Natchitoches Car Show Issues Special Statement Regarding Controversial Entry

A controversial entry into the Natchitoches Car Show caused a stir among locals who took to social media to voice their concern and disdain over the message it portrayed.

The following special statement was issued on Oct. 5 in response:

It has been brought to our attention that a participant in this year’s show expressed messaging on their vehicle that was found to be offensive. Regardless of opinions, our volunteers, sponsors, HDBA nor the City of Natchitoches do not endorse such messaging. We do apologize to those who found the messaging offensive and will cautiously move forward into planning for next year’s show.

The Natchitoches Car Show is a FREE event organized by a mainly volunteer group who seek to support our community and create a family-friendly atmosphere while enjoying the sights of around 400 classic cars each year.

Editor’s Note:   Freedom of Speech?

52 thoughts on “Natchitoches Car Show Issues Special Statement Regarding Controversial Entry

  1. This is a college town —that is brainwashing our young people. better enjoy
    the freedom you have–for our future generations will become another cuba or iran.

    • I agree that politics and pastimes should not be combined, but I only have one thing to say…

      It was supposed to be a ballgame and not a political platform. It was supposed to be a children’s network and not a political platform. The list goes on. The car show was no different. It is what it is. Don’t like it? Turn the cheek.

  2. Oh my god, people. Can any of you get off your high horses and pay attention to what else is going on in Natchitoches? What you should feel outrage over is the fact that there’s a shooting every weekend in this town! When will you wake up and see there’s a turf war here among drug-dealing gangs? When some little white kid gets caught in the crossfire?

    • That car had nothing to do with racism. Some are using racism because it is today’s buzz word for anything they don’t like. Get over it and grow up babies. Probably most that complained wear a mask when driving alone in their car.

        • I know ‘Whity’ as you call them buy drugs, but I know other colors do too, so don’t act like it’s only whity causing the problem. I don’t see drug dealing around my house. If you see it, you could help stop it. You know that, right. If you want to stop it around your home, then call law enforcement. I’m sure you know someone who you trust to be fair. But there is nothing we ordinary people can do for your neighborhood. YOU need to stand up for your neighborhood, make it better for future generations.

  3. Now since COVID45 took office in 2016 and the way he support these racist groups, they think it give them the rights to say and do what they damn well please. All state suffer from a slave drug dealer gangster MENTALITY president. But the red states have benefited from living their best life by being disrespectful as a whole. The southern states support racism and still want to incite a civil war and a revolution. The gangster in baby chief has only given his support to push this country backward into slavery. My question for people that are offended, If you are offended by this but not offended by a city still making money off of these slaves plantations tours and certain infrastructure in the black community since Natchitoches Louisiana became a city and not growing the black community is totally ridiculous. To continue to allow disrespect in any form is unacceptable to all Americans. I think whoever authority this car show should have made it known that this was a car show to show your cars and not anything else but show the beauty of your art in displaying the history how they preserved these cars.

    • Canaan, you began your comments with, “Now since COVID45 took office in 2016 and the way he support these racist groups, they think it give them the rights to say and do what they damn well please. All state suffer from a slave drug dealer gangster MENTALITY president.” Then you wrote this, “The southern states support racism and still want to incite a civil war and a revolution.” These two statements written by you are insulting first to the President of the United States, and then to Southerners when you say Southern states support racism. Now if you would please read this statement from the above comment: “To continue to allow disrespect in any form is unacceptable to all Americans.” It seems to me that you might try taking a bit of your own advice, as your disrespect is unacceptable to me. By the way, you mention cars and the beauty in the art of displaying the history of how they preserved cars. The plantations are like the cars. I believe slavery was wrong, and thankfully it is not a part of our daily lives any longer, but it is a part of our history. I’m glad they preserve the plantations. It not only shows the way the rich of the South lived, but if you have ever been out to one plantation, there is a room that was like a hospital room for the slaves. It tells it’s own special, but very sad story.

      • I wonder how you sleep at night and then I realize the answer is probably “next to your cousin.” COVID 45 has been a joke from the start of all of this and it’s only going to get worse, much like the “quaint” city of Natchitoches. Until people who are hell-bent and keeping this town, and this country for that matter, stuck in the literal age of brick roads, we’re never going to move forward as people.

        PS keeping the plantation homes operation for the sake of white-bred tourism is a slap in the face and by no means should continue to be promoted.

  4. Friends from Missouri have had an entry in the car show for years. Again they were entered. They saw this car and were very upset. They let the organizers know. It was thoughtless, cruel, and in extremely bad taste. I’ve known several people decades ago that committed suicide. So hard for friends but I cant imagine what a family member must have felt in seeing that. And yes, just because we have freedom of speech doesnt mean someone has to speak out in such a careless way.

  5. Thank God the General Lee car was not there, half of Natchitoches would have had to have emergency services. By the way the City of Natchitoches or any other agency operating under any other government authority should be saying anything about this display, this is exactly what the First Amendment protects.

    • It’s funny you mentioned the General Lee I thought the same thing but no one made comments about the rat rod type car that was called the General Lee with the confederate flag on it. I thought ALL the cars were interesting and very cool. I have lost family to suicide but that comment had a whole different meaning and was taken out of context as you know.

