If a gaping wound is red, swollen, full of pus, go to the doc. If you are pathologically lying, so unbelievably narcissistic, plus many other symptoms, go to a doc.

    • Buddy, thank you for explaining to her what Trump said and why he said it. It was a test and just a test, not a call to people to vote twice. But I’m tired of trying to explain something to a person who either isn’t capable of understanding or just refuses to accept the truth of what is happening. She is so filled with hate for President that she refuses to see any of the good he has done for this country, after her reply to you, I have no doubt that she is too filed with hate to be rational about anything. I’m not sure that I should pity her, but I do. At least most of the time. The rest of the time I think she is just like Pelosi, and I’m not sure what I should feel I that case, but it’s not pity. Again, thank you for trying.

      • “Let them send it in and let them go vote, and if the system is as good as they say it is, the obviously they won’t be able to vote.” Individual 1’s words. Attempting to vote twice in an election or soliciting someone to do so is a violation of NC law.

        • Wrong Vicki. Here is a copy of what he wrote “Based on the massive number of Unsolicited & Solicited Ballots that will be sent to potential Voters for the upcoming 2020 Election, & in order for you to MAKE SURE YOUR VOTE COUNTS & IS COUNTED, SIGN & MAIL IN your Ballot as EARLY as possible,” Trump tweeted Thursday morning.

          “On Election Day, or Early Voting, go to your Polling Place to see whether or not your Mail In Vote has been Tabulated (Counted),” the president continued. “If it has you will not be able to Vote & the Mail In System worked properly. If it has not been Counted, VOTE (which is a citizen’s right to do).”

          This one is the truth. If the post office does not get a ballot there on time, it is not counted, and it should not be counted. I remember the year that a lot of service men overseas voted, their votes got lost in the overseas unknown system, and their votes didn’t count. I suppose that is still the rule. So President Trump is correct in what he is telling people. You as usual are twisting things and lying.

          • Your vote may not be tabulated by that time. And the poll workers may not have all that info yet. You dont seem to realize that mail in ballots, absentee ballots always are late coming in, tabulation is late. So everyone will tie up the line trying to find out if their ballot was received? And encourage all your Repub friends to stand in an hours long line to find out if their vote showed up?..sure, go for it. Again, trying to find an interpretation for Individual 1 is illusive for you. If he would speak English instead of an unintelligible language, we could all understand. You wouldnt need to interpret. Vote once. Wear a mask. Stay well.

  6. Vicki,
    If mail in voting is so safe then why the fear that the President suggested voting twice. That shouldn’t be possible. Sociopathy is not a diagnoses used today and anyone assigning that diagnosis without the proper qualifications and a complete in person assessment is engaged in malpractice. You obviously don’t understand what a sociopath is or what anti social personality disorder is if you are attempting to assign that to the President. I spent many years learning the difference and 30 years of practice to know when to assign that diagnose and am still not allowed to assign that diagnosis without an extensive in person interview and series of scales and testing. Please tell me what affords you the ability to diagnose without the proper qualifications. Numerous investigations have found no collusion between Russians and the Trump campaign including the holy savior Mueller that we were told would prove its existence. You continue to repeat the same news that has been proven to be fake just to perpetuate the lie among the ignorant. We are not buying it here. Sell the hiding Biden snake oil elsewhere.

  7. I was waiting for your ill informed response Schlumberger. Mental illness is in my adopted side. I see you also buy into making fun of folks with disabilities… And disparaging those that have served in the military. They’ve been disabled or killed. Despicable. Anti American. And I have voted by mail. You seem to be the one that lingers on every word Pelosi and Schumer utter. I listen to and read many sources…and havent heard anything said lately by Pelosi or Schumer. We have many sources for facts. You do remember facts, right? Why do Repubs rail against voting by mail? It’s been done for years by repubs.

    • First of all, why do you give a name like Schlumberger. I can find no negative meaning other than it is a successful company,. As for me making fun of anyone with disability, I don’t. I was merely calling attention to the FACT that you don’t not answer questions, just continue to throw out silly ridiculous statements. I have no doubt that you dislike me greatly because I ask you to give proof of where you get your unfounded statements, but you don’t, all you do is continue with the drivel. Yes, I listen to what Pelosi and Schumer say, it’s the way to keep up with what is happening with them, and the way they are trying to destroy America. So if you haven’t heard anything lately, you have not been listening. There is voting by mail that the Sociodems want with mass mailouts to all addresses, and then there is the legal way. I am glad you finally addressed the issue I have asked you about before. Yes I know facts, but you do need to learn the definition of facts!..Now I am done with you. You don’t know me, yet you accuse me of making fun of people with disabilities, and disparaging those that have served in the military. Anti-American, not I. I pity you and the way you twist things and pull info out of thin air. I said before that I was through with you. I am ready for you to go to your other home in South Louisiana. I think you fit in down there much better. I hope you have a nice trip.

  8. We aren’t the party affiliated with and avidly, rabidly supporting a sociopath. We aren’t the party supporting Russians and their bounties on American soldier’s heads. We aren’t the party lying to the public about covid and so many other things. And no Mike, I don’t do drugs. Do you? You and many others must have drank a lot of the kool aid.

