An Update on the 2020 Natchitoches Christmas Season

The Natchitoches Christmas Festival Committee has submitted a proposed event plan for the Natchitoches Christmas Season (November 21st,2020 – January 6, 2021) to ensure compliance with the Louisiana Open Safely Guidelines to the State Fire Marshal’s Office for consideration. As stipulated by the Fire Marshal’s Office, the plan identifies proposed methods of ensuring compliance with the State of Louisiana’s occupant capacity, social distancing, and safety rules.

The committee is hopeful that the proposal will be approved, and plans can move forward to carry out fireworks, live entertainment, and food vendors. The committee anticipates a recommendation will be made to limit ticket sales to comply with occupant capacity and social distancing guidelines. The committee can confirm that the 2020 Natchitoches Christmas Festival Parade will not take place.

Further details will be released as soon as possible, pending approval from the State. Schedules and updates will be available on the Natchitoches Christmas Facebook page and website,

The Natchitoches Christmas Festival Committee appreciates the public’s support during the planning process of our 94th Annual Christmas Festival and Season. The committee is committed to celebrating the spirit and magic of the Natchitoches Christmas Season.

7 thoughts on “An Update on the 2020 Natchitoches Christmas Season

  1. No parade equals no crowd. Want have to worry about limiting ticket sales because no one will come from out of town to the festival with no parade. What will people do all day long? The parade is the greatest feature along with fireworks.

    • I understand what you’re saying. But, that’ll also help with spreading the virus also…Out of town people bring the virus with no social distancing most people will find with that with not having a parade this is 2020. One year without a parade we’ll be ok. Maybe 2021 things can get back to normal

  2. So the downtown bridge removal project will be AFTER any December event, but if the new temp bridge could go anywhere else, we could use it? Maybe even leave it permanent to help this traffic problem!

    • OMG yes indeed! One thing for sure something needs to be done about the traffic down Keyser being slowed down, it’s impossible to safety get out at times because of the speeding. In my opinion another traffic light should be installed somewhere or increase the time of wait on the one by city bank.

  3. Just need to tell them that there is a scheduled “peaceful protest” in downtown Natchitoches on the date of the festival and they will allow it.

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