  6. Well I guess I can’t put up my Halloween decor of a body in a casket because my yard may be band from the city🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Geez what’s this world coming to.

  7. People get offended to easy. If it would have made fun of President Trump it would have been OK!! If it would have BLM on it would have be OK! If it would have had the name of thugs killed by the police it would have been OK!
    ASLONG as people look for something to whine about nothing is never going to change!!!!!

    • Your wrong. If it was other way around you and all your boys would be riding all over town in your trucks with your Trump flags. You probably be riding along the river in your boats too. Don’t say you wouldn’t.

      • Doing all of that now,what’s wrong with a Trump river parade? That would be considered a political rally. I’m sure you would consider it racist like everything else,but I’m sure you’ll get over it!

  8. I seen it as a political display if your offended by the word suicide you should embrace it and talk about it as being a permanent solution for a temporary situation keep the thin skinned politicians out of our freedom of speech.

  9. The way people act in natchitoches offends me. Can’t walk into a store with children w/o hearing language that has become a part of their “culture”.

  10. A callous attempt to further the tribalistic agenda that is dividing our country. Agenda is the antichrist of kumbaya.

  11. My understanding that this was a family-friendly event. Yes, you have the “right” to say any stupid thing you want. And this was clearly a political “joke,” albeit in the worst taste ever. However, CHILDREN do not know or care about the Clintons, or Epstein, or any of the other things referenced on that vehicle. All they see is adults making fun of suicide and proudly displaying 1-800-HANG YOURSELF on the car. In 2017, suicide was the second leading cause of death for persons aged 10–14, 15–19, and 20–24. Maybe the group from 15-19 get the joke, but I doubt many 10 year olds do. We ALL have a responsibility to the young people in our community, and this is an disturbing example of how someone’s “right” to expression seems to be more important than other people’s, especially children’s, lives.

  12. That was not offensive compared to someone wearing a t-shirt that says Titts n tires they both give us problems, if you don’t like it don’t look at it.

  13. Just FYI it’s not the support Trump not Hillary. Rep vs Dem that’s bothering ppl. It’s the audacity to think suicide and hanging yourself is something to joke/laugh about. Majority of ppl do not care about the political stance they made. Everyone has loss someone they know to suicide and to put that on display at a family event WITH A DEAD BODY IN THE OPEN CASKET was the tipping point. Imagine a mom walking by and seeing this and having flash backs of her child in their casket when they submitted suicide. How does that support a classic car show or a family “friendly” event. So once again majority of ppl do not care about the political stance.

  14. I’m not a person who is easily offended. I normally laugh it off and go on about my business. The tipping point here was the back window with the 1-800-HANG-YOURSELF displayed. That went too far and was not appropriate or in good fun.

    • Exactly. Without that *one* addition it just would’ve been another political statement. And while I’m sure some people would still be squawking it wouldn’t be nearly as many.

    • Its not about freedom of speech, its about human decency and making light of suicide. Just because you have the right to say something, it doesn’t mean you should. Thats the difference

      • I don’t think they were making light of suicide. I think they were making light of the fact that anyone that crosses the Clinton’s suddenly “commits suicide”.

        • This was parked close to the Flintstone car, which attracts kids. Do you think kids know about the Clintons and what the owner may have “intended?” No. All the see is 1-800-hang-urself. Do YOU want to explain that to a child?

        • Whatever anyone wants to call the comment, it is a very hurtful comment to some parents who lost a child to suicide. I lost a child, though not to suicide, so to me, it was still a comment that was not in good taste at all. It should not have been put on the car. There are other ghoulish comments that could have been used instead of one that seems to give the wrong message to many people. Change it. Keep entries in line with the theme of the car show. Just my opinion, and it might be worth 2¢ or it might not be worth anything. But it is still my opinion.

  15. This statement is inadequate. The organizers need to say that they knew the messaging was offensive, the car did not qualify as a “classic” car, and they let it in anyway.

  16. This is stupid,because someone was offended.Thats like walking around and you’re offended by someone’s T’shirt..grow up people.

