Natchitoches Parish Debris Removal Update:

Cutting of dangerous limbs, and trees began in Natchitoches Parish on Oct. 6, and will continue on Oct. 7 in Zones 4 & 5 (see attached map).

The Parish signed a contract with DRC Emergency Services, LLC for the collection and removal of debris created from Hurricane Laura. The project is expected to be completed by the end of the month. Residents who live inside the incorporated limits of a municipality should contact their municipality’s governing body for help with debris removal.

Please move debris to the road side in all unincorporated areas of the parish as this latest pass of debris removal has begun. Bucket trucks will be in Zones 4 & 5, therefore proceed with caution when near these work crews.

Debris piles should be placed in the public right away in front of residents’ homes because DRC cannot go on to private property. Debris may be placed in ditches and along shoulders as long as the piles do not block public access to Parish roads.

Residents are asked to only place the following items out for debris pickup:
· Trees, limbs, and brush (NO bagged leaves)

All other debris materials, such as white goods and household waste, should continue to be taken to the landfill or one of the bin sites throughout the Parish.

For additional information about debris removal, please call 888-721-4DRC(4372). You may also contact the Parish Government at 318.352.2714.