The National Narrative Is A Deceit

By Royal Alexander/Opinion

The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it. – George Orwell

We are living in a strange time when our country’s elite seek to create, rather than discern, the truth they want.

We are viewing the equivalent of a distorting mirror in a carnival or fair. We’re not allowed to say what we are truly seeing because it doesn’t fit the national media political narrative that our form of government is oppressive and that we are a nation of irredeemable racists.

We’re not supposed to remember that people are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt or that fear of a mob shouldn’t determine who is prosecuted and who isn’t, or who is thrown out of college or fired from their job. It’s grotesque to have hundreds of people outside of a courtroom demanding that someone be found guilty. What if they’re not? (This is why courts require evidence of a crime, not perceptions, opinions, or grievances).

We aren’t allowed to point out that the crime, violence, vandalism, and destruction we see occurring nightly in American cities is illegal and should be punished, and that these are not “peaceful protests.” We aren’t allowed to say that all black lives matter—not just the fraction of black lives taken by white police officers—but also the hundreds of thousands of black babies aborted every year as well as the thousands of black lives tragically lost as a result of black-on-black crime in American inner cities every year.

We aren’t supposed to notice that the months-long rioting, looting and destruction has only occurred in states and cities headed by Leftist governors and mayors. We also aren’t allowed to point out that the virus mandates are arbitrary at best; or, that we find it transparently stupid and indefensible that people are allowed to march in massive protest rallies but not to attend church or the funeral of a loved one.

Or, to remember that the original goal was to “flatten the curve” not commandeer our lives and wreck the economy. Or, that the damage we have done to our national economy during the shutdown is likely worse than the virus itself. If we suggest anything like this we are attacked as being anti-science and wanting people to die.

We’re not supposed to say that the most critical problem destroying many American inner cities is crime—armed robbery, murder, gang violence, drug dealing and drive-by shootings—because the national media political narrative is that the police are the problem and somehow if we defund them everything will be better. Or, that what is really needed in crime-filled inner cities is not less law enforcement but more.

Or that our form of American free-market capitalism is the greatest economic system ever created and has lifted millions out of poverty, inspiring millions more worldwide who urgently seek to come here for the great freedoms, hope and promise of a better life. And that maybe we shouldn’t create in America the very socialism these people are desperately fleeing!

Don’t state that Communism, and Socialism, its precursor, is a cold, dark, atheistic ideology that denies people basic human rights and views the individual as nothing more than a cog in the wheel of an all-powerful government; or that historians estimate roughly 100 million were killed under communist rule in the 20th century; or that the anarchy and chaos of Antifa and the Marxist tactics and public embrace of Marxist ideology of Black Lives Matter (“if this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system”) is not the way to advance freedom and justice or make democratic change because they guarantee the opposite will occur.

We are not allowed to agree that while America is, indeed, an ethnic and cultural melting pot, the large majority of those who immigrated to America did so legally, and we shouldn’t be forced to subsidize the healthcare, welfare, education and Covid-relief of those in the country illegally.

Particularly now, we have an obligation to speak the truth about what we are seeing, and we must do so in order to preserve the America we love.


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13 thoughts on “The National Narrative Is A Deceit

  1. So thoughts like let women and LGBT+ people have bodily autonomy are brainwashing? Those damn liberals pushing the agenda of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s like they betrayed our country’s principles…..oh wait.

    • NSU Aum. This article is about the violence in our cities. LGBT can have all the autonomy about their bodies they desire. That is their right. Don’t say that I am against this. . I am referring to the brainwashing concerning the riots and brainwashing about what consists of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Now about the brainwashing on NSU’s campus. There is at least one faculty member who I know brainwashed a student there by this faculty member. This professor stands radically against republicans and religious beliefs are is so far left, I do not believe this person can be objective towards, Christian and republican students. May 3. 2019. An example of her public Fb post: ” Here is what I worry about. think, people. Think how much better the situation of the US would be if we had had these presidents instead of the ones that got elected. !968: Humphrey wasn’t good enough for the leftist/progressives, so they got Nixon. 1980: Carter wasn’t good enough for the leftist/progressives so they got Ronald Reagan. Gore wasn’t good enough for the leftist/pregressives, so they got G. W. Bush. 2016: Hillary wasn’t good enough for the leftist/progressives so they got Trump. As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly”. Then May 2, 2019: ” That jackass in the white house is destroying their lives”. (Montana farmers commiting suicide over Sp wheat futures.). April 22, 2019: “needless to say, this terrifies me. Religion has no place in politics. All Americans , regardless of their belief systems, have equal rights. Are you concerned that Sharia Law is coming to America? Here is what it is. Government based on religious doctrine. Women have fewer rights that men. Gays are persecuted. Science is rejected in favor of religious doctrine. No separation of church and state. Religion is taught in school. Curiously these are the same beliefs the Republican party shares. So if you want to enact Sharia Law in America, vote Republican.” NOW HOW CAN THIS FACULTY MEMBER BE FAIR AND RESPECTFUL TO STUDENTS WHO CLAIM TO BE CHRISTIAN AND REPUBLICAN. YOU TEACH IN SMALL GROUP CLASSES WITH A LOOSE LESSON PLAN. GIVING AMPLE TIME TO FULLY EVALUATE THEM AND CONDEMN THEM. AND I FIRMLY BELIEVE YOU SLIP IN YOUR AGENDA A LITTLE AT A TIME (HENCE BRAINWASH). THEN YOU HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO BEFRIEND YOUR FAVORITES ON A VERY PERSONAL LEVEL. THAT IS GOING TOO FAR. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO YOUR BELIEFS AND SO DO CHRISTIANS. SO MANY CHRISTIAN AND REPUBLICAN STUDENTS ARE HARRASSED UNFAILY ON COLLEG CAMPUSES- THINK OF ADAM SANDMANN. YOU AND YOUR PARTY ARE SUPPORTING VIOLENCE AND LAWLESSNESS THAT COULD WELL BE THE DESTRUCTION OF THIS COUNTRY. SO DO YOU TELL YOUR STUDENTS THAT THESE ARE PEACEFUL PROTESTS?