      • Excuse me, I have a life. A life that many don’t have, or even want to have. I have a Christian life, and I don’t believe in putting anything on an automobile or clothing that teaches a young child something that is wrong. I saw a car the other day that said, F… You in very large letters on the back window. Do you really think that is ok for little children to see? You say it is stupid and we get offended by someone’s tee shirt. Well, yes I do. We need to stop right now thinking things that teach children that it’s ok to say or write just anything is ok because we have freedom of speech. I say you are wrong. We need to go back to having some decency about certain words or encouraging certain behavior. It’s just wrong to do that. I have been on this earth a long time, I’m a mother and a grandmother. I will still call my son down in public or in private if I hear him say something that is teaching his children wrong, or leading them down the wrong path. I was in a public forum on the internet and someone sounded off about something, I don’t even remember what. I simply said that I thought other words could convey the same message without being offensive to some of the members. I got blasted. By a lot of young people who said the right to say those words if they wanted to. They do have certain rights, but what about the rights of people who are having to listen to the language or see the total filth we see on tee shirts and signs and cars and tv and movies today. Morals seem to have gone down into the gutter. I’m sorry if I have offended anyone by stating that I don’t like certain things and I think they are not good for the youth of America. Look where we are today with the riots and shootings. Does anyone think possibly think that some of those people who have no problem shooting, burning, looting might have started out with parents who didn’t teach them that some things are just wrong, no matter if you have “rights” or not. We all have rights, and when you so something offensive, those who are offended have to listen to “get a life” instead of understanding that maybe we have a life with morals, and we have the right to be offended, and maybe you should honor rights. I’m tired of being quiet and being attacked for being a Christian, for being white, for having things I worked my whole life for. So please understand that we have had to sit back and “not be offended” for years and things have just gotten worse in so many ways. Maybe we should have stood up a long time ago and said “ENOUGH!” Again just my 2 cents, any that isn’t worth much to many, but is worth a lot to others. So please, give us a little credit for believing some things are wrong, and we need to do everything we can to change things. It does start with the small things. For this old grandparent, please keep that in mind. We do care about this world and we only want it to be a better place. I beg you not to misunderstand what I’m saying, please.

        • MEWHP: I agree with you about all the offenses that are thrown in people’s faces all the time. A child who listens to the liberal news hears over and over hatred for the president. Also the Shreveport/Alexandria news shows almost every night some type of killing or personal attacks on others. Then children with netflix go to watch “cuties” and the other shows that are about teenage boys and girls’ curiosity about sex. Then sex education in schools: studies have shown that sex education increased the curiosity of teens toward sex and made them much more likely to have teenaged sex.. Then studies show that children who have sex early on are more likely to commit suicide. We all see a deceived, violent, divided country and it gives me a sense of hopelessness so I believe children can have the same sense that the world they are entering isn’t worth entering. I have discussions with my grandchildren and the things they have been told.. They are afraid. People, The hate has to stop. So yes, you should not wear clothes with hate messages, or any other public reminder of the present chaos we are all living in. I believe BLM and antifa, and gun violence are indications of what is to come, and that these movements will grow. Because a society without God, is ultimately doomed. Then throw in socialism and all the incentives for children to have a future based on hard work, will cause a further sense of hopelessness. then Lord please help us.

        • How bout this. Mind your own business. If you are offended, oh well. As far as the children, I agree. BUT………. good luck shielding and sheltering them from the world. Ever think some people do this because of people like you? Easily offended? It’s their constitutional right to express their freedom of speech.

          • Allen, How bout this! It is our business! I truly don’t understand your attitude. If people are offended, oh well, your words. You are truly a caring person it appears. Why do some people do this because of people like “us”? I really would like to know why being against putting the suicide sign in the window was ok with you. Constitutional right? Freedom of Speech? It still goes back to having some moral character and intelligence and realizing that yes, the Constitution gives us freedom of speech, but there still things that are wrong to say. How can people not understand that? What if I walked up to you and said something offensive to you, something insulting, but you know I have the constitution behind me, telling me I have freedom of speech. Right. So what would you do? Would you be offended? Would you be angry? Probably. That is the problem these days, people think they can say anything because of freedom of speech. But somehow, they are leaving intelligence out of the whole equation. Back in the day, we knew polite, we knew manners. We knew how to have a conversation without insulting others. We knew what was in bad taste and because we had been taught differently, we didn’t do things that caused turmoil, hatred, hurt, that went on riots at some point. I don’t know exactly when things changed. I don’t know why we started allowing bad things to creep into just trying to make it in this world. I am a conservative, and will vote for President Trump. But this was not the time or the place for that vehicle, or that message, or that 1-800 number, or the dead body in the casket. A couple of years ago, I had a dead son lying in a casket, so that casket might seem appropriate to some people, but I think if those people had ever had a dead child in a casket, they would not have had that display.. Maybe we should have been more offended long ago. Maybe we would not have to worry about shielding the children so much now if we had done more then to stand up to people who put things in front of them that give them the wrong message. I’m not talking about the political stuff. You seem to think that is the real problem we have been discussing. That was not what the car show is about, so maybe in the future they should have a note at the bottom of the advertisements No political ads. What is offensive is seeming to promote suicide plus the body in the casket. It was wrong, and I am truly sorry that you can’t see that. If you have children, I pray that one day you don’t have to go through the pain of losing one of them, and seeing their body lying in a casket. I pray that you don’t have a child that loses their way so badly that they think life is not worth living, so they commit suicide. But should it happen to you, I think you will finally see why people are offended. It’s a shame that it takes something so horrible to teach some. So please don’t feed me the line about freedom of speech. Speech should be intelligent, Words used in front of children should be chosen with care. I don’t understand people who put certain vulgar things on tee shirts and vehicles. You say it might be because of me, but that is not the reason and you should know it. It is just putting the blame on someone else for a poor decision, the easy way out. I know I’m wasting my time on trying to explain to some people, but I like to give it at least one try. I only hope some of what I’m trying to say gets through to you and others.

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