As we recover from the damages of Hurricane Laura, it is important to protect your yourself and your property from potential fraud during Post-Storm recovery. After a natural disaster, contractors and workers from out of town will arrive to offer recovery related services such as home repair, tree cutting, and debris removal.  Many of these companies are legitimate businesses who provide professional services for a fair cost.

However, citizens must be aware of potential scammers who prey on people during this time of suffering. It is important to protect yourself from being a victim of post-storm fraud.

One thought on “Billy Joe Harrington: PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY

  1. Along with watching for people who are not who they say they are, be mindful that some people do not own generators, and covet the one(s) you own and have running to keep refrigerators and freezers running. We had two generators running, but fairly new. Thank goodness, he thought of getting a very heavy chain, long enough to chain them so they could not be picked up and taken away. A few days later we saw a video of a man going up onto a carport and stealing a generator. We also kept ours in the back yard with locked gates. I know if thieves want something bad enough, they will figure out a way to get it, but I think they will look elsewhere before they take ours. It might just be a little too much for them, along with the motion lights and cameras we have installed.

    It would be nice to think you could trust people during difficult times, but some just don’t care. They feel entitled, and if you have what they don’t, they will take it if they want it. They are crooks to the bone, and it will take a come to Jesus moment to change them. So also keep your things safe by outsmarting the thieves and knowing they don’t care if you bought it or not. Chain up your generators with heavy chains and a lock, it’s a lot cheaper than a generator. Also, make sure they can’t find your gas cans or other things that you have bought and paid for. Don’t lose anything to these thugs. No property, No money, Nothing that belongs to you.

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