    • I just watch what the liberal bias news reports and what vial crap you liberal wing nuts spew! I see Biden has lost his mind and after 40 plus years in DC he’s decided now to fix things!!! Lol Most of what’s wrong he was a part of. And almost 4 years later basement rats are still crying about Russia! If a post on Facebook or twitter decided your vote,you don’t deserve to vote. Oh and by he way that’s not Trump supporters out there looting and beating people.
      Find a good 12 step please.

      • I’ll repeat this.. when Individual 1 took over, crime was at a 50 yr low. Under Obama/Biden, the economy was in the largest, longest rebound (after the last repub’s disastrous administration) growing for 6 yrs straight. Look it up. The debt next year is set to exceed the size of the economy for the first time since WWII. Again, look it up. Just like everything else this individual inherits, he runs it straight into the ground. Wear a mask. Stay well.

    • Vicki, you are wrong again. You are part of a party who will soon be calling themselves Sociocrats! You say you aren’t the party lying about COVID. Oh how blind you, I’m sure you know and support Bel Edwards as he is called by some. Did you know that he hosted a very large party for his biggest contributors. He needed to raise more funds for another election. This was back in July when we were all told we had to wear masks when in public, it was mandatory. And people could not go to bars to drink. All sorts of restrictions were placed on us by Gov. BelEdwards! Oh, but let’s get back to his party. Somehow some people were excited about attending, they took pictures and posted on social media. I’ll bet YOU never guess what was seen in those pictures. First, the governor was NOT wearing a mask and none of the guests were wearing masks. AND there were more than 50 people in attendance. Now what about the liquor served as BelEdwards closed all the bars and clubs in LA. No one could go have a drink there, but the BelEdwards friends could drink themselves stupid with a bartender serving them drinks. So the rules obviously don’t apply to the rich Sociocrats woh live among us.

      Now let’s talk about Pelosi. Had her hairdresser open the salon especially for her to have her hair done. The biggest lying hypocrite in the Sociocratic party was caught on video, yet she still she still denies. What does she do, throws them under the bus, but she forgets that her assistant sent a text, so we all should know she is lying. There was a screen shot of that text, which proves she wanted the appointment. She broke the rules, but doesn’t have the moral turpitude to just admit she was wrong. She blames her salon. Again a bunch of BS from the party of Vicki Locatto, the sociocrats.

      Folks a lot os us know with the new and old blood in that party, they are closer to socialists than democrats, so I am happy to call them what they are. Sociocrats! If you can think of a better name, I would love th hear it. Hope your power is back on and now we can have a really good day. Enjoy it!

  9. Democrats want this and what is our Gov. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t even his Mask order is a joke 80% wear their mask around their mouth or under their neck. But Hay they have their mask on.

    • That’s the idiocy of Repubs. Dont wear a mask. Individual 1 never got it under control. Like the rest of his life, totally out of control. He lies continually about it. It is a part of his illness. Read about sociopathy. Except for drugs and alcohol (and who knows really about that), it all fits. Not anyone’s observation but mine and some clinical psychologists. But it doesnt take a genius to figure him out. Con man, scammer and the long sad list continues. I’ve never been conned by his ilk, never will be. Wear a mask. Stay well.

      • But explain to me how a protected pedophile with early onset dementia is a way better choice? lol Talk about idiocy!

  10. So we can stand in line at Wal Mart and Stine’s but we can’t get an absentee ballot and vote in three months?

    • Individual 1 is terrified of vote by mail. If course now he is suggesting folks vote twice. By mail and in person. Of course this is voter fraud, a felony. And I believe even the public suggestion of it is a crime. Add that to the long list of laws he’s already broken.

      • I am now of the firm conviction that the liberals who want mass mail in voting are ready to “stuff the ballot box” which is an old saying that pretty well describes what mass mail in voting would do. Yet every time I suggest the legal and only way to keep it more honest, Vicki does not even discuss it. It is as though nothing was ever seen by this herself. I figure since she continually calls the President himself, it is the accepted form. So I shall repeat for herself and others who do not understand the correct way to vote by mail. Please understand why I’m using all caps. I’m not yelling at the folks who want honesty is in voting, I want herself to admit that she has read and understands. Please no fussing about all caps!


        Thank you folks for allowing me to have one more try at getting through herself’s closed confused mind!


        • You are too long winded and out of control. Who’s telling who to commit voter fraud? Who is the party that cannot admit they listen to info from Russian bots…again? Cult leader, sociopath.. nobody had to tell me. I can see it. Obvious when you look at facts. Real facts Schlumberger, escape you. Wear your mask. Vote once. Stay well.

          • Vicki, you did tell us that you had mental illness on both sides of your family. While you may not be classified as a total mental case, you certainly have absolutely no sense. None at all. While I may write a long comment, you still cannot give an decent answer as to why you do not vote by mail the legal way. You won’t because you want to defend the mass mailing fraud scheme Pelosi, Schumer, and Soros want. That is just who you are…

        • MEWHP. Please enough for your own good. It is hopeless to try and teach Vicki. She gets a lot of attention saying what she says here. It is best to ignore attention seekers. Remember this prayer: Lord, help me change the things I can. and accept the things I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference.

          • I understand what you are saying Old RN. However I feel if we can keep one person from actually believing her drivel, we have done good. Plus the more she says, the more it becomes plain that she has issues. So I’m sorry if I have been a bother. I know I can’t change her, but someone might not be so inclined to believe what she is saying, and they might vote to keep President in office instead of electing Biden, who Is not fit for office.

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