NPSB Announces Updated Phase 3 Student Return Schedule for the 2020-2021 School Year

Governor John Bel Edwards signed a proclamation on Sept. 11 that moves Louisiana into Phase 3 of the reopening plan. In order to allow food service, transportation, and schools to adequately prepare for new guidelines, Natchitoches Parish Public Schools will officially move into Phase 3 starting Monday, Sept. 21.

As stated by the LDOE, class sizes can increase to 50, but out of an abundance of caution, NPSB will still adhere to phase 2 guidelines. All classrooms will still maintain social distancing to the maximum extent possible. Grades PK-2nd will remain in static groups, which allows them to stay in the same room/grouping throughout the day.

Starting Monday, Sept. 21, the hybrid A/B schedule for high school students will be suspended and students will transition back to in-person learning. Lakeview, NCHS and NPTCC students will attend school 4 days a week with a Monday virtual day. “Assuming the COVID-19 data is still trending the way it is now,” says Superintendent Grant Eloi, “we will reassess after the 1st 9 weeks to determine if it is possible to transition into a 5-day week.”

While the 100% virtual learning experience is still an option, only those continuing to significantly participate will be allowed to continue. The deadline to register for virtual learning was Friday, Sept. 11, however virtual students may opt-out and return to in-person learning at any time.

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association has provided updated guidance for fall sports. Contact sports and activities are allowed to resume in Phase 3 for the 2020- 2021 school year. Please visit for a complete list of LHSAA athletic guidance. All band, vocal and musical activities may resume indoors or outdoors, however group sizes will be limited indoors to 50 and students/staff will be required to follow social distancing guidelines.

Following Phase 3 guidelines, buses are limited to 75% of bus capacity, however NPSB officials expect capacity to be far lower. Social distancing guidelines must be maintained while on the bus. Students will still be required to wear face coverings/masks while riding the bus. Windows will be lowered to increase ventilation if weather permits. Children from the same household will be able to sit together, although families are encouraged to carpool.

Please notify your child’s school if your child intends to begin riding the school bus to and/or from school.

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    • They look like the wearer would get hot. Seems like a simple mask just over the nose and mouth is all that’s necessary. However, knowing kids, wearing a clean mask to school could become an issue. They should be washed after wearing the whole school day. And some fabric masks don’t provide adequate protection (remember Paris Hilton’s rhinestone face cover?) I know it would be expensive, but how about handing kids a fresh disposable face mask every morning? Would be more litter on campus since people can’t seem to grasp that the things aren’t biodegradable. But then kids in detention would have something to do other than sleep — pick up litter.

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