LSMSA searches for future Eagles!

Applications now open for 2021-22 school year.

Do you want to attend a high school that is ranked in the top one percent of ALL high schools in the nation? The time to apply to attend LSMSA for the 2021-22 school year is now.

The application process is now officially open at LSMSA for current freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Our Enrollment Services Team is available to answer your questions and speak with you about changes to the application process brought on by COVID-19.

Priority deadline for applications is April 1. This does not mean the school stops accepting applications. Students who complete their applications after this date may be placed on a waiting list.

The first step is to complete and submit the online application found at The application contains sections which must be completed by the applicant and the parent/guardian.

The next step is to register to take the ACT, SAT, or CLT. If taking the ACT, the Office of Enrollment Services recommends the Dec. 12 or Feb. 6 test dates. If taking the SAT, the Dec. 5 or March 13 test dates are recommended. If taking the CLT, the Dec. 5 and Feb. 27 dates are recommended. When registering for tests, please be sure to use code 6351 in the four digit space for reports to colleges and scholarship programs. This code will ensure that test scores will be sent to LSMSA in a timely manner.

Complete the online request for letters of recommendation from a principal or guidance counselor, a math teacher and an English teacher.

After winter break, submit a copy of your mid-year report card to our Enrollment Services team. Students applying to enroll at LSMSA as juniors should submit a transcript with prior credits earned as well.

Make plans to visit LSMSA’s campus! Private tours can be scheduled at any time by contacting the Office of Enrollment Services. If conditions allow, we will host Campus Exploration Days in the Spring. We will also be hosting a variety of online meetings and seminars throughout the fall and winter. For more information, visit

Most interviews are completed over the phone, so it will not require a separate campus visit for the student.

For more information, contact the Office of Enrollment Services by calling 318-357-2503 or emailing