Riding With a Purpose – The Buffalo Soldiers MC Rides to Natchitoches

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Our picturesque city has long been a destination for motorcyclists. This Saturday, September 26, a group of bikers came by to enjoy our city and to extend a helping hand to residents who suffered damage from Hurricane Laura. Over 25 members of the Shreveport chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club rode to Natchitoches to present Natchitoches mayor Ronnie Williams with over $3,000.00 for hurricane relief. The funds were raised from the chapter’s members, New Greenwood Baptist Church of Greenwood, LA, Old School Car Club and Don’s Automotive. The club will also be riding to Lake Charles in the near future to assist with cleanup efforts.

In addition to the generous donations, the club made Mayor Williams an honorary Buffalo Soldier and presented him with his “colors” complete with the road name of “Day-Day”. The mayor also got to try out a Harley for size.

The Buffalo Soldiers MC is the largest African-American motorcycle club in the country, if not the world. They boast over 120 chapters throughout the United States and Korea. Many of their members are current and former military, Law Enforcement personnel and members of other professions.

The club was named in honor of the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments of the US Army. These segregated units were formed after the Civil War, served our nation on the Western Frontier and charged up San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders in the Spanish American War. The club honors the memory of a group of soldiers whose long, arduous and faithful service to our nation went too long unrecognized.

The Shreveport chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers MC is the oldest one in Louisiana. It was founded in 1999 and chartered in 2000. The club has since grown in popularity in our state, now having chapters in Alexandria, St. Gabriel, Alexandria and Lafayette.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal would like to thank the Shreveport Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club for their generosity. The Journal is donating the event photography. The Buffalo Soldiers are welcome to download any photos they wish with our compliments. This superb group of men and women embody the virtues expressed by the motto of the 9th Cavalry “We Can, We Will” and of the 10th Cavalry “Ready and Forward”.

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  1. I personally would like to thank the Mayor, First Lady and City of Natchitoches for the wonderful hospitality THANK YOU….Regards Chief Apache – BSMC

  2. It is a great blessing to know we still have people who are helping needful people. Thank you so much Buffalo M C for your help.

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