Representative Firment on Special Session

House District 22 Representative Gabe Firment is representing our area in the Louisiana Legislature during the Special Session. Last week Firment posted:

I signed two important documents today designed to move our state forward and restore the individual rights and freedoms we cherish. First, I signed a petition to call the legislature into special session beginning one week from today to deal with Hurricane Laura recovery, Covid-19 response, and budgetary issues such as the imminent crisis with the unemployment trust fund.

Second, I proudly signed a petition that with a simple majority of the House or Senate could immediately override the governor’s emergency proclamations. This would end the oppressive and unconstitutional executive mandates that have been forced upon the people of District 22 with no legislative input or representation. This would allow for the immediate repeal of the mask mandate, opening our nursing homes to common sense visitation, allowing families to attend high school football games, and reopening our small businesses that have somehow managed to survive this government imposed shutdown of our economy.

The hard working people of District 22 have made it clear to me that they are sick and tired of the government being involved in every single aspect of their lives. It’s time to stop living in fear and start demanding that our Constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are honored by the government that exists solely at the will of the governed. Thank you and God Bless.

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6 thoughts on “Representative Firment on Special Session

  1. Sadly my State Representative isn’t interested in stopping the unconstitutional edicts and enforcements by the Governor and Fire Marshall, thank you for your efforts to put an end to it.

  2. I have heard nothing from our senators or representatives concerning the road situation in Natchitoches.

    Thank you Gabe for your updates. Wish all our elected officials would do the same.

  3. Another reason the 2020 census is so important! The more people counter the more representation and more dollars the parish can gain. DO YOUR CENSUS!

  4. Mr. Firment,

    I don’t want to get bogged down in a philosophical political discussion about the realities of taxation, etc…but the truth is a lot of our tax dollars go to Washington DC, which skims some off and sends some back to us…well, to Baton Rouge. And it sure appears that not much comes back to Natchitoches Parish out of Baton Rouge. Specifically, capital outlay for roads. Every year the parish government submits requests for state assistance in fixing parish roads, and every year said requests end up on the “P5” list, at the bottom of priority.

    Natchitoches has two state senators and three house representatives, FIVE of you in Baton Rouge elected to serve the needs of people in this parish. Yes, I know you all also represent portions of other parishes as well. But, it sure would be nice to see all FIVE of you advocating for Natchitoches to move up that capital outlay list.

    Every year the parish government does it part and earmarks the necessary 25% local match for the money coming from the state. We stand ready again.

    Thanks for your kind attention to this matter.

    Jim Kilcoyne
    Parish Council District 3

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