  2. “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” George Orwell
    “The virus will weaken in April. It’s going to disappear.” If the economy shutdown continues, deaths by suicide “definitely in far greater than the numbers we’re talking about” for covid19 deaths (over 200,000). “Coronavirus numbers are looking much better, going down almost everywhere”. The pandemic is “fading away. It’s going to fade away.” “The pandemic is under control.” “99%” if covid19 cases are “totally harmless”. “We now have the lowest fatality (mortality) rate in the world.” Children are “virtually immune” to covid19. The US has “among the lowest case- fatality rates of any major country in the world”. He “launched the largest national mobilization since WWII” against covid19, and America “developed, from scratch, the largest and most advanced testing system in the world”. He said that the US had experienced “the smallest economic contraction of any western nation”.Partial was taken from The Atlantic. The lies he’s told about covid19 continue, as do all of his nearly 20,000 other lies and misleading claims since his installation. This has been just a small portion since Mar of this year. We hand you truths. You refuse to see or hear. “Particularly now, we have an obligation to speak the truth about what we are seeing, and we must do so in order to preserve the America we love.” Royal Alexander.

  3. Rest in Peace RBG. May your legacy live forever. A true hero, even in death. Please do not defile her name and the things that she stood for.
    Even with the opinions that I have that difference from yours, I know that I am a true Christian and American. I am a black American that knows the true narrative. Please do not use your propaganda to deceive the people. I follow my own thoughts and opinions and not those of others. Thank you.

  4. NPJ, I’m just curious. How does one become a regular columnist for your publication? Have any writers submitted anything from a perspective different from the ultra-religious, ultra-conservative, anti-progressive, highly provincial views I repeatedly read on this website?

    • Lady Jade- If someone would publish the other side it would be so boring, because people hear it every day. It would be from another brainwashed parrot saying the same things over and over that have caused hate, division, Christian persecution, violence based on revenge, allowing murder and arson, theft, property destruction, criminal attacks on police (2 police shot last night at Louisville), So many black lives and yes black children, killed by insane drive by shootings. What is it you want to hear? For the Love of God, and for the love of peace, I ask you to find someone to say something compelling so I can see some of God’s love in this proposed article.

    • We are hearing the other side, a side that is so confusing that no one understands what is being said, or maybe I should say, trying hard to make themselves understood but only offering more confusion. We get the other side every time Royal writes a column. The other side continues to make no sense. The other side has become more socialist that democratic, has offered up destruction instead of solutions, and follows Biden’s every word, even when they don’t make sense, such as “we choose truth over facts.” Really? A great (in Biden’s mind) quote that makes absolutely no sense. I will never vote for candidates that are for getting rioters out of jail (that would be Harris), is for late term abortion (that would be Harris advocating the murder of babies who could live outside the womb). I’m sure there are a thousand other reasons I could give you as to why we don’t need to hear more from the other side. I’m tired of hearing the same old lies, of there not being any riots, only peaceful demonstrations. HA! So very sad when there are videos of what is taking place and some people not seeing it. We, the silent majority, now have a chance to voice our opinion, and even now we have people trying to shout us down. It is not going to work, not any longer.

  5. Very good article again. We will have our citizens here that think what you have said is all lies. They watch news that shows peaceful protests and the media is a powerful influence. It doesn’t matter that you have presented a truthful, well written article. Their minds are brainwashed. SO since the fate of this country is skidding into lawlessness, a dictatorship that demands you comply with them or you will suffer consequences like losing your job and not being able to remain in universities that have faculty who are insanely obsessed with their so called anti-facism and progressive views. Northwestern has some of these as well. I curse the day my family attended there as they are a carbon copy of these professors. Mindless, brainwashed. I am truly disappointed with what people are doing like destroying businesses, setting fires, attacking police by trying to blind them, throwing hard objects at their head and other acts that are anything but peaceful and when you throw in the reduction of the peacekeepers, this is serious, And when you throw in all the deaths (yes deaths of african american children) it’s enough to make one wonder “how can people be so brainwashed.

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