New hotel in downtown Nashville has Natchitoches connections

Several months ago Rodney and Jan Harrington’s son Curt, an attorney in Nashville, was contacted by a Tennessee law firm wanting to use his legal expertise in the development of a new major downtown hotel, The Grand Hyatt Nashville. Sitting at the intersection of 10th Avenue North and Broadway, the 25-floor, 591-room hotel offers retail, restaurants, bars and a cafe.

All Curt knew was that the hotel was being developed by an out of state company. All the company knew was that some hotshot local attorney was being brought in to handle many of the legal aspects of the project.

Curt soon learned that the company was called Dimension Development and was from a small town in Louisiana called………Natchitoches. That’s right, unbeknownst to any of the parties, a Natchitoches boy was brought in to help a Natchitoches Company develop and open a major hotel property in Nashville, Tennessee.

It was like old home week on Oct. 1 at the opening of the Grand Hyatt when Curt got to visit with long-time family friends like Dimension CEO Sam Friedman, Calvin Braxton Sr. and Jr., and the Harrington’s former neighbor Tim Horton.

God truly does work in mysterious ways